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Legends of Sky City: Rise of the Tyrant (abbreviated as LoSC:RotT) is a sequel to Legends of Sky City. and, like its predecessor, is a prequel to nearly all other titles set in Zolara. It was developed by Pixelburst Games and published by Zentech Studios. It is set one hundred years before The Adventures of White and fifty years after the previous title, during the "War of the Twins" - a war fought between the Sky City Guard, working with the Observatory Royal Guard at the time, and an early form of the Negative Alliance led by Sectoriel, and uses a turn-based strategy gameplay style comparable to that of the Fire Emblem series. As well as all the elements of the previous game, it introduces Claw and Orbitar weapons and ten new classes, including classes that can transform in combat such as Ursas and Dracos.


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Playable Characters

Being a prequel set in the past, few characters are shared between this title and other AoW titles; in addition, some of the characters are the ancestors of characters in the Adventures of White series.

Character Class Element Description

Monarch Nature A strong-willed princess from Garden Observatory. She arrived as a diplomat to strengthen the bonds with Sky City, and volunteered to aid Sky City in facing the invasion from beyond the mirror.

Warrior Strength A quite aggressive soldier for the Sky City Guard assigned to protect Rania. He's a bit on the violent side, but often manages to focus that violence towards a greater good.

Pacifist ??? A peace-loving healer for the Sky City Guard assigned to protect Rania. She is a bit on the quiet side, but is kind, polite, and endeavors to keep her brother from punching literally everything.

Thug Crystal A Sky City Guard member who represents the interests of the Bombtailers during their expeditions. An experienced spelunker, but a bit too extreme and risky sometimes.

Ruin Mage Wind An Observatory Royal Guard mage with some unusual practices. Like ingesting unprocessed Dust crystals and experimenting with ancient magic. It's no wonder he's so pale-looking.

Draco Light A cocky bounty hunter who uses his draconic abilities to aid in his hunts. Despite his bloodthirsty nature masks a surprisingly artistic skillset. If only he didn't use corpses in his art!


Character Purpose

A merchant who came to Sky City with Rania hoping to sell her wares to a new market. Sells weapons and items.

A quirky fortune teller who specializes in unlocking hidden potential. Can be paid to teach troops new skills.

A young scientist who runs a lucrative ferrying business using his airships. Can be spoken to for all transportation needs.


Isle's Plains Fields none
A mysterious chunk of earth that is held in the air by an unnamed mineral. By this point in the island's development, there isn't much of the Plains left to build on...
This location has no parallel from other games.
Sky City City none
A safe haven centered around the Shrine of Sky's Edge. Though its founder, Jayrus, has been missing for more than forty years, it has expanded exponentially since its foundation.
This location is paralleled by Sky City in The Adventures of White.
Eclipsed Plains Plains none
Formerly the site of the temple where the Mirror of Truth was stored. Because it's directly below Sky City, it is cast in darkness when the sun is overhead, hence its name.
This location is paralleled by Jeitia in The Adventures of White.
Reaper's Resort Island none
An isolated island in the Trophian Sea where Tempo has kickstarted one of his most recent experiments - a tropical resort - in the hopes that it'll be more interesting than a city in the underworld.
This location is paralleled by Isle Rencavus in The Adventures of White.


  • The Arena
A simple enough concept - using a limited selection of predetermined troops, items, and weapons, the player must defeat a group of enemies.
  • Target Attack
A more interesting concept. With only a couple of troops and a limited number of turns, the player must destroy all the targets in the arena.
  • Tempo's Game
A bored God of Imagination has come up with a couple unique challenge matches. The player must complete Tempo's odd challenges to win.


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