ace Wonder
Element Magic
Weapon Plastic Wand
Birthday February 29
Gender Male
Species Halcandran
Affiliation N/A

Hey baby, wanna see my trump card? Wait where are you going? Please don't call the cops again.
Ace Wonder


Ace is a silver halcandrian with black hair and 2 large tattoos on his face of a heart and spade respectively. He wears a monochrome suit and hat that are decorated with playing cards sewn across the waistline of the suit and on the brim of his hat. The 4 card suits are also embroidered down the center of his clothing. 


Ace can use his wand to preform basic magic tricks that you would expect to see at a 5 year old's birthday party. However, he can also make objects disappear, teleport, change completely, or just explode which is his personal favorite power. For the most part, Ace just uses his magic during his shows to con poor saps out of their hard earned money.


Ace is extremely flirty with everyone and everything. He has no concept of personal space or boundaries so he'll normally take everything 12 steps too far and ends up getting slapped. However, he never tries to be purposefully disrespectful and uses substantial vocabulary when trying to woo someone. He also is very cocky which makes him really naive of just how stupid he acts at times. His arrogance is not in vain though as he is very good at what he does(sometimes) and has only been found out as a fraud once or twice. However, his powers do not serve him well in battle situations, so if he digs himself in a deep enough hole he's basically screwed.



Relationships with Other Characters


Alto is one of his roommates and the oldest of their "group". She usually attempts to talk him out of bad situations and isn't afraid to be honest when he's being pushy or idiotic. He helps her in return by booking her gigs at his favorite clubs and reccomending her to the owners. Whenever he messes up big time, Alto is always there to clean up his mess, even if she's not always happy about it. 


Anna is one of his roommates and the middle child of their "group". He's secretly kind of terrified of her just because of how roudy and loud she can get at times. Nevertheless, the two of them get along really well and go out clubbing a bunch. Their personalities can sometimes clash which results in huge fights but mostly they're pretty chill together. When left alone, they like to set up pranks for Alto or sometimes just destroy the entire house. 


  • Despite being very flirty and very good at impressing others, he's only been on about a handful descent dates.
  • Ace has gotten the group nearly killed countless times, to the point where his roommates make bets on how long it will take him to screw something up. 
  • He's wanted in at least 3 different cities for shamelessly hitting on cops and breaking restraining orders.
  • Ace, Alto, and Anna own a whiteboard where they document every time one of them has gotten the group kicked out of a town or city. Ace has contributed to 14 of these occurrences.



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