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The soundtrack for The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula. Similarly to the first game, it uses remixes of songs from many past games.


Track Where it Plays
Dimensional Lobby In any given Dimensional Lobby
Isle of Arumite In most areas of Isle Ordnaf
Good to Be Back in the City In most areas of Sky City
Laying Low In most areas of Rossia before defeating Hades
The Village of Rossia In most areas of Rossia
The Most LIVELY Alley I Have EVER Seen In most areas of Vertic Alley

Trophian Beachside

Track Where it Plays
Etihw's Battle During most battles with Etihw
The Adventure's Over...? After the first - and what seemed to be final - fight with the Negative Alliance.

Negative Castle

Track Where it Plays
The Original Base of Operations In most areas of the Negative Castle
They've Spotted Us!! After being spotted by the searchlight inside the Negative Castle
White's Realization During the cutscene where White finds out he's also a mirror elemental

Viridis Valley

Track Where it Plays
Never Been So Carefree In most areas of Viridis Valley
Deeper In the Valley In later areas of Viridis Valley
The Negative Alliance Is Here, Too?! In areas of Viridis Valley infested with Negative Alliance forces

Reset Bomb Forest

Track Where it Plays
The Reset Bomb Forest Inside the Reset Bomb Forest
An Old Friend During the cutscene where you remeet Gaia
Forest Tact Temple Inside the temple in the Reset Bomb Forest, leading to Viridi's domain

City of Souls

Track Where it Plays
The Angel Cometh During the cutscene of Jack's resurrection
May the Goddess Guide You During most sections of the City of Souls

Searing Savannah

Track Where it Plays
Attacked by Your Little Sister During the chase battle against Val

Valhala Heights

Track Where it Plays
The Sky is the Limit In early areas of Valhala Heights

Battleship Havokbringer

Track Where it Plays
Storming the Airship In most areas of the Battleship Havokbringer
Uleb's Chase During battles with Uleb

Chaos Island

Track Where it Plays
C'mon, We've Gotta Save Black! At the Chaos Island

Desert in the Sky

Track Where it Plays
The Sky...Desert?! In most areas of the Desert in the Sky
There's Even Colonization Up Here?! In most areas of Vahara City

Lavablast Peak

Track Where it Plays
Floating on a Lava Raft During some sections of Lavablast Peak
The Dark Servant's Back!! During the battle with Slick

Hotbeat Grotto

Track Where it Plays

Mt. Shadestrom

Track Where it Plays
Seriously?! We Just Saved You!! In most areas of Mt. Shadestrom
Easy Pacing from Here During later areas of Mt. Shadestrom, after Black rejoins your party

Clearview Plaza

Track Where it Plays
Sunset Showdown In early areas of Clearview Plaza
Clear Night Skies In most areas of Clearview Plaza
The Darkest Night During the battles with the League of Knights, before they form an alliance with the DMR
Not Being Very Subtle During later areas of Clearview Plaza

Spotlight Walkway

Track Where it Plays
The Calm Night In most areas of the Spotlight Walkway

The Web Gondola

Track Where it Plays
Floating Down the River In most areas of The Web Gondola

Aurora Glacier

Track Where it Plays

Nega Plant

Track Where it Plays
The Nega Plant Inside the Nega Plant
Looming Matter During foreshadowing of the Matter Mite segment
The Matter's Rising! In early portions of the Matter Mite segment of the Nega Plant
Dahes's Machine During battles with Dahes
Why Are There Gears in a Chemical Plant? In later areas of the Nega Plant

Outer Limits

Track Where it Plays
Two Dimensions, The Same Limits During the Dragoon segment where you return to the Outer Limits
Enamored By the Stars In early areas of the Outer Limits
The Dark Nebula's Almost Down! During the second phase of the battle with Dark Nebula
A Little Bit More Space Exploration In later areas of the Outer Limits
Whoa...A Meteor Shower...! During certain areas of the Outer Limits, during the meteor shower

Novia City

Track Where it Plays
Celestial Alignment In early areas of Novia City
Celestial Skyrocket During the Dragoon segment in Novia City
Novia City's Under Attack For Whatever Reason! During the Negative Alliance's attack on Novia City
Calm After the Attack In some areas of Novia City, after the Negative Alliance attacks

Melted Star

Track Where it Plays
The Melted Star In most areas of Melted Star
The Underwater Asylum In later areas of the Melted Star
Floaty and Carefree In some areas of the Melted Star

Zero Gravity Zone

Track Where it Plays
Dre's Mech During battles with Dre
The Helpless Novians In some areas of the Zero Gravity Zone
I'm Kinda Getting Used to This Gravity Thing! In later areas of the Zero Gravity Zone
I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick! In earlier areas of the Zero Gravity Zone

Dark Swamplands

Track Where it Plays
The Corrupted Swamplands In most areas of the Dark Swamplands
Still Some More Obstacles In later areas of the Dark Swamplands

Rainy Ravine

Track Where it Plays
Dungeon Crawl In most areas of Rainy Ravine

Earthquake Grotto

Track Where it Plays

Mt. Shadestrom (2)

Track Where it Plays
What the Hell Is With All the Boulders?! In later areas of the second trip to Mt. Shadestrom


Track Where it Plays
The Godly Fighter During the cutscene when you first meet Prisima
The Mechanical Depths In some areas of Techtropolis

Greygaurd Tower

Track Where it Plays
The Troops are Coming!! During the tank section of Greygaurd Tower
The Color Thief During battles with The Color Thief, aka Olwely

Valley of the Dead

Track Where it Plays
Going...Down Below... In most areas of Valley of the Dead

World of Nothing

Track Where it Plays
We're Too Late... In most areas of the World of Nothing

Negative Void

Track Where it Plays
Into the Vault of Darkness In most areas of the Negative Void
The Endless Void In some areas of the Negative Void
Falling Endlessly During one of two scenarios

