Element Light
Weapon Sword of Brightness
Age 14
Birthday  ???
Gender Male
Species Popopo


Lumine looks like most other Popopo, however he has a few minor difference to make him stand out. Lumine has light blue skin and brown shoes. He also has wings, which were there from birth. Unlike most Popopo, he also has hair; he has long (for a male), brown hair.



Lumine has better flight than most other Popopos. He was born with wings, allowing him to fly.

Due to him being a Being of Light, he has several powers that come with this status. For one, he can shoot balls of light energy that can temporarily blind anyone hit by them for a short time. If he focuses all of his energy on charging it up, he can pull off a super powerful laser beam that has all of the abilities of his light energy blasts, except more accurate and more powerful. However, Lumine rarely ever gets a chance to use this move. Lumine can also heal others by sacrificing his own strength and temporarily giving it to them.


Lumine rarely uses weapons, as he prefers to use his own abilities instead. His main weapon is the Dragon's Blade, a powerful ancient weapon. This blade can create fire blasts, which are very weak, as the sword is much more powerful in melee combat. This blade can also harden at Lumine's will to make it more defensive. Lumine also wields the Ice Staff, a staff that can-well, create ice and freeze opponents. Lumine rarely uses this weapon, though.



Lumine is very shy and quiet, rarely ever talking to anyone. He prefers to stay as far away from people as possible. Lumine also gets angered very easily, although this side of his personality is rarely seen considering he rarely speaks.

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