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Kirby Superstar Adventures: Hyperzone Madness is the first in a series of alt. universe Kirby games known as "Kirby Superstar Adventures" for the Wii U and Zentablet.


The game plays like a 2D platformer game, you're free to explore the land of Planet Popstar and do sidequests, upgrade your stats and collect items while you travel through towns and meet friends and fight monsters.

Kirby's abilities are restricted to sliding and picking up (and throwing) certain objects. However, later on he meets Shadeello, an independent blob of Dark Matter who joins Kirby and combines with him to give him his classic powers of sucking in enemies and floating (which is temporary in this game). Once Kirby sucks up an enemy he can either spit him back out as a star OR swallow him, if it's a normal enemy it won't do anything but if it's a special enemy you'll get a Copy Ability, there are many of these that give Kirby different powers, however, when you get a Copy Ability you'll get a very small "Ability Bar" over your normal health bar, this bar is way smaller than the normal health bar and can be depleted with some tough hits, if this bar is depleted you'll lose your Copy Ability, you can upgrade this bar to make it bigger but it will always be smaller than the normal health bar. There are "Magical Scrolls" scattered across Popstar, getting one adds another power to an already existing Copy Ability.

After finding the first Hyperzone Root, you meet a Popopo named "Felyn" with cat abilities, you repeadetly see him over and over after cutting the first root until finding the second root, where he joins you and helps you cut it, from there on you can switch between Kirby and Felyn. Felyn can't fly or suck in enemies but he can run up most walls with his claws and can slash enemies from up close, he's also way more agile than Kirby.

Scattered across the game are "Rainbow Fragments", getting them requires platforming/puzzle solving skills and are hard to get, some are hidden in plain sight, others must be collected in sidequests, there are a total of 16 Rainbow Fragments, you must get all of them to get the Good Ending of the game, similar to Kirby's Dreamland 2


Kirby is a young happy Popopo that lives in Zallierre, Dreamland in Planet Popstar, a dark being of destruction and darkness known as "Hyperzone", which has been expanding and growing since the beginning of time, grows big enough to reach Popstar, where it plants himself with it's roots and starts spreading it's Dark Matter while very slowly absorbing Planet Popstar. Popstar already has had problems with Dark Matter many ages ago, but this time, due to Hyperzone being directly planted to Popstar, they're much harder to fight off.  
Flag of Dreamland

Dreamland's Flag

Sometime after the war starts, Kirby decides to set off on his own, packing some food with him, at first it's a bit hard to fight Dark Matter but he eventually meets "Shadeello", a blob of Dark Matter that somehow became independent and managed to make his own choices, he decides to help Kirby and combines with him, giving Kirby the ability to suck in enemies, float temporarily and even copy some of the enemies' abilities.

After traveling through Vegetable Valleys and through the town of "Verdillium", Kirby finds out that the best way to stop Hyperzone is to cut off the "Hyperzone Roots", and finds that the nearest one is located in Ice Cream Archipelago, so Kirby and Shadello try to set out there but are interrupted when a yellow blur passes through them, making them fall over, apparently said "yellow blur" has stolen some fruits from the town, Shadeello insists on just ignoring it but Kirby feels like he has to help them, so they go to Rainbow Route, a forest said to hold tons of different types of fruits. After collecting enough frutis they are suddenly attacked by the guardian of said forest, Whispelle, who turns angry and starts attacking the duo, they fight back and manage to knock him out, after he's unconscious they escape.

After bringing the fruits to the village they set out to Ice Cream Archipelago, once there they find a being corrupted by Dark Matter, able to summon monsters and objects by drawing them, this being is known as Colarri. Kirby and Shadeello try to fight it but it summons a giant fortress, you can either visit the main village, "Troppi", or take on the fortress right away. Once you reach the top of the fortress you'll fight Colarri, once you beat him Kirby and Shadeello will start to walk out until Colarri stands up once again, draws a missile and tries to fire it at Kirby, but a feline-looking Popopo jumps from above and slashes it with it's claws, finishing it off. Kirby and Shadeello recognize the Popopo as the yellow blur from before and confront him about robbing the village's fruits, he nonchalantly confesses and starts munching on one of the stolen fruits, Kirby fights him and seemingly knocks him out until he stands back up again and escapes.

