Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a television show created by Icicle. It began production on June 21st, 2015 and aired the first season starting on June 24th, 2016. Each season follows a different character and their story arc, each season usually lasts around 10 or 11 episodes.



No. Title Episode Summary Aired
01 Dreams Can Become A Reality Radiance and her sister are shown in a flashback to when they were little children. Back in the present, After an argument with her parents, Radiance is kicked out of her parent's house. After a little irrational thinking, she decides to sign up for scientific tests. She receives the money for having the tests done, but unknown to her, the side effects allow her to enter the dream world of others.  24/06/16
02 Fly Into My Dreams Radiance meets up with her old friend called Void. Void has his own home, so Radiance moves in with him. However she begins to notice strange things when she goes to sleep. A portal opens above Void's head which she cautiously enters, and explores his dream world. 01/07/16
03 Money, Power, Dreams After discovering her power of entering people's dreams are true, Radiance begins to use her powers to enter the dreams of others on purpose. She enters Void's dreams once again and finds the remains of a part of Void's conscious, who she releases from the slumber and takes back with her to the real world. 08/07/16
04 Dreams Can Be Deceiving After releasing Void's conscious, Radiance begins to realise why Void's conscious was trapped in his dreams: to protect everyone else. The conscious begins to rage around The Crescent, Radiance's hometown, destroying everything in his path. Radiance must stop him before it's too late. 15/07/16
05 Just Your Average Daydreamer During a heated battle scene, Radiance manages to defeat Void's conscious before he does too much damage to the town. She captures him and Void approaches her asking who the culprit is, to which she doesn't directly reply. The two head back to Void's apartment, with Void still confused. Void goes to sleep that night and Radiance enters his dream once again to dispose of the conscious, however Void wakes up while Radiance is in his dream, which seals the gateway between the dream world and the real world. 22/07/16
06 Dreams Are Today's Answers to Tomorrows Questions While still being trapped in the no longer active dream of Void's, Radiance begins to remember how she ended up like this in the first place, because of being kicked out of her parent's house. When Void goes back to sleep and the portal reappears, she escapes and decides to visit her parents again to see how they are. She knocks on the door but no one answers. She kicks down the door in panic and enters to find no one in the front room. She examines the rest of the house and still finds no signs of anyone living in the house, feeling very confused. She decides to leave the house still feeling very confused. 29/07/16
07 Dreams Can Only Have One Owner Radiance decides that enough is enough, and it is time to explain to Void about her powers of dreams. She goes to Void's apartment and explains about the powers to him, initially he doesn't believe her, but she tells him that the monster that raged over the town was actually Void's conscious. He then begins to believe her more and more. After telling him, Radiance decides to go and visit her parents again to find them, but she knocks on the door and an unfamiliar face answers. The man who answers explains that they bought this house yesterday, and they don't know what happened to the previous owners, which leaves Radiance feeling even more confused than ever before. 05/08/16
08 The Dreaming Exile Seeing her old home inhabited by a different owner inspires Radiance to move to a new property of her own, instead of living with Void. The two spend their final night together in front of a television with some movies and popcorn in the most corny-est of fashions. As the movie becomes more intense, Radiance finds herself in Void's arms. The two pause for a second before sharing a kiss, which is short-lived as Radiance springs up from her chair. In a panic she packs her bags and belongings and leaves a very confused Void left to his own devices as the TV continues to play in the background. She immediately calls a Taxi before leaving as a saddened Void looked down on her from the window above. 19/08/16
09 Dreaming Up A Storm Deciding to ignore the problems which life has thrown her thus far, Radiance decides to host a house warming party now that she has her own place to call home. She invites a very large amount of people as she wants this party to help her make some new Halcandran friends in the neighborhood. She receives a call from Void which she ignores as she begins the preparations for the party ahead. Several hours later the party begins with several snacks and drinks placed around the house for the party. People kept arriving by the masses which lead Radiance to have a huge grin emerge onto her face. However this is short lived as the house begins to be trashed by the other people, which loud music playing in the background. Radiance tries to ignore the disturbances and meets a few new friends, Serene, Petra and Wallace. The noise levels of disturbance increase which begin to alert the nearby police, which visit the house. They break down the door and fly through hordes of people to find Radiance in the back. They ask her if she is the owner of this property, to which she answers yes to after much stuttering. She is arrested for the disturbance and then the episode concludes with head shots being taken of her. 26/08/16
10 Dreamless She wakes up the following morning. The sunshine flashes into her eyes as the railings locking her up in a cage as slid open by an officer. She is told that she has been bailed out by one of her friends. After leaving the cell with her handcuffs removed she hugs a confused Petra in relief. Petra decides to drive Radiance back to her property, but Radiance denies and asks her if they can go to one of the nearby flats. Petra complies and drops Radiance off at a recognizable flat, she buzzes and is let up by the owner, who appears to be Void. Radiance explains that she is sorry about leaving him so suddenly, but she was shocked by the events that occurred. Void understands and also feels confused by the previous situation. Radiance then proceeds to explain that her and Void can't date because she is not in a right place to be able to be date people. Void listens to her, but asks for her key to the apartment in return. She hands him the key back. She then leaves the apartment once again as a disheartened Void watches her leave once again. She walks up to Petra's car and explains to Petra that she is ready to go back to her apartment, and the two do so. Upon returning, Serene and Wallace have already cleaned up a lot of the remains from the party yesterday. Radiance thanks them. The three then leave her alone so she can enjoy the rest of her night at home, but Radiance sighs and ponders if she can really call this place home. She leaps up from her sofa with her jacket and leaves the property. She walks through the cold dark night for what seems like hours, until she reaches a graveyard. She enters the graveyard and finds a gravestone which is entitled "Joyce Moreton -- 1998 - 2013". She then mutters something under her breath, You may be gone from my real life forever, but we always have our memories and dreams. A dream portal then opens above the gravestone, and Radiance enters the stone happily, knowing she can now live with her family in the dream world, where everything is completely perfect, with no chance of return to the reality ever again... 01/09/16

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