Element Metal
Weapon Variable
Age 19
Birthday  ???
Gender Male
Species Popopo
Home  ???
Affiliation The Ore Brothers
Aliases None
Voiced by Matthew Mercer
Debut N/A

Fortune and power... guess I'm proud to say that I'm both

Goldraxon is a Popopo of pure gold, and the brother of Ironos, as well as a member of The Ore Brothers.


Goldraxon (and the Tetrad) is capable of emitting energy projectiles. However, Goldraxon is capable of emitting a flashlight beam out of his hands and eyes.


Ironos and Goldraxon were just everyday brothers that do typical brotherly things, however, their lives were changed forever on an unexpected (and unspecified) day...

That day, Ironos and Goldraxon wanted to wander around the Central Isle, as well as the others Isles, in which Goldraxon agreed toward er with Ironos. As they were exploring, something caught both of their eyes; a cave with a rather silver and gold glow within it. Believing that it could have been treasure lurking within the cave, the Ore Brothers entered it. What they found next made them stand in awe of it...

Inside the cave laid two rather large pools of what probably was liquid iron and liquid gold. Ironos decided to look closer at the iron pool while Goldraxon decided to look closer at the gold pool. Unfortunately, the both of them slipped and fell directly into their respective pools of metal.

After what seems like hours, a light shone from both pools and the two emerged out of the liquid, however, they weren't the same as before. Ironos now had a body completely out of iron and Goldraxon had a body completely out of gold. Frightened about their new appearance, the two tried to calm down and see the good side of the transformation. Then, the brothers found out that they also had rather supernatural powers. The two brothers then changed their mindset; with these new powers, they could destroy anyone in their way, and they could use their powers to place fear in people's hearts, as well as obtain power. And with that, they embarked out of the cave.

the first worthy opponents that the brothers faced were The Epsilon Quartet. It became obvious that the Quartet won against the brothers, but they did put up a good fight, even though it was just 2 against 4. Subsequent that battle, the Ore Brothers fled.

Few days later, the Brothers returned to rematch the Quartet, with the Mineral Sisters by their side. Now it was an even fight. 4 vs. 4, unfortunately, the Quartet still defeated them, and the Mineral Sisters and the Ore Brothers fled yet again.

To this day, the Ore Brothers and the Mineral Sisters have a place for the Epsilon Quartet in their hearts as their unbeatable foe. However, even though the Ore Brothers and the Mineral Sisters are posed as threats, they even sometimes do heroic things and actually consider themselves as heroes.

As time progressed even more, the Ore Brothers and the Mineral Sisters even aided the Epsilon Quartet against ? ? ? when it was attempting to ahnilliate the Central Isle. The Sisters and Brothers even helped people in need and protect villages from any danger. This proves that they are also good deep down, though they just are the rivals of the Quartet (much like the relationship between White and Magne).


Compared to Ironos, Goldraxon is more calm and intelligent than his brother, as well as a better sport than him. Thanks to his great amount of knowledge, he somewhat acts as the older brother of Ironos, even though here both the same age. He thinks of opponents other than the Epsilon Quartet as merely, well, opponents, though he thinks that all opponents are equitable opponents, believing in a strong sense of fairness, even though he is considered to be...not a goody-two-shoes.

Goldraxon would sometimes quarrel and bicker with Ironos, which would sometimes lead to the both of them beating each other up. Though deep down, they still love each other as siblings.

Relationships with Other Characters


Goldraxon and Ironos treat each other like rowdy friends more than just merely siblings. They tend to fight, but in the end they would surprisingly find a solution like good friends.


Goldraxon and Crystilak have a typical boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Unlike Obsidias and Ironos, these other two do not act too rough. In fact they seem to be more mature.



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