Kirby and Shadeello encounter the Hyperzone Root and go inside and are about to cut the center of it when Dark Matter Blobs come together and form a "Dark Dee", a giant Waddle Dee made out of Dark Matter, after being defeated Kirby finally cuts the root and it dissipates as the fragment of Hyperzone it was holding separates from Popstar. After cutting the root he's greeted by Felyn once again, he taunts Kirby and he chases Felyn over to Troppi's "Anti-Dark Matter Wall" which Felyn climbs to the top easily, Kirby and Shadeello decide to ignore him for now and continue on to the tower where Popopo warriors who fight against Dark Matter reside, this tower is named "Butter Building".

Once they reach Butter Building they see how the main base is attacked by an enormous swarm of Dark Matter, Kirby agrees to help, but when Shadeello pops out the warriors put him in a cage, Kirby tries to get it back but some Dark Matter Troops breach inside Butter Building, causing a havoc. Kirby is forced to fight on his own before rescuing Shadeello and using him to finish off the last Dark Matter Troop, the warriors realize that Shadeello actually isn't bad but more Dark Matter Troops attack and the tower starts falling down, forcing everyone to leave. After the tower crashes down and everyone's outside, the leader of the Anti-Dark Matter Forces troop calls the main general about the situation, meanwhile Kirby and Shadeello overhear the conversation and find out the location of the next Hyperzone Root, located near Grape Gardens.

They reach the Blimp-Port and catch a blimp made entirely out of Dark Matter, they sneak in and reach Grape Gardens up in the sky, the Dark Matters start attacking the fortresses so Kirby follows them and fights them, eventually the Dark Matter Blimp changes it's shape and turns into a battle blimp named Kabura that attacks Kirby and Shadeello, they decide to fight it and eventually win. After the battle, it shows that Felyn is watching Kirby from far away, Kirby moves to the fortresses and sneaks through the more powerful Dark Matter, until he reaches a big hole in the middle of the clouds with the root coming through it, he jumps inside and moves through it normally until a ton of Dark Matter Blobs come and combine to make a "Dark Prankster" who uses his paintbrush to mark Kirby and jumps away, Kirby wipes the paint off his face to follow him only for an extra branch of Dark Matter to grow and trap him. Kirby then sees Felyn who confesses he has been spying on him, and after talking for a bit Kirby finally convinces him to help him out. You play as Felyn who goes to the bottom of the extra branch and cuts it with his claws, freeing Kirby, they team up and fight Dark Prankster, finally defeating him. After that they find out that there are only 3 more roots to cut, and that the next one is all the way in Moonlight Mansion.

In the way they find a big village called "Flarielle", whose king and leader thinks himself as the king of Dreamland, Felyn meets a humanoid girl named "Daalliaa" and almost instantly starts flirting with her, this goes surprisingly well for him until learning that she's the daughter of the king who's very strict, Felyn meets the king, "King Dedede" and confronts him about how he treats Daalliaa, Dedede turns angry and challenges Felyn and Kirby to a battle. Kirby and Felyn win and humiliate the king before being chased out of town by his minions. Felyn then receives a letter from Daalliaa thanking him for standing up to his dad. Kirby and Felyn continue their path but it shows a short cutscene of King Dedede hiring a bounty hunter who reveals her name, "Grimmley "Reaper" Parks", he orders her to kill Kirby and Felyn and offers money as the reward, Grimmley accepts and leaves.

Kirby and Felyn finally find the Moonlight Mansion and try to enter but the entrance is blocked, Kirby has an idea and goes to The Acerro Scrapyard nearby and sucks in a giant cube of scrap metal, they try to go back but Dark Matter Troops attack, forcing Felyn to defend Kirby on his own, after fighting most of the Dark Matter, they run back to Moonlight Mansion where Kirby spits out the cube of scrap metal which destroys the entrance, allowing them to pass. After entering and getting closer to the root they are attacked by a mysterious Popopo who reveals herself as "Grimmley Parks", a famous bounty hunter/hitman that was hired to kill Kirby and Felyn, Krirby tells Felyn to go inside and that he'll take care of her. After the battle, Grimmley stands up once again while Kirby isn't looking and tries to finish him off with his scythe, but Kirby notices her and avoids it, Grimmley expects Kirby to end her life but Kirby just laughs and helps her stand up before telling her that "playing with scythes like that is dangerous" and running inside the root, after getting to the core he finds an egyptian coffin, once he opens it he finds a beat up Felyn wrapped in bandages, Kirby unwraps him and they continue on. They find the core and try to cut it but the monster that trapped Felyn inside the coffin, "Dark Mumbie", Kirby and Felyn defeat it but when they are about to cut the root, it stands up once more and ties Kirby and Felyn with bandages. However, Grimley jumps inside and cuts it, once the root dissipates she frees Felyn and Kirby with the excuse that it's her job to kill the two before disappearing. Kirby and Felyn are about to set out to the next Hyperzone Root, located in Olive Ocean, but are interrupted when they learn of a sudden Dark Matter attack from some troops near Mustard Mountain, so they go there first.

