A trap? Well that's rubbish.

Scuzzy is a former mail carrier from Sky City. 

Element Wind
Weapon Wing Headband
Age 20
Gender Male
Species Popopo
Home Sky City
Affiliation with white and the other rebels


Scuzzy is a green Popopo with reddish-pinkish feet and an english accent.  He wears a headband at all times.


Scuzzy is very cheerful and often tries to put a positive spin on things, though he can be a bit negative now and then when he's sad or depressed.


The only Popopos Scuzzy knew before joining the group were White and his family, as they were on his way.

In The Adventures of White

As with all other guest characters, Scuzzy is unlocked by defeating him in the Tourney Mode. He is the ninth character to be fought.

In The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula



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