Astri art
Element Unknown
Weapon DNA Strand
Age 27 / Indefinite
Birthday December 18th
Gender Female
Species Halcandran

Voiced by Emma Gelotte

Astri is a new character to the Adventures of White series, said to debut in the Nature Warrior anime. Astri is an odd character, born as the beginning to life and DNA.


Astri appears a black and white figure, with DNA stands hanging from several areas of the body, including her clothing.  Much of her clothing, including the sides of her cape, her ears, and her "tie", have DNA markings all over them.  The DNA strands found all over her body spin slowly in place.


Astri is capable of creating and destroying matter to a small extent, and is able to form small creatures for herself using her DNA strands.  Speaking of which, the strands can extend from her body and attack foes with multiple status effects, depending on the color of the strands.  For example, if they were red, then they would give burning damage.  She is capable of luring a foe towards her, only to trap it in a void hidden within her heart, having it loose contact with the world outside permanently.


Astri is the daughter of the Beginning, her goal being to formulate the process of life. The result of Astri's existence came from an unexpected clash between the Beginning and the End. For a short while, she remained in space, bringing and forming life. She died at the same time as her father and did not wake up for many years to come.

Many, many years later, Astri was resurrected by an unknown cause, waking up from a long nap. Astri became a young schoolgirl that was very quickly tormented by nightmares and unpleasant dreams about her possible failure as an astrology student. She took it upon herself to study alone and by herself to prevent herself from attacking anyone due to a society problem that has her attacking others when they attack her, regardless if physically or mentally.

Astri was doing well until she came across Zie as a young child, whom she touched and ended up taking a lot of his DNA by accident. Astri came up as almost entirely new; she was now that of DNA strands and abilities, bringing shock to both her and Zie. Zie was left with a very damaged body, but was nursed back to health quickly.

As of now, Astri studies the stars, hoping to find ways to improve the hyperspace.


She comes across as somewhat pleasant, but she never hesitates to be of negative feedback towards others when they are being rude.  Astri is easily agitated and can go to lengths such as killing her friends, although this has never happened as she usually regains control of herself very quickly.  Astri is dangerous to be around but if one can get around her crazy negative side they can actually keep her in control themselves.

Relationships with Other Characters


The two are wonderful friends and spend a lot of time reading with each other.  They don't really talk much, though, especially not on Astri's part.



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