The Adventures of White: Paper Panic (abbriviated as AoW:PP, ホワイトの冒険:ペーパーパニックin Japan, De avonturen van White: Paper Paniek in Dutch) is an AoW game developed by Endgame Enterprises and published by Zentech Studios. In this game, White and the other popopos in Zolara, turn into thin paper forms of themselves.


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The gameplay is like a turn based game, where you take turns attacking. However, it acts like Super Smash Bros. Brawl a bit. Each character goes through an area in Zolara, with the partner of the player's choice following them like in the Mario and Luigi games.

Playable Characters

The character selection is listed in alphabetical order, while the following sub page below doesn't. All the playable characters appear on the following link. All characters have special attacks with the fourth one being the strongest. Characters with the asterisk beside their names are optional unlockable characters.

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The following link shows you all the weapons in the game, showing the user and what it does. Some attacks and special attacks shows the character hitting the foes with it.

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Enemies are hostile characters that attack during the game's events. If you were to touch them, a turn based battle commences. Each enemies have a unique attack pattern and have weaknesses like the playable characters. Enemies aren't that strong at the start of the game, so don't worry about it. Click here.


Bosses are stronger versions of the enemies in the game, while the final boss is the strongest, not counting the optional ones. Bosses have phases and different attack patterns, while some are just regular. Some bosses have weapon(s) (like Magne for example, has Energy Discs) too.

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Some of the soundtrack of the game come from many video games (mostly Kirby games and Megaman games), while some are made up ones from other people (mostly YouTubers).

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Some events appear randomly on the title screen, which some are required to get special items or secret characters. Some of the finished events from a year come back next year. Some battles in events only allow one character to fight a pack of enemies.

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