Element Water

Birthday February 2
Gender Female
Species Novian
Affiliation N/A

The ocean is such a wonderfully vast place to learn about, that it makes everything else seem lack luster in comparison... Kind of like this conversation.
Brook Halder


Brook is a rather dark skinned novian with blue eyes, thick wired glasses, and white wings. She wears a blue t-shirt and sweat pants under a large lab coat. She's is about the normal height for most novians.


While Brook does support the water element, she doesn't use it for battle purposes. For the most part, her powers are solely used for the care and study of marine life and for her studies.


Brook is very inelegant and shows it frequently through her large vocabulary and more serious nature. While she doesn't mean to, sometimes she comes off as rude or impolite because she cares more about her work than most other things. She's very often the voice of reason among the rest of her siblings.



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