Advantage Long range; high projectile power
Disadvantage Low speed; low melee power
Counterpart Class Blades
Bows are a weapon class in the AoW series, first appearing in the first game.

Weapons In This Class

These are the exact descriptions of the weapons in the Bows class, as given ingame.

The Adventures of White

  • Subspace Bow: A bow that shoots black-orange arrows that turn enemies with low health into small figurines.
  • Fire Bow: A bow that shoots flame-tipped arrows that set enemies ablaze.
  • Twilight Bow: A bow that shoots purple-blue with blue flame-tipped arrows that sets enemies ablaze and freezes them. Seems kinda rough, doesn't it? That's the fun part!
  • Portal Bow: A bow that shoots either a blue or orange arrow first, then the other after. These arrows create portals if they hit a wall, and you can go in one portal and out the other. Hmm, sounds all too familiar...
  • Black Hole Bow: A bow that creates a black hole that takes in anything in the surrounding area. Do NOT shoot if you are next to a wall or enemy, as you will get sucked in, too.
  • Flip Bow: A bow that shoots transparent arrows with a rainbow outline, which can confuse enemies. Rainbows do seem kinda trippy, if you ask me.
  • Looting Bow: A bow that shoots gold arrows, which make enemies have a better chance of dropping good items. Looting's the best part of an adventure, anyway.
  • Spike Bow: A bow with spiked arrows, which slash at enemies way more than required. Not as much as we wanted, but whatever.
  • Negative Bow: A bow that uses negative energy as fuel. I'm not sure what it does, though...
  • Overkill Bow: A small green bow with an infinity sign on it. It only has one shot at a time, but when it hits an enemy, the shot seperates into 6 or 7 other shots that strike that enemy all at once.
  • Comet Bow: A bow that shoots comets. Not arrows - COMETS. These shoot at extremely fast speeds, and freezes enemies.
  • Centurion Bow: Modeled after the main arsenal of the Skyworld army, it is a bow that shoots light arrows. These arrows shoot in a curve, but can be aimed.
  • Earth Bow: A bow that shoots arrows with rocks at the end of them. Shooting it at the ground will make it make a hole in the ground, which regenerates after a while.
  • Machine Bow: A crossbow that shoots rapid fire. Not much else to it.
  • Silver Bow: A bow modeled after that of a fallen angel. It has aimable shots, and is quick at reloading.

The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula

  • Gemstone Bow: A bow made entirely out of crystals. It shoots arrows tipped with diamond, which have a looting aspect.
  • Plasma Bow: A bow that shoots little plasma bullets. These can be shot in rapid fire, and...*sigh* electrocute enemies...
  • Landia Bow: A bow that shoots 4 flaming arrows at once. I got it in another dimension...if you know what I mean.
  • Sniping Bow: A bow that allows you to aim for enemies from a long distance away, and hide behind things.
  • Flamer Bow: A bow which shoots 8 flaming arrows that finds an enemy and shoots it. It goes a long distance aswell.
  • Sling Bow: A bow that isn't actually a bow. Rather, it's a slingshot that shoots small pellets that launch in a scattershot.
  • Assassin's Crossbow: A spring powered projectile that can equip a variety of special crossbow bolts. They can explode, put enemies to sleep, set down razor-based traps... It's power is boosted when paired with the Zoom Skull.

Characters Who Wield Bows

Bows are a rare weapon among the playables and villains, as seen below.


The Adventures of White

Two playables in the first game wield a bow:

  • Brown wields the Gravitite Crossbow.
  • Pittres wields the Bronze Bow

The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula

Four* playables from the second game wield bows:

The Adventures of White: The Multiplot Conspiracy

Only two characters wield bows in this AoW series spinoff: Eclair still wields the Flora Bow, and Arcaş wields the Sagittarius Bow.



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