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You've Received:
Heartbeat, Heartbreak
from Persona 4
Heartbeat, Heartbreak

Element Noise
Weapon None
Age 27 (Appearance)
True age unknown
Birthday October 21 (According to him)
Gender Male
Species Deity (form of Popopo)
Home Reaper's City
Affiliation Underworld
Aliases God of Imagination
God of Noise
God of Memes
Debut Legends of Sky City

Tempo, on the Reaper's City

Tempo is one of Zolara's minor deities (though clearly the most important, according to himself), residing over imagination and committing himself to its enhancement. He does this in the Reaper's City, which he runs under the direction of Cantor. He is also the founder and leader of R.I.F.T., the group responsible for tracking down and isolating Reverberations.


Tempo has a mess of long brown hair, along with a dark gray body and black feet. He wears a pair of black and red headphones at all times. A pair of small "skeletal" white wings, seemingly made from energy, sprout from his back when needed.


Being a Noise elemental, Tempo possesses the ability to summon his chaotic sound-based monsters into existence. He also has some minor influence over the Death element due to his association with Cantor, though it has no combat applications.


Unlike some minor gods, who are mortals granted immortality for performing some mighty favor for a major god, Tempo has been around since the very beginning; he's just gotten an unlucky hand with his popularity, is all! To make up for this, he vowed that he would boost his popularity however possible, which is how his loud and over-the-top personality came to be.

Early on his career, he rented a plot of land in the Underworld from Cantor in order to create the perfect place to do his job as God of Imagination - his Reaper's City, a convergence of every thought and every invention. The ultimate city when it comes to innovation, and it existed only to create the minds who would innovate even further.

During the War of Foundation, Tempo met the Sky City Guard with hopes of going down in legend as the guy who helped those guys do that thing. He made a wager with them - beat his game in Reaper's City, and he would provide them with his rough estimates of the locations of the Crystal Artifacts - information which he'd been following with interest since they were initially scattered. The Sky City Guard quickly won, and his information ended up shortening the war drastically, but he did not receive the fame that he desired.

Shortly after the events of The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula, Tempo brainstormed an idea - an "open house," during which influential mortals from the world above and fellow gods get to experience the Reaper's City at its finest. With Trogyl threatening to awake after the recent attacks on Sky City, however, the reputation of his city was being put on the line by the influx of Reverberations and the destructive Phobias that emerged from within.

Tempo quickly assembled a small group of Parody-users, headed by his bodyguard Cadence, to exterminate the Phobias. Being the nerd he is, he named it R.I.F.T. - or, the Reverb Isolation Field Team.


If people were to pick one word to describe Tempo, it would usually be "loud." Tempo's vocal presence is overwhelming, and filled with slang and even some foul language. He tackles his job as God of Imagination with gusto.


The Spotlight Seeker, Tempo!
During most battles with Tempo
Main series
P2IS Battle Theme
(Original Track Location)

All Channels Open
During most battles with Tempo
Parodiam series
Transformation -Dual Mix-
(Original Track Location)

Relationships with Other Characters


Cadence regards her boss' shenanigans and excitable nature with the closest thing she could get to annoyance; she considers it inefficient and time-consuming. She often finds him far too talkative, but nonetheless acknowledges and respects his power as God of Imagination.


Tempo is head-over-heels in love with Regma, and makes his feelings very obvious to her. Regma, regrettably, doesn't really care at all for Tempo, aside from seeing him as a "boss" of sorts.


Cantor finds Tempo's "HELLA IMAGINATION EXPERIMENTS" to be more akin to shenanigans than anything else, but nonetheless finds them of interest. He checks on him regularly, if only to make sure he hasn't blown himself up.


Tempo severely dislikes Tempora, believes that the Goddess of Time is ripping off his style due to having a similar name, and frequently states that he is not only older by a fraction of a second, but that he is also much cooler than her. She often attempts to remind him that she is the being with dominion over time, and thus should be older than Tempo, but he always refutes by saying mortals couldn't even realize the concept of time without imagination.



  • Tempo is based off of multiple characters from The World Ends With You, including:
  • Tempo's birthday, October 21st, is a reference to the novel Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, which jokingly states that the world "was created on Sunday the 21st of October, 4004 B.C., at exactly 9:00 A.M., because God liked to get work done early in the morning while he was feeling fresh."
    • It's funny because Tempo is among the oldest deities in Zolara, despite being the least well-known.
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