Cross Force
Developer Pyro Enterprizes
Publisher Pyro Enterprizes
Release Unknown
Genre Platformer/RPG

Platforms Pyrohedron

Cross Force is an upcoming series by Pyrostar, based off of RPs with his friend.




Character Description Weaponry Element Combat Role Technical Ability

Leader of the Cross Force. Usually a genial Popopo, Storm can get kind of cranky when his team falls out of line or starts bickering. Given the number of times this happens, it's no wonder that he usually seems on edge. Regardless, he values the life of his team members and will do anything to keep them alive. Elekon and Lightning Tome Electricity Storm is intended to be a glass cannon- he can dish out massive amounts of damage, but lacks defensive stats. As such, it is recommended that one of his teammates take the enemy focus off of him so he can attack more easily. Bolt Strike
A powerful electrical slash that deals massive damage and inflicts Paralyze. However, it's almost sure to get a monster's attention afterwards.

A member of a currently unknown race, as she constantly wears armor that obscures her identity. She travels with the Cross Force after being saved by Storm and Nex prior to the game's opening, but pursues a secondary goal alongside helping them- extermination of a predatory race known as the Xenorite. Arm Cannon and Blood Driver Acid/Stealth As a Stealth elemental, Ripley is intended to dodge a lot of attacks- as an Acid elemental, she excels in damage over time. Combining these two aspects makes Ripley a character with low attack power and high speed and agility, who deals poison damage that hurts over time. Xeno Missile
A missile that explodes on contact, spraying acidic Xenorite blood everywhere. Takes a few seconds to charge to full power.

TBA Argent Vial Water

TBA Various types of Masks Cosmos

TBA Dual Shields Earth/Fighting

TBA Pure Speed Speed

TBA Anti-Matter Sphere Mech

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