We, are the Cult of Personality, you cannot stop us, we are going to take over the world, even if it takes us about a thousand years to crack your bones, grey-legs.
A person in the Cult of Personality

The Cult of Personality, a.k.a. Our World Now (C.O.P. for short, along with alt. name O.W.N. for short) is a faction/group of people that want to take over the world, much expected like the DMA, they make their first appearance in AoW:TVoDR.

Species in Group

Popopos, Waddle Dees, Halcandrans, Jesters, and Dark Matters are admitted in this group.


Usually, C.O.P. wear black jackets that has the word O.W.N. embedded somewhere on it (usually on the front), surrounded by a white rectangular that has thin lines, whilst Halcandrans in the group also wear black gloves.

Hideouts or Bases


Allies and Nemesis

  • Dark Matter Army - despite that the DMA is "dead", the Cult of Personality is like their "successor", but any surviving Dark Matters are welcome to be in the C.O.P.
  • Dark Aura - Cult of Personality and Dark Auras were rivals for a long time, this may be due to that the Cult of Personality thinks they are better than them, whilst the Dark Aura thinks they are better than the Cult of Personality.
Leader: Emper

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