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You've Received:
Tartarus - Blocks 1-6
from Persona 3
Tartarus - Blocks 1-6

Element Shadows
Weapon Twin Wrenches
Age 15
Birthday June 21
Gender Female
Species Halcandran
Home Kirijomachi
Affiliation R.I.F.T.
Aliases Lazy child*
Debut ???

Whoa, relax for a sec... Nothing's wrong here. Just two buddies out for a walk.
Cordula, making up an excuse at night

Cordula is a student at Kiri Academy in Kirijomachi, and is also one of the first Parody-users in the town. She gained the ability after discovering that such massive danger lay in the town's nights and resolving to help discover the truth, and aids Clay in his investigations into Reverberations. She is a member of R.I.F.T., as well as the team's unorthodox doppelganger-themed elemental fighter.


Cordula is a rather tan Halcandran who dresses in a bright white jacket and a gray and yellow scarf. She has black eyes and bright orange hair that reaches a little ways past her neck. She wears white headphones with a red and white keaton design around her neck, and puts them on properly when in combat. She carries a gray bag over her shoulder, and carries her weapons of choice, the Twin Wrenches, in her bag when she isn't using them.


As a Shadows-elemental, Cordula can summon up shadowy doppelgangers to take hits or fight alongside her. She is also a natural expert at channeling Parodies, and is capable of actively summoning them in battle and channeling their power into her own physical attacks. For example, by channeling her initial Parody - Kusanagi, a Wind/Metal elemental - in battle, Cordula can strike foes with blasts of wind or perform powerful metal strikes. She can also summon Kusanagi himself to attack with a broadsword.


Cordula spent her whole life in Kirijomachi, as a student at Kiri Academy. When Clay arrived, the two quickly bonded over her passion for ninjas and his passion for kendo, making her his first friend in Kirijomachi. When he discovered the Reverberations, she was among the first he told. Though reluctant to accept it at first, she quickly resolved to help defend the town with him, unlocking her abilities as a Parody-user.


Cordula is informal and laidback, preferring the easy life nearly any day. When it comes to protecting her easygoing habits, however, she is incredibly fierce, and will fight for her idea of a good time. Aside from this, she only puts in actual effort is when Clay manages to convince her to. She's a bit of a nerd for ninjas, and her fighting style is based off of the miscellaneous mangas that she reads in her spare time, in which ninjas strike fast and use shadowy doppelgangers as distractions.

Relationships with Other Characters


Clay and Cordula are rather close, as the Halcandran was the first friend Clay made at Kiri Academy. The two manage to balance each others' habits well, with Cordula convincing Clay to loosen up when he's working himself to exhaustion and Clay spurring Cordula on to actually do some work for once.






  • Cordula is heavily inspired by Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4 and the Ninja class from Etrian Odyssey III: The Flooded City.
    • Her weapons of choice, the Twin Wrenches, are directly based off of Yosuke's starting weapons in the Persona games.
    • She shares her ability to create and attack alongside shadowy doppelgangers with the Ninja class, as well as her focus on evasion and misdirection over pure offense.
    • His initial Parody, Kusanagi, is comparable to Yosuke's initial Persona, Jiraiya, in that they are both inspired by Japanese mythology and they both specialize in swift Wind-element attacks.

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