Once they reach the town near Mustard Mountain, "Piira", they see the town getting attacked by Dark Matters, who are coming from Mustard Mountain itself, they see the leader of the attack, a highly intelligent Dark Matter Blob with the name of "Oscurelle" with the ability to think and talk, just like Shadeello. They go inside Mustard Mountain and finally find their base, they go inside and after fighting Dark Matter they confront Oscurelle himself. Shadeello asks him about how he can think and talk and he reveals that they were both experimented on to be highly intelligent and lead troops but Shadeello rebelled and sided with the inferior enemies, that's why Oscurelle was experimented on with materials from another universe light years away known as "Zolara" to be smarter and stay with the army. Kirby and Felyn defeat him and a big black void appears and starts sucking him in along with the rest of the team, Oscurelle says that it's time for his punishment and is about to be sucked in but Shadeello convinces Kirby to hold him so he doesn't get sucked in. Shadeello tells him that the zolaran materials didn't make him smarter, they made him a slave and he offers him a chance of joining them, but Oscurelle refuses and hits Kirby's hand with a beam, Kirby releases Oscurelle due to the pain and he's sucked in before the void disappears and the base starts exploding. Kirby and Felyn escape but Shadeello is saddened but he's cheered up by Kirby and they set out to Olive Oceans for the next root.

When they reach Olive Ocean they see some ruins below the water and go investigate, after traveling through the ruins they find an enormous sunken ship and go investigate, while inside they find all sorts of creepy environments and are secretly being followed by something. Once they reach the bottom of the sea it reveals itself as a shark monster corrupted by Dark Matter, "Gobular", which they end up fighting, once defeated it goes into a rampage and destroys the sunken ship, the two escape and see the Hyperzone Root itself, they go inside and meet Grimmley once again who tries to challenge Kirby but he continues on to cut the root, leaving Felyn to fight Grimmley. After defeating her, Felyn hears Kirby and Shadeello cry for help and runs to find them, he sees they have been captured by "Dark Flotzo" and tries to save them, he succeeds but Dark Flotzo escapes. Kirby and Felyn chase after it and fight it, once he's defeated they cut the root and it dissipates, they swim back up to the surface and they're able to see the last root from there, which has grown to enormous sizes, they see it's located in Heladierre Iceberg.

After traveling through some places they find a fighting tournament where a masked fighter spots them and challenges them for a fight, which they can't turn down, they fight him and end up destroying his mask, revealing his true identity: King Dedede, who challenged them for revenge. Kirby is about to kick him out until he throws a smoke bomb and sends a swarm of minions to attack the ring, after the duo fights them off they finally flee with the help of Grimmley. After that they leave the town but first Grimmley reveals that King Dedede was the one who hired her to kill them both, but that she eventually turned down after fighting with both, but that she and Kirby will eventualy meet again and they will battle, she then flees the scene and the duo continue their path.

After traveling all the way to Helladierre Iceberg, Kirby and Felyn rest and reflect on the journey for a bit before entering the Hyperzone Root, once inside they find out they have to cut several points to make it dissipate instead of just one. After cutting the first one, a tougher Dark Dee appears and they fight it, however after beating it, the root absorbs Shadeello, forcing Kirby to continue without him until reaching the second point, where he finds him again before cutting the second point, which makes a more powerful  Dark Prankster, which they fight. They keep exploring the root and go through a part which requires Felyn to continue, after that they reach the third point and cut it, before a stronger Dark Mumbie appears, then they see that one of the last points is deep below the root and below the iceberg itself, forcing them to go underwater. Once they're at the bottom they cut the fourth point before being ambushed by much stronger Dark Flotzo, after beating him,  they are pulled upwards until reaching the top of the root, where some Dark Matter forms to make "Dark Matter Swordsman" who you must fight.

Bad Ending

If you don't get all of the Rainbow Fragments, you'll get this ending. After defeating Dark Matter Swordsman he starts slowly dissipating and escapes before the root starts exploding and the screen flashes white, after that Kirby and Felyn appear once again outside of the Heladierre Iceberg and celebrate the defeat of Dark Matter. The credits start rolling and it shows Kirby and Felyn walking through past locations with peope jumping up and down in happiness. However, when it says "The End", the text disappears and it shows some black smoke over Kirby and Felyn, they look up to see what's going on and the screen pans up to the center of the black smoke where a red eye appears before the screen fades to black, it then shows a drawing of Kirby, Felyn and Shadeello together with the words "The End?" at the top, the screen fades to black once again and shows the amount of Rainbow Fragments flying through the screen before cutting back to the main menu.

