Meta Knight
meta Knight
Element None
Weapon Galaxia
Age  ?
Birthday  ?
Gender Male
Species Popopo(?)

Meta Knight is one of the few, if not only, surviving Star Warriors who fought in the first war against Nightmare long ago. He is the wielder of the legendary Galaxia, the golden thorned sword. Somehow, he has also been made known to the people of Zolara as a historical hero, as well.


Meta Knight has his body heavily covered by apparel, such as the Dimensional Cape, gloves, shoulder-pads, and a large chrome mask. His body is a dark blue, and he has purple metallic shoes (assumed). His bright yellow eyes glow vividly through the opening of his mask.


Speed: 5/5

Power: 4/5

Defense: 4/5

Most of Meta Knight's supreme ability (especially as a swordfighter) comes from his vast experiences. He has honed his ability to the absolute maximum they can go, as he can hit fast and hard, as well as take plenty of blows. However, his true ability comes in his arsenal of tools. Meta Knight can fly with his concealed wings, warp short distances with his Dimensional Cape, and slash at the speed of sound with his Galaxia. Fast, powerful, and fortified, he is certainly a force to be reckoned with.


Meta Knight's backstory is kept, for the most part, as a mystery.

The great Star Warrior, as mentioned, took part in the first great war against Nightmare as one of the captains of the Star Warrior army. He has seen many allies fall in battle, and even had to kill a few himself, due to their falling to Nightmare's temptation. After the war, however, he was gravely injured, and had no one to go to. So, he explored the cosmos until coming upon Pop Star and finally settling there. His affiliation was unknown; he swore loyalty to King DeDeDe, yet defends the town's residents against his injustices.

As the years passed, Nightmare returned and started to send down demon beasts to take over the universe (again). Knowing where Meta Knight was, Nightmare focused his attacks there, but the Star Warrior wouldn't budge. A while passed, however, and the demon beasts were slowly overrunning him. But then, Kirby came crashing down (LITERALLY), and Meta Knight took it as his duty to keep him safe (Kirby#Backstory).

More years passed, and Meta Knight suddenly got word of the demon beast Spur; a demon beast so powerful, it was said to be able to take down both Star Warriors in one fell swoop, without even breaking a sweat. Of course, the knight responded, and used the Halberd to head off the Nightmare's base, in order to sabotage the demon beast all together. He took Kirby with, but, as they made their way, they were soon confronted by the very thing they came to destroy.

Click here in order to read the rest of the pertaining backstory.


Serious, somewhat sarcastic, and a knight of few words, the great Star Warrior can seem somewhat uncaring at times. However, he truly cares for the safety of all, and will dauntlessly face anything to uphold that safety. However, he understands risk-rewards in most cases, and will always find the most opportune moments to do things.

Relationships with Other Characters


(Disclaimer: I normally never pair characters together, but truthfully, they're both the same case.)

Meta Knight acts as a mentor and father to both Kirby and Terra, having taken up both and having promised himself to protect both. Despite his seeming lack of intervention for the two, Meta Knight always continues to make sure they are doing things right. If they do not listen to his advice at first, he has them find out the hard way. He will not do this with excessively dangerous situations, but does so otherwise. Despite his 'learn the hard way' mentality, Meta Knight truly cares for the two fellow Star Warriors, and wishes for them to be a start of a new powerful generation.

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