Rarity Semirare
Habitat Seen throughout Aldria
Affiliation Neutral
Common Element Ghost (male), Electricity (female)
First Appearance The Adventures of White: Dark Dimensions
Aliases Ghosts, Demons

Ghoni (pronounced Go-knee) are a species native to Aldria. Their first appearance in an Adventures of White game was The Adventures of White: Dark Dimensions.


Ghoni have slender, ghost-like bodies that taper off to a point the lower on the body one goes. They have floating glove-like hands that resemble Halcandrian hands if the Ghoni is male, but resemble feminine gloves if the Ghoni is female. A Ghoni's head is normally hood-like, with another drooping part tapering off at the end and two eyes and a mouth exposed. However, some Ghoni may grow hair that is visible through the hood.

Notable Members

  • Merlea- First Ghoni member of the DMR.
  • Spectreas- Not confirmed to be a Ghoni, but is heavily implied through appearance.
  • More TBA...

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