Good Ending

If you get all 16 Rainbow Fragments, you'll get the Good Ending. After defeating Dark Matter Swordsman he'll start slowly dissipating and escapes by flying up, then Kirby and Felyn start falling down into the root until the Rainbow Fragments appear and the form the Rainbow Sword, Kirby grabs it and Felyn grabs his leg before they're pulled up by the Rainbow Sword. Once they reach the top they see the dissipating Dark Matter Swordsman and finish him with a slash, making him explode, his smoke flies into the right screen before a lightning effect flashes through the screen and the true final boss appears, "Zero", once defeated the screen starts flashing and the background starts exploding until the screen flashes white. Kirby and Felyn are teleported outside by the sword and see how the root starts breaking down until it dissipates and Hyperzone separates from Popstar completely, Kirby and Felyn start celebrating but suddenly become worried that Shadeello might be destroyed as well, but it's revealed that while Shadeello was made with Dark Matter he wasn't connected to Hyperzone, he was made to be highly intelligent and make his own choices. The credits start rolling and Kirby uses the Rainbow Sword to fly through past locations along with Felyn and Shadeello, they see people celebrating Dark Matter's defeat and they finally go back to Kirby's town at Zallierre where they keep the Rainbow Sword inside a glass box inside Kirby's house, when they go outside they see Zallierre's townspeople congratulating Kirby and Felyn, the camera then pans up to a cliff from where a mysterious masked knight is watching over Zallierre before disappearing. After the credits it shows a drawing of Kirby (who's holding the Rainbow Sword this time), Felyn, Shadeello and a bunch of past enemies along with non-corrupted versions of the bosses with the words "Congratulations!" at the top.

DLC - Episode Grimmley

It starts off with Grimmley running through the rooftops until jumping down on to some dark streets where she finds a hide-out and sneaks in, this ends up being a hide-out for a gang, she sneaks through until she's found out and resorts to fighting through them until reaching the leader of the gang, a Popopo named "Lee", this is where Grimmley reveals that she was hired to kill him to which Lee replies by laughing and throwing a smoke bomb which lets him escape. Lee's most trusted goon and right-hand man, a famous ex-wrestler named "Crusher" appears and tries to fight Grimmley but Grimmley wins and chases after Lee only to see him fly away in a helicopter, the goons come out to fight Grimmley again but she manages to flee.

It cuts to some weeks after that, Grimmley has just discovered the location of Lee's main headquarters, Heladierre Iceberg, however she's somehow found out by Lee's gang and they send helicopters packed with goons to take her down, she fights through them all but ends severely weakened, so she hides inside a cave. The leader of the troop, a heavily armed Popopo mercenary known as "Swatter" somehow finds out her location and reveals that he was sent to kill her but first gives Grimmley a Maxim Tomato so she can heal herself, making the fight fair. Grimmley wins and Swatter flees after leaving a note revealing that she had a radar strapped to her scythe ever since the fight with Crusher, she finds out where it is and removes it from the scythe. Grimmley runs off and finds the main headquarters where she finds and fights Lee once and for all, she wins and then leaves Heladierre Iceberg only to get a call from an anonymous source in Flarielle who calls her for a meeting.

It cuts to 3 days after that, where she finally gets to see who's the anonymous source, Flarielle's king, who hires her to kill two Popopos named Kirby and Felyn for a big sum of money, she accepts and leaves Flarielle without a trace. After that she spies on the duo until they reach Moonlight Mansion where she starts following them, after traversing through Moonlight Mansion she meets the duo personally. Kirby tells Felyn to go inside the Hyperzone Root and decides to fight Grimmley. Grimmley is about to finish Kirby off but he manages to outsmart her and Kirby ends up knocking Grimmley out, she tries to stand up and throw the last hit but Kirby finds out and dodges the attack, Grimmley thinks he's about to finish her off but Kirby just laughs and tells her "not to play with scythes like that" before running inside the Hyperzone Root. Grimmley then flees the scene and it cuts to Grimmley standing in a cliff thinking about what Kirby said until seeing the Hyperzone Root dissipate, in which she says that "it's still not over yet and that she and Kirby will meet again" before dissapearing.



