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I didn’t expect this to happen…

…yet it did happen…

…could this be a dream…no…I’m currently pinching myself and it appears that I haven’t woken up…

…guess that cliché is a hoax…

…or maybe I’m in horridly deep sleep…

…no, it can’t be, but besides the point…

…I never knew my pals and I would be…who we are…


…it was as if we were pitiful pygmy caterpillars at first…

…easily crushed and looked down upon by everybody…

...and all we could do was to eat the leaves...

…that made us have that feeling that…

…we were nothing…

…that was our purpose…

…ingesting the fact we were nil…

…then by fate we were trapped inside a cocoon of a mix of hardships and discoveries…

…which hardened and formed more discoveries and hardships…

…until we broke out…

…the result…

…my friends and I became wondrous butterflies, who pose by many as beautiful and worthy…

…we weren’t crushed or looked down upon anymore…

…we soared away from those things, and instead we were sky high into adventure…

…we were free…

…this is our story.

Chapter One

It was a typical day in Dreamland. Typical summer weather, typical things people do, and typical…er…everything. It was an ordinary and uninteresting day indeed. No new things that happened. And to be honest, it has ALWAYS been like this ever since Kirby and co. have saved Dreamland from Queen Sectonia and Magolor. I’m not saying that I detest their efforts (quite the opposite really), but the people here really need to do something new for once. But besides the point, it was also quite happy and peaceful on that day…

…then there was me.

I was sitting on a wooden splintery bench by a water fountain and a couple of deciduous trees. Everywhere I looked I can see children with their parents, a couple of people the same age as me playing some sports, all that shenanigans. Finally out of boredom I lifted myself off the bench with my stubby Kirby “hands” and stood on my stubby Kirby “feet”, and before I knew it, my legs were walking me back to my house, probably a reflex or something since my mind didn’t think of going back home.

Speaking of which, have I told you about my house? Obviously not. Well, my house isn’t as promising as you think, in fact, it’s quite abandoned really, I decided to move in myself since it’s the only one I could find unless I find an already owned house and beg the owners for me to come in and stay in there (which of course will not happen since I do not have the money to pay for rent).

Did I also mention I am an orphan boy? Man, I should explain everything at the start first. But yeah, I have never seen my parents, and if I did, I couldn’t remember what they looked like. As soon as I was alone, I was suggested to be put into an orphanage, and so I was.

Of course, I didn’t want to be in one. Lucky for me, I shrewdly departed from the so- called orphanages and looked for any house to be in, and so I found this.

Well anyway now you know a little bit of me. Time for the actual story.

The Next Morning

I was running, no, sprinting to my school (They apparently allow orphans in, which is a plus) and as soon as I barged through the doors, I immediately headed to my new science class (whoopee *sarcasm*). I was also greeted by a couple of people who knew me for my knowledge and kindness (No bragging rights intended).

It was a new school year and I was pepped up for any contemporary things happening. As the whole class entered and lined up, our science teacher had the guts to show herself to the class.

“Good morning class. As you already know I am your science teacher Mrs. Palsa!” said the teacher.

(Not necessarily a unique name but okay.)

“Before we could start, I’ll take the attendance and arrange the seating plan!” said Mrs. Palsa.

I heard a mix of voices, some complaining that they won’t sit with their buddies while others say that by Nova (who I don’t worship since he’s just a wish granting clock) they will sit by their best friends. I didn’t mind really, since I don’t really consider everyone as friends, just people I talk to.

Mrs. Palsa then took out a folder and began calling names out loud. After a couple of names were said…

“Blake Remington?” asked the teacher.

“Present” I replied.

(Yep, now you know my name)

After yet calling another row of names, the teacher finally said the last one.

“Kim Solstice?” asked Mrs. Palsa.

Then, one of the students who was purple in color raised her hand and said in a rather high pitch voice and in a cheerful manner: “Here”.

“Excellent, a full attendance, now to arrange the seating plan, first off…” said the teacher after she sent a runner off to bring the folder to the office.

“Now let’s see…um… Blake?” asked Mrs. Palsa.

“Yes?” I replied.

“You can sit over there at the front” she pointed, and thus I went there.

“And beside you will be…Kim!”

“Ooh!” Kim said in a happy tone and began walking to the desk beside me. While the teacher was announcing what we’re going to do this semester, Kim decided to speak to me.

“Hi” she said.

“Hello” I replied.

“So…what’s up?”

“Gas prices”

Kim then giggled a bit, I laughed along with her.

“Hehe, you’re funny” she said

“To look at?”

She giggled again, and I laughed along. After we calmed down, we resumed to talk.

“So you’re Blake right?”

“Yes that’s my name all right”

“I like it, it suits you”

“Oh really? Thank you! I also like your name too…Kim”

“Oh t-t-thank you t-too”

“You’re welcome”

“Hehe, you’re nice”

“Why thank you”

She smiled.

“We should probably talk more often”

“Yes we should”

“Yeah, we can be great friends!”


“But now let’s focus on this class…maybe we can be partners or something”

“Right, and yes I would like to be your partner I suppose”


“You’re absolutely welcome”

Then, we started to focus on science.

