Element Electricity
Weapon Tearaway
Age 3000+
Birthday November 4
Gender Non-Binary
Species Halcandran
Home Unknown

Project A.N.T.H.A, also known as A.N.T.H.A or Antha, is an ancient experiment created by Dustai's great ancestors. ANTHA is short for Androgynous Neon Testing Handshaker Alpha, meaning that she was simply a test product with the sole goal of handshaking. She is now a free roaming robot Novian.


Greatly inspired by gods and goddesses alike, Dustai's ancestors tried to make their own Novian, but it became very messy, which resulted in them putting their minds together. They discovered how electricity worked eventually and started working on a machine, using the collected electricity to fuel her. Her simple task was to shake hands, but she failed...after a thousand years of practice. She was then encapsulated as she was no longer needed, but was freed by Fuegon.



ANTHA does not have many abilities, due to her simple functions as a robot in the first place. Her fists can generate a lot of power, and she is pretty capable in doing most things a normal Novian would do. Her leaking electricity from her body allows her to shock people just by touching them, which isn't always a good thing.

Her weapon is known as the Tearaway.  It can tear memory from foes and turn it into her own.


ANTHA was generated as a handshaker, so she is bond to be friendly. While she can get overworked sometimes and can come out and snap a lot, she is pretty hard to agitate fully and it's easy to get on her good side.

Relationships with other characters


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