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Night Terror
Developer Spyral Atelier
Publisher Spyral Atelier
Release In Your Dreams...
Genre Horror/Thriller
Modes Single-Player Campaign, Co-Op Mini-Games
Ratings T (Teen) for violence, terrifying themes and animated blood/gore.
Platforms WiiU, Zentablet, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One, PS4
Media UMD, CD, DVD

Night Terror (Pavor Nocturnus in Japan) is a horror/suspense/thriller game created by Spyral Atelier (a.k.a Spyral370). Unlike the usual games, this one has a whole different variant of gameplay, and it drives away from the happy-fun Zolaran/Kirby side to games, towards the gruesome/horrific point of view.


Night Terror is a game where you take the role of Blake Remington (a.k.a Alpha, the leader of the Quartet) who mysteriously wakes up, realizing that his team wasn't in the Vessel with him. As he visits other places, he noticed that almost everyone is...gone. And the worst part is, when he did meet some people...

...they were not who they were....they were nightmares.

These nightmares are extremely grotesque and petrifying monsters that won't stop their obligation to slaughter pure and "living" entities, and spread the infectious shades of mania and insanity... seems everyone is a nightmare...except Blake...he is the only pure being to exist. This stirs more unanswered questions. Why're he not one of them? Who made these people "nightmares"? Why?

And the worst thing is...there aren't just nightmares that wander in these dead areas...

...there are also Nachts.

Nachts are considered to be extremely horrifying and dangerous, and are identified as the elite nightmares. These beasts are sadly Blake's former friends.

With all this destitution and indesicion lurking in the pit of Blake's vigorous stomach, he is not alone to fend off these creatures. V.O.I.D is fortunately not one of the nightmares, and is willing to help you by giving you weapons in exchange for the materials in order to make them. There is also another Deurotagonist; Nate Tremor. He is pretty unnerving and eerie for such an ally, yet he assists you very well, by giving you advice and helping you with puzzles. Although something tells you that he isn't...who he is.

It is time to dig deeper and find out more about this catastrophic event. Shoot, dodge, solve, fight, run, and buy your way out of this real-life horror scene. Also...

...sweet dreams...


Wii U

Wii U (NT)


Nintendo 3DS (NT)

Xbox One

Xbox One (NT)


PS4 (NT)



Blake Remington

blake Remington
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The main protagonist of this game, Blake is the only pure and immune person, unable to morph into a monstrous Nightmare or Nacht. He is extremely confused and sorrowful for all that is happening, and at times he would always wonder "why this?". Even though he is used to using his Swords of Redemption, he is skilled at also using guns. He tends to hesitate/think twice before he goes off to shoot his former friends (who are now Nightmares and Nachts).


versatile Omni Intellctual Drone (V.O.I.D)
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V.O.I.D is a major deurotagonist, and an ally of Blake. As soon as this night terror contingency occurred, he was unfortunately captured by the Nachts and Nightmares, who destroyed his body parts (except his head), hoping he would prove no use to anyone without them. Little did they know that V.O.I.D can be able to use materials to craft equipment. And thus this proved vital for Blake, as he needs the right weaponry to eradicate these monstrosities.

Nate Tremor

nate Tremor
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Nate Tremor is also an ally of Blake...but only marginally. Sure he helps by oddly knowing enough data of these nightmare beings, not to mention giving you tips and advice in general, but something tells Blake and V.O.I.D that he doesn't seem...normal. It is as if he isn't who he truly is. His personality and appearance makes him slightly untrustworthy. But as long as he "helps" Blake, he won't be much of a threat...right?


The Night Terror

night Terror
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The true villain of this game. It was the one who caused this nightmarish post-apocalyptic disaster in the first place. It believes that routine happy dreams tend to be uninteresting, hence the fact it swarms the Zolaran Galaxy with monstrous and terrifying beasts, hoping it would add some...variety.

The Nightmares

The once poor people who inhabited this peaceful Galaxy. Nightmares are the generic creatures that spread the insanity and infect Zolara with its horrifying aspects of nightmares, hence their name. They will also not stop from killing all forms of pure, normal which case, only Blake.

The Nachts

The deadly elite Nightmares, these entities used to be Blake's friends, not until they have transformed into these petrifying monsters, following the same mindset as the Nightmares and the Night Terror.


Night Terror Logo

Blake | V.O.I.D | Nate Tremor

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