Falconcrest Fernland

Track Where it Plays
Traveling Through the Forest In most areas of Falconcrest Fernland
Betrayed Again During the battle against Possessed Gaia
Another Maze?! In early areas of Falconcrest Fernland

Swingsway Jungle

Track Where it Plays
The Beast During the cutscene where you meet Cotenya

Nightowl Casino

Track Where it Plays
The Negative Casino In the Nightowl Casino
Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands During the battle against Shadoo

Timecast Flats

Moonlight Manor

Track Where it Plays
Mirrored Hypnotism During the battle with Possessed White
The Not-So Haunted Mansion In most areas of Moonlight Manor

Acidic Fields

Track Where it Plays
Anacadi's Tricks During battles with Anacadi

Glassen Maze

Track Where it Plays
Whiteout In the light half of the Glassen Maze
Blackout In the dark half of the Glassen Maze
The Puzzling Labyrinth In later areas of the Glassen Maze, after the two halves have merged
No Matter What Lies In This Maze During later sections of the Glassen Maze

The Great Maze

Track Where it Plays
Further Into The Great Maze In later areas of The Great Maze

Negative Tower

Track Where it Plays
The Negative Infiltration During the cutscene where the DMR infiltrates the Negative Alliance's base
Shattered Trust During the battle against Nas
Etihw's Finale During the final battle with Etihw
The Time's Running Out During most sections of the Negative Tower, while the Negativity Bomb is ticking down
The Final Stand During some later areas of the Negative Tower
It Goes Off Any Second!! During certain parts of the Negative Tower, when the Negativity Bomb is about to explode
Nearing the Top...I Think... During later sections of the Negative Tower
The Great Tower of the Negative Nebula In later areas of the Negative Tower

Negative Subspace

Track Where it Plays
In the Negative Subspace During the Dragoon segment of the Negative Subspace

Eternal Nebula

Track Where it Plays
This Ends...NOW!! During Etihw's second phase

Demisen Towertop

Track Where it Plays


Track Where it Plays
Free Mode During the Free Mode's intro
Old Rivals During the Old Rivals mode
To Icaadan's Party! During the prologue
We Had Fun, Didn't We? During the epilogue
Remembering the Adventure During the credits
Through the Portal Any time you go through the portal to the Negative Nebula
What in Nova's Name is Going On?! During the cutscene of the forming of the Chaos Heart
White's Favorite Copy Ability During the new Hypernova segments, which allow White to inhale
Stat Trial During the Stat Trial minigame
Magne's Little Brother During battles with Alum
Waiting Room In the Tourney Waiting Room
Makarious' Forceful Battle During battles with Dr. Makarious
Giant Machine Monstrosity's Arrival During the battle with Aeshi Nero
Fight Against the Reborn Nemesis During the battle with Reborn Spectreas
All the Time in the World During Free Mode gameplay
The Negative Rival During battles with Negam
Simplistic Droids During battles with the Mini-Droids
The Doppelganger Lord's Return During cutscenes involving Shadoo
The Dizziness Sphere After using the Spinda Orb
Negative Speed During the Negative Speed minigame
Attacked by Your OLDER Sister During the battle against Possessed Beige
Catching the Dark Matter Express In most areas of the Dark Matter Express
Peaceful Travel During certain calm areas
Facing Flarus...Again During the battle with Flarus
Dragoon's First Flight During the first Dragoon segment in the game
March On Reluctantly TBA
The World's a Canvas TBA
Just Waiting Around TBA
Taking Us All Prisoner During the first in-game cutscene
The Rocket Base Inside the DMR's temporary Rocket Base
Mirror's Creation Black's theme, used in cutscenes involving him
The Psycho Jester's Rematch During the battle with Dimentus
Destroying the Chrono-Bot During the battle with the Chrono-Bot, piloted by Alum
The Droids' Simplistic Plans During cutscenes involving the Mini-Droids
The Mighty Brute During the battle with the Ender Brute
Jack's Metamorphosis During the scene of Jack changing from an angel into a ghost, or vice versa, via the Metamorph Orb
The Last Trip During the last trip through the Negative Portal
The Possessive Witch During the battle with Denos
Psychotic Little Girl During the battle with Possessed Val
The Black Cap During segments after putting on the Flight Cap
Weapon Sort During the Weapon Sort minigame
The Base's Slow Progression Inside the Negative Resistance base, with the different phases representing different forms of the base
The Boredom Caused By Waiting In the Online Waiting Room
Somehow Still Surviving After using the Savestate Orb
There’s So Many of Them… In the Random Brawl mode
Powerful as Rain During battles against Rayne
A Challenger Approaches…! During the Tourney mode
The Ultimate Trial During the Grandmaster Trial
The Reflective Lake TBA
The Pink Menace During battles against Pink
Testing Our Limits TBA
I Guess Slides Are Kinda Fun During most slide segments
Easy Flight TBA
Heheh...I'm Not Out Yet...!! TBA
Oi, You People Are Still Rather Annoying... During cutscenes involving Anacadi
Puzzles Are Hard... During most puzzle segments
These Guys Just Don't Quit! TBA
Keeping Close Watch During certain scouting sidequests
Simply Serene TBA
Using Ancient Methods...In Unorthodox Ways TBA
Today, We Realize Our Destinies...! TBA
Borderline Shifting During the Borderline Shifting minigame
Fresh New Allies When a character's stats are being explained upon being recruited
Going Recruiting In the Recruitment Centre
Finally, Victory is Ours! During winning results of the White vs. Black mode
A New Mentor During the tutorial segments
So Much For Calming Down...! TBA

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