A prayer from the core of the hyperspace shook my heart, and challenged me to fight the opposition. It is a fight that I shall prevail over!
phoenixea Heartgold
Element Fire / Stealth
Weapon Pyro Staff
Age 16
Birthday October 15th
Gender Female
Species Halcandran
Affiliation None
Voiced by  ???

 Phoenixea is a fire elemental Halcandran debuting in her own fiction, although more on that has yet to be announced. She serves as the first character in a form of reboot of Nature Warrior, becoming one of its mains alongside Crymsia, Nightlight, Silver, and Strike. As her name implies, she is inspired by and is somewhat of a phoenix.

Despite her relevance in Nature Warrior, she tends to be more or less tied into the plot of the main series as a minor character.




Phoenixea was born as an ordinary being within the location of Disaster Valley, where she was raised to be a strong warrior and supply her relatives with nutrition alongside her generation. Her relatives gifted her at a very young age with a burning ember, which sat atop her chest and continuously burned, meant to control her fiery spirit.

At the age of ten, an earthquake struck her homeland, forming a rift, splitting her town apart. She fell down the rift, and slammed into the ground on her back, immediately smashed down by a boulder afterwards. She went unconscious, and the rift healed over time, eventually coming back together at the top, leaving Phoenixea in naught but a long, narrow cave, where she was alone.

Phoenixea eventually woke up and tossed the rubble off of her, and was extremely injured, with no place to go, and no one to rely on or trust. Angered, she got up, and began flying around for an escape, eventually going out of the cave. She later appeared in the Disaster Valley's "Knotturn Forest", whereas she spent her next few years, surviving off of stealing crops and slaying beasts for the land's people.

During her time in the forest, she came across Crymsia, who eventually became her rival after the rather sudden battle they had against each other.  They always found themselves arguing over different aspects on what should be improved; the offense or the defense, and always pitted each other over the other as such.

At the age of sixteen, she finally decided to leave the area, and flew out of the land overall, in a search for her family, but found naught but the Sky Isles, which she landed in safely.  She took a walk about the city, and continued her journies, flying around a specific tower, built by one of her relatives, and often going about and using her fire to fight whatever malicious people come her way.


Phoenixea is of the fire elemental, and as such is able to use fire at her own will. She can utilize her fire powers to move at exceptional speeds, and blur past mere mortal eyes in the blink of an eye. She is also capable of flight, able to soar at rather high heights. This is all balanced out by her plethora of weaknesses, although surprisingly water is not one of them.


Phoenixea is calm and rather silent, speaking rather rarely, besides in times of crisis, where she tends to talk a lot and in a strict manner to show her mannerism as a leader. When in danger, she'll screech loudly to request help.  However, when her emotions are fully exposed, she'll cease any form of her warrior inspired personality, and she'll appear friendly and joyous, although the former is more likely as when her feelings are revealed she's more than likely miserable and upset.


Relationships with Other Characters


Phoenixea tends to see Crymsia as her rival, and her main obstacle, despite the nature warrior never really meaning to interfere with her strict ways. When they fight, they fight hard, and always fight fairly, and will restart if one has been given an unnecessary disadvantage.



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