The soundtrack for the Adventures of White. Remember when I said the game made a lot of references? Yeah. Almost all of the music is from other games, but most of the tracks are remixes.

Main Theme

The Adventures of White
The main theme of the game, which is used in some places

Sky City

The City in the Sky Night in the City The Family Business The Base
In most areas of Sky City In most areas of Sky City, after the sun has set In White's Weapon Shop In White's house, or any of the Dark Matter Resistance bases
White's Room In the Bazaar The Shrine Investigating the Museum
In White's bedroom In the Sky City Bazaar At the Jayrus Shrine In the Sky City Museum
Magne's Traps
In Magne's lair


The Village of Jeitia Getting a Drink
In most areas of Jeitia In the Flying Scribe Brewery

Grassy Plains

Through the Grassy Plains Dash Through Grass Sunset on the Hills
In most areas of the Grassy Plains In certain areas of the Grassy Plains In some areas of the Grassy Plains, as the sun begins to set

Trophian Sea

Traversing the Ocean Isle of Quartz Just Like Old Times
In the majority of the Trophian Sea On the futuristic Isle Rencavus During the Neo Hills section of the Trophian Islands

Fahr Taiga

Fun in the Snow Factory in the Distance
In most areas of the Fahr Taiga In the Fahr Factory

Hexic Desert

Feeling the Desert Heat The Oasis Pyramid Expert
In most areas of the Hexic Desert In the Oasis City, deep in the Hexic Desert In certain parts of the Hexic Pyramid

Garden in the Sky

Gusty Garden in the Skies Striking the Dark Airship Aboard the Dark Airship
In most areas of the Garden in the Sky During the Dragoon segment of the Garden in the Sky During the segment inside the Battleship Darkrazor

Tunnel Maze

So Many Tunnels!
In most areas of the Tunnel Maze

Subspace Mines

Taking Back the City Soaring Through Subspace
In most areas of the Subspace Mines During the Dragoon segment of the Subspace Mines

Goldacre Forest

The Silent Forest The Forest's Puzzles
In most areas of the Goldacre Forest During the later sections of the Goldacre Forest

Outer Limits

Alone in Space Spatial Exploration
At the beginning of the Outer Limits, when you have less than 3 characters with you In most areas of the Outer Limits

Mount Trevos

Scaling the Mountain Accompanying Travelers
During most areas of Mount Trevos During some sections of Mount Trevos, after being accompanied by Cleann and Zisel

Starlight Casino

Starlight Casino Starlight Lottery
In most areas of the Starlight Casino In the Starlight Lottery

Marshy Swamps

Currently Not Available
Sorry for the inconvenience. ;-;

Swyncoasy Raceway

Currently Not Available
Sorry for the inconvenience. ;-;

Frantic Dungeon

A Factorized Dungeon
In most areas of the Frantic Dungeon

Olden Clockworks

Stuck in the Clockworks Keep Up With the Beat!
In most areas of the Olden Clockworks During the beatblock section of the Olden Clockworks

Calyph Manor

Currently Not Available
Sorry for the inconvenience. ;-;


Magne's Mad! Facing Flarus The Spectral Nemesis The Great and Powerful Wiz
During most battles against Magne During the battles against Flarus During battles against Spectreas During the first phase of the battle against Wiz
The Great and Powerful White Freeze! The Doppelganger Lord's First Battle Crazy Undead Mummy King
During the second phase of the battle against Wiz During the battle against Canyglo During the first battle against Shadoo During the battle against the Mummy King
The Deserted Battle Avoiding the Dark Servant Making Chase! We're Losing Our Grip, Here!!!
During the first battle against Dimentus During battles against Slick During battles against the Mysterious Shadow Thief During the second "battle" against Dimentus
Against the Robodee Fighting Myself Dueling with the Psycho Jester
During the battle against the Robodee During battles against Black During most battles against Dimentus


Choose a Minigame! Space Shooters Mansion Snoop Bumper Racing
At the minigame selection screen During the Space Shooters minigame During the Mansion Snoop minigame During the Bumper Racing minigame
Time Race Base Defense Puzzle Cube
During the Time Race minigame During the Base Defense minigame During the Puzzle Cube minigame


The Invasion Training Room Explaining Things We're Being Ambushed!
During the DMA's ambush on Sky City In the Training Rooms of DMR bases During the tutorials During the Dark Matter infestation in the DMR base
Memories We've Still Got a Chance Hurry, Or They'll Catch Us! The Pit
During the White's Memory cutscenes After the Warp Star Whistle has been used During chase scenes in boss battles In the Pit of 100 Trials
Shadoo's Plans This Is Getting Intense!!! After Him! As Close to Hell as You Get
During the Shadoo's Plots cutscenes During most enemy horde battles During certain chase scenes, where the enemy is being chased by you In the Soviet Nether
It's Over...It's Done...
During the credits of the game

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