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Legends of Sky City (abbreviated as LoSC) is a prequel to nearly all other titles set in Zolara, and was developed by Pixelburst Games and published by Zentech Studios. It is set one hundred and fifty years before The Adventures of White, during the "War of Foundation" fought between the Sky City Guard and the Dark Matter Army, and uses a turn-based strategy gameplay style comparable to that of the Fire Emblem series.


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Playable Characters

Being a prequel set in the distant past, few characters are shared between this title and other AoW titles; in addition, many of the characters are the ancestors of characters in the Adventures of White series.

Character Class Element Description

Prophet Electricity A young but immensely skilled tactician and former caretaker of the Shrine of Sky's Edge. He's an honorary member of the Sky City Guard after letting them make a sanctuary around the shrine.

Lady Light A calm and stalwart Popopo originally hailing from Pop Star. Her customs are a bit odd, but she is always welcoming to strangers. Her protective nature makes her a natural leader.

Soldier Candy A friendly Popopo resting at the Shrine of Sky's Edge. She's a sugar addict, and often stows treats inside of her helmet. She's never averse to sharing snacks when extra energy is in demand.

Dancer Music A lazy Waddle Dee hermit who entertains at parties in exchange for food. He's often too laidback to do any actual fighting, but has recently decided that the post-victory feast is worth the effort.

Mage Sand A cheerful historian of the Shrine of Sky's Edge who dabbles in cursed magic. Her dangerous and sinister magic often unnerves people, even though she's incredibly sociable.

Archer Speed A quiet assassin with a competitive nature. He's obsessed with his own skill and luck to the point of owning half a dozen lucky charms and acting with hostility towards his potential rivals.

Hero Mirror

Smithy Fire

Protector Fire

Healer Fire

Blitz Rider Wind

Nightmare Shadows


Character Purpose

A wandering merchant and mischief-maker who seems to be in multiple places at once. Sells all manner of goods and equipment.

A young scientist who builds primitive airships midway through the game. Can be spoken to for all transportation needs.


Isle's Plains Fields none
A mysterious chunk of earth that is held in the air by an unnamed mineral. The inhabitants here are mostly scattered, but there is a safe haven somewhere on this island...
This location has no parallel from other games.
Sky City City none
A safe haven set up by Jayrus and her troops at the very center of the Island in the Sky. It is centered around the Shrine of Sky's Edge and has connections to a deep mine.
This location is paralleled by Sky City in The Adventures of White.
Echo Caverns Mines none
The caves below Sky City. This area is entirely located underground, and features crystals and rare ores. If blacksmiths are looking for oodles of loot for crafting into weapons, then this is the place to go.
This location is paralleled by The Underverse in The Adventures of White.
Hex Hills Farmland none
These sprawling farmland and plains had long ago been cursed by a powerful shaman with an eternal, if slow-acting, drought. And though it didn't do much in bygone days, a good chunk of the farmland is desert now!
This location is paralleled by Hexic Desert in The Adventures of White.
Grassy Plateau Grass none
A verdant mountain infamous for being beautiful and otherwise in it's most natural state. However, mysterious war machines have become frequent interlopers in this area of tranquility.
This location has no parallel from other games.
Misty Sea Water none
The collective majority of the vast water bodies scattered across Zolara. These seas can be postcard-perfect on good days, but dangerous on bad. There are rumors of a mad ocean-queen named Trophia running the place, though.
This location is paralleled by Trophian Sea from The Adventures of White.
Temple of Reflection Temple none
The original resting place of the Mirror of Truth. Similarly to Gaia's misleading nature, this temple relies on misdirection and cheap tricks in order to protect the treasure within.
This location has no parallel from other games.
Winterfall Woods Forest none
A quiet forest swept with snow. Its distant location and the seemingly absent flow of time made it Jayrus' first choice for the Mirror of Truth's new resting place. Unfortunately, it has its own guardians...
This location is paralleled by Goldacre Forest from The Adventures of White.
Dewdrop Spire Ice none
The home of the legendary Dialhilt, which at the time was believed to be the weapon destined to defeat Shadoo, as it used the then-rare Dust technology in a unique manner. The higher you go, the colder it gets...
This location has no parallel from other games.
Reaper's City Metropolis none
This monster-inhabited modern metropolis truly does stand out in the Underworld. Those who seek another chance at life give up what they hold most dear for a brief period of time and undergo a series of missions.
This location is paralleled by City of Souls from The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula.
Forge Mountain Volcano none
An extremely active volcano that the Dark Matter Army occasionally calls home, for extremely curious reasons. I mean, even villains have to draw the line somewhere - and a volcano base should be "the line!"
This location is paralleled by Mount Blackwell from The Adventures of White.
New Moon Castle Stronghold none
The final battlefield of the War of Foundation; this massive obsidian fortress is home to the majority of the Dark Matter forces in Zolara, as well as Shadoo himself. The final battle is at hand!
This location is paralleled by Dark Matter Stronghold from The Adventures of White.


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