Chapter Two

Few years have passed by, and Delta and I have been growing our friendship together to the point we were best friends. From that point on, I was the only person she would hang out with, and of course she was the only person I can hang out with.

When I turned sixteen, I felt that feeling of boredom since everything is just routine. I mean, get up, go to school, learn, go home, do recreational activities at home, sleep, rinse ‘n’ repeat. It’s pretty much a never ending cycle. And so, I came up with an idea…

…why not explore around the outskirts of Dreamland for once?

And so I did.

Later In the Afternoon

This is quite a hike, I thought.

I was going over a little river, its waves of water greeting my feet as I surpass towards the other side with each step. I can feel my sore feet collide with rugged pebbles under my foot, the heat from the sun drenching me of water and sweat flowing down my face. Any moment now, I could use a bottle of water, but of course no one was around, and I was idiotic enough to not carry one myself.

Just as I was going to return home, I saw something interesting at the corner of my eye. It was a rather dilapidated appearing cave inside a mountain, with foliage hanging over the top of the entrance, but the true thing that caught my eye was the fact…there was a dim blue light inside it. With curiosity eating at me, I decided to enter it, and I prayed that nothing would jump me and incapacitate me whilst being inside.

As I slowly went towards inside the cave, the sunlight behind me slowly faded way like mist in the morning. Speaking of mist, there apparently WAS mist as I proceeded inside the cave. The cave became darker and darker, and all I could hear was dreaded ambiance. Then, I was nearly meters to the light source. I mix of excitement, worry and anticipation were blending within me, and I could almost not contain it anymore.

After a few more steps, there it was in all its glory…

…and what I saw surprised me.

The light source was apparently two glowing blue swords, both lying on the ground softly, as if they were there for centuries. At this point I wanted to immediately walk up to it and hold it for inspection, but it took a fair quantum of reluctance for me to finally have the guts to do so.

Such an eccentric and interesting pair of weapons, I thought, maybe I should research on these things, if I would just pick it up—

But as soon as my hands were in contact with the sword handles, something odd happened.

From the blades of the bright blue glowing swords emitted a blue aura, which then wrapped around me as if a snake did so. It then expanded and “entered” my body, giving me an electric and overwhelming sensation. My vision was momentarily enhanced, and I could see things in a brighter blue light zoomed out surrounding.

Then, it all returned to normal, as if nothing happened. I could hear my heavy breathing, coupled with the sound of my heartbeat, as loud as a Taiko drum with every thud.

Then, dead silence afterwards.

I barely budged…after what just happened, it had the same effect of a normal jump-scare, and of course, I wouldn’t just proceed what I was previously doing as if it went out as normal, but then again, I’ve conquered enough pop-ups to the point I don’t cry or urinate myself.

But anyways, I was able to move again, and I walked outside dazed like a zombie. My eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight, and my mind was flooded with stashes of questions, thoughts and concerns. Then I realized that I had the swords in my hands, and strangely enough they didn’t glow anymore…huh.

Back Home

I immediately headed back to my usual house. I have actually beefed up the house rather significantly, making it nicer and adding some technology. Some I made myself while others I bought with money via errands and all.

As I walked up to my bedroom, all I could think of is inspecting and analyzing these two blades. I studied the appearance, sturdiness and design. It looked as if it was made a century ago, but at the same time it looks rather sturdy, clean and durable for such outdated looking weaponry. I guess it preserved itself or something. Whatever the case may be, it was quite interesting.

There were two options I could have done with these swords; one of them was selling it to a nearby pawn shop, then maybe I could earn lots of money, but then I changed my mind, because…well; pawn shop owners want a cheap deal.

Then came my second thought…actually USE the weapon for what it is for.


And as my first target…a little lamp stand that I have at the corner of my bedroom.

With the blades grasped tightly in each of my hands, the feeling of exhilaration coursed through my veins. As a usual person would do, I was primed to swing the sword and slice the lamp. But in a split second, the swords lit up in its signature blue aura, and then to my revelation, a wave of fire emitted out of the swords, headed towards the lamp and completely incinerated it without causing any more fire spreads.

I cringed.


I swung it again, this time at a table, and out went wind blast, which pushed the table towards the wall, fracturing and shattering it with force.

My thoughts were confirmed…I should have noticed it all along…

These swords hold supernatural powers.

Then I changed from shock to excitement. I could use it for defense or maybe… help people from danger with it. I know, not necessarily an original idea, but hey the world does need help, but that’s an overstatement, I can’t just protect the world at a snap even with these powerful blades, of course.

Following the said idea, I was wondering what I should look like as a hero. I didn’t want to be a stereotypical one with his underwear out of his/her pants with a cape. I was thinking if I could conceal my identity, which again isn’t original but I prefer that than the former.

Later That Evening

Yep, the sound of welding, forging, and engineering simultaneously rings in my ears.

After what felt like ages, I finally created my gear. I made a dual X-shaped sheath (which I designed for it to be worn at the back) to place my swords in if I don’t use them. Then my signature mask, which was made out of standard steel. It looks somewhat like Meta Knight’s mask, though with a different slit visor as well as the design of the mask itself. It’s quite hard to explain so apologies if I can’t do so.

After I donned the mask and equipped the sheaths, I ran out of the door and began my hero work.

Little did I know what was in store for me.

Chapter Three

I was walking along a soil road surround by an open plain with a couple trees and shrubs. As I look around it seemed that no one was near my immediate vicinity. Then strangely enough I was clumsy enough to trip and roll down a hill. Thank goodness I didn’t break my neck…wait, what neck?

As I slowly rose up to do a full 360 degree sweep, I spotted a couple beings heading my way. I looked closer, and then I finally knew what they were….NZs, Waddle Dees/Doos

Aw great, I thought.

As I continued to inspect them, one of them attempted to charge at me. I immediately did what my reflexes would have done; slash it. And so I did, and just like that the NZ disappeared. A couple of Waddle Dees then followed after that one, and I slashed them, one after the other, but I still had no time to celebrate.

An entire horde of NZ’s and Wild Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos surround me like a circular wall closing in on an insect.

Just when I thought it was over.

Then, I did another tactic; ranged attacks. I unleashed a couple fire waves, plasma beams, electric orbs and wind blasts at the ever-closing in enemies. But it wasn’t over yet, since ANOTHER armada of NZs and Waddles went after me, and all I could do was fight with a mix of close/far ranged attacks. Then I felt something bite me at the back; an arrow from an archer Waddle Dee.

I tumbled from the recoiled, and I crashed into a boulder, my back against it. My vision blurred a bit, then fixed itself, only for me to see the band of NZs and Waddle Dees/Doos marching straight for me, ready for the last strike. I felt like this was it, I was hopeless to stop the fact that I would die.

Yes, I’m pretty sure I am going to die….

…I was wrong.

Before I knew it, a somewhat purple blur zoomed right around them, eviscerating every enemy in front of my own eyes. I was dumbfounded. What just happened?! At the point of my imminent death, something or…someone ended all of my adversaries in a blink of an eye. But WHO did it?

Then the answer came to me.

The blur stopped immediately in front of me. All I could see was a dark purple silhouette, with pink glowing eyes staring into my own. I was afraid it would kill me last, so I backed away more at the boulder. My vision cleared up again, and I saw the being it all its glory.

It was purple, red, blue, and cyan in color. It had a mask similar to mine, but with a different visor. It also had shoulder guards, boots, and gloves similar to mine as well, heck even the blades, which looked more like Katanas, but they glowed like mine, this time the Katanas were pink, not blue.

Then the being held its hand out towards me and said in a feminine voice…


I froze.

Suddenly, the being took off her (?) mask slowly and put it by her (?) side. What I saw startled me even more.

She had glowing pretty pink eyes, with eyelashes, one beside each eye, and she also had purple skin complimenting her said eyes. She looked familiar…

Then it hit me.

The being was no one other than…


My jawed almost dislocated off my face. The one who saved me from my brink of execution was no one but my best friend and classmate.

After a long awkward period of silence, I uttered her name.


She replied…


I was shocked. She already knew who I was deep inside the mask (the voice probably gave it away)

After yet another seemingly long pause, the both of us screamed and ran to each other.



We both then embraced each other in a loving friendly tight hug. We were like that for what felt like 5+ minutes. Kim then began to cry out of happiness.

“I missed you so much Blake! I was worried sick about you! I thought you were gone!!!”

She sobbed a bit, her tears trickling down her checks like a stream of water. I close my eyes and hugged her tightly.

“Don’t worry Kim, I’m here right now, I won’t leave you.”


After the hug, we had a conversation. It was about if the both of us could be partners and do the usual heroic obligations together. Of course, we agreed together. I then asked Kim how she was like how I am. Apparently she found her weapons in a rather stony temple full of moss and fungi. She claimed it was lying on the ground, and she pretty much had the same things as me; overwhelming aura, goes home to make armor, etc.

After the talk, we finally put our partnership into action.

Chapter Four

“What have you planned this time, Alex?” my girlfriend, Denice, asked in a rather impatient tone.

“It’s just a little walk, that’s all. A few steps won’t kill you.” I replied.

“I never said it would, but fine, whatever you say.”

Ah, nothing beats the cool breeze of a summer morning. Wonderful scenery, chattering people and animals alike, and the fact I am taking a stroll to sightsee with my GF is quite a nice thing to do.

Oh right, I haven’t introduced myself to you yet, and yes, I am breaking the fourth wall—er, screen or…paper, bleh, whatever. Anyway my name is Alex Yukon, and I am a typical teenage (17 year old to be precise) puffball with a fair social life. Oh yeah, the one I mentioned who was walking adjacent to me is Denice Meridian, who, like I said before, is my girlfriend.

She and I have known each other since we were little children. In fact, we lived as neighbors. Ever since we first met each other, we started to have a little friendship, which then grew to a relationship. But of course, it wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for the bickering, quarreling, and overall vