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In Chapter 0 in AoW:PP

Element Ice
Weapon Frost Hammer (AoW:PP)
Age 16
Birthday August 13
Gender Male
Species Popopo
Home Unknown
Aliases The Slime
Voiced by  ?
Debut Unknown

Slimery is a character created by Brandon, and is his KirbySona. In the AoW series, he debuted in the fourth game, AoW:TT. His debut in Kold War is Kold Hearted.


Slimery appears as a light green popopo with blonde hair, black shoes and a purple raccoon tail. In Paper Panic, he has a fur chest.


Slimery utilizes the power of ice; therefore he is an ice elemental. He can freeze his opponents with a blast of ice. He can also create an ice clone to freeze his enemies when they make contact with the clone.


At the age of 8, was treated horribly by some school bullies very badly. Apparently his teacher doesn't care about the bullies, so she just tells him to ignore them. He was buried in snow when he was sleeping outside of his house by one of the school bullies.

4 years later, he wakes up and gets out of the snow. He was very cold, he decided to go home to warm himself up. Not realizing he had ice powers (wtf did I just say right there?) after that. He decides to leave his house (as his parents are dead now) and builds himself a new one.

It's unknown how he got the raccoon tail as he doesn't want to tell anyone how he got it. Don't bother asking him.


Being just a innocent guy around the crowd, he s

Game appearances

Kold War: Kold Hearted

Slimery is a playable character in Kold War: Kold Hearted. Slimery has the same powers has his older brother does. However, he doesn't have a weapon.



Special Moves

Icy Blast: Slimery shoots a blast of ice at his opponent, which freezes them when they touch it.

Slide Kick: Slimery slides through the ground and trips the opponent.

Icy Decoy: Slimery makes a decoy of himself out of ice, which freezes the opponent when they touch it.

The Adventures of White: Traversing Timelines

Slimery's first AoW appearance is in AoW:TT. It's unknown which timeline he'll appear, but the only thing I know, he will appear.

Kold War: Demonic Days

In Demonic Days, Slimery appears as a default character in the game. In Chapter 2, he starts his own journey to defeat Demon.




Neutral Attack: Simery slaps his foe three times before kicking them two times, with the second kick sends them flying away.

Aerial Attack: Slimery grabs his foe and proceeds to bear hug them, eventually crushing their spine and tosses them.

Throw: Slimery grabs his foe, rolls through the ground and slams them down.

Frozen Fist: Slimery charges his fists with ice and punches the foe twice, sending them flying. This can be charged.

Icy Blast: Slimery shoots a blast of ice at his foe, which freezes them when they touch it.

Slide Kick: Slimery slides through the ground and trips the foe.

Icy Decoy: Slimery makes a decoy of himself out of ice, which freezes the foe when they touch it.

Fatality #1: Slimery freezes his foe from the lower body, then he kicks it, shattering it and his foe starts to scream in pain. Shortly afterwards, they die from blood loss.

Fatality #2: Slimery kicks the foe, causing them to fall on the ground, then he freezes them. After that, he jumps to the air and lands on the frozen body, shattering it, only leaving the shoes behind.

One Hit KO Move: Slimery dashes to the foe and pushes them, knocking them out.

The Adventures of White: Paper Panic

Slimery appears to have a major role in the game, Paper Panic.








These two have the same feelings for each other, and they both have a great relationship with each other also. Slimery is always there for her and Ivy is always there for him. Even though they have a special connection, Ivy doesn't really like Slimery's pranks on many of the people. However, Slimery doesn't really care what she says.



Let's Listen Castlevania Bloodlines - Bloody Tears (Extended)30:00

Let's Listen Castlevania Bloodlines - Bloody Tears (Extended)

Main theme


  • Originally he was the electric elemental (when he was named Brandon), but was changed to ice when he was named Slimery.
  • His moves are based off of Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat's moves.
  • Slimery, when made, has no absolute personality whatever and looked like a goofball. BJ revamped him lots of times until now.
  • Despite being a slime popopo, he is better known using Ice elements.

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