Name Description Abilities
Kirby Kirby is a young Popopo from Zallierre, Dreamland that sets out in a journey to save his planet from Hyperzone, he's determined and never gives up and even though he isn't that strong on his own, with the help of Shadeello he can unlock his true potential. Kirby can slide, float temporarily and suck in enemies (and copy their abilities depending on the enemy)
Felyn Felyn is a Popopo with cat abilities, his past is unknown but he became known for stealing, however, he later teamed up with Kirby to defeat Hyperzone. Felyn can slash with his claws, run up most walls and he's way more agile.
Grimmley (DLC) Grimmley is only playable in the "Episode Grimmley" DLC, not much is known about her past except that it wasn't pretty nice as her family was very poor, Grimmley is an experienced bounty hunter/hitman and does anything for a reward. Grimmley and use her scythe, crawl through small spaces and wall-jump.


Name Function Location
Allison Item seller, she can sell you healing items and stat-changing keychains. Piira
Kenny Machine builder, he can build machines to follow you around and help you out, Range Machine shoots at enemies far away, Meelee Machine hits enemies with boxing gloves and Magic Machine inflicts status effects on enemies. However, they're all pretty weak. Troppi
Daalliaaa After fighting King Dedede, she ocassionally sends letters to Felyn, but due to Dedede preventing the Mailman from delivering any letters from Daalliaa, she secretly sends Dedede's minions to deliver them, if you find one of them hidden in a town you'll get Daalliaa's letter, which not only reveals more about her but also contain free healing items.

Anywhere after fighting King Dedede


Name Description
Whispelle Whispelle is a giant alive tree that defends Rainbow Route, he can blow you away, he can drop Gordos from his leaves and after you deplete half of his health he gets the ability to grow shrooms temporarily that bounce projectiles off, to defeat him you must wait until he drops a big apple and suck it in, then you must spit it back out to damage him.
Colarri Colarri is a corrupted creature with roller skate-like feet and the ability to summon objects by drawing them in a notepad, he can summon bombs, small volcanos, monsters and floating swords, when you deplete half of his health he gets the ability to summon clouds that can fire lightning.

DLC and Amiibo/Character Card Compatibility


Kirby Superstar Adventure: Hyperzone Madness includes expansion packs which can be bought at the Zentech Store/Nintendo eShop.

Name Description Price
Episode Grimmley An expansion pack that focuses on Grimmley before and during the events of the game. 8$

Amiibo/Character Cards

The game does have Amiibo Compatibility, once the Wii U detects the Amiibo the character will appear inside the game and will help you out for a certain amount of time, the Zentablet has the same feature but instead of Amiibos, there are Character Cards, cards that you have to slide through the Zentablet Card Slot.

Character Function
Rick Rick lets you ride on-top of him, letting you run much faster, move on ice without skidding and wall-jumping, if you're Kirby he can merge abilities with Kirby to make more powerful ones.
Coo Coo lets you hold his feet, which lets you fly much higher and for way longer than before.
ChuChu ChuChu sticks to your head, letting you climb walls, swing yourself over certain pitfalls and attach to the ceiling.
Grand Wheelie Summons a Wheelie that follows you around and helps you defeat enemies by ramming into them and creating a small smoke tornado of bolts and car parts that can damage enemies. You can also ride on-top of him to go faster
Hornhead Hornhead follows you around and attacks the enemies by rushing into them, using his horn to throw them around and even float above the ground.
Bandana Dee Bandana Dee follows you around and attacks enemies with his spear, he has all of his abilities from Kirby's Return to Dreamland and he also gives you a random healing item right after joining.
White (AoW) (Zentablet-exclusive) White from Adventures of White uses his pyrokinetic powers as well as his Boomstick to help you take out enemies, he can also use mirrors to deflect projectiles and send them back with more force.
Clay Kirby & Elin (Wii U-exclusive) A claymation Kirby rolled up into a ball appears on-screen, he can roll around and stun enemies and ride on rainbow lines made by Elin which he can use to attack enemies far away or to get over pits, you can also ride on the lines to move easier, Clay Kirby can also use his Star Dash to take out enemies.


  • The game contains many references and small connections to the AoW series, for example, the game says that Oscurelle was injected with Zolaran materials, Zolara is where the AoW series takes place.
    • Also, Oscurelle himself will appear in an AoW spin off made by the same people who made this game.
  • It is also possible to see a small cameo of White in the background of Butter Building, he can be seen sitting on a table while eating a sandwich, with his Boomstick next to him, he also wears the same soldier hats all the other soldiers in the area wear.
  • Kine was originally planned for an Amiibo/Character Card, but he was rejected due to the fact he would only work on water and bounce around everywhere else, and there weren't that many water sections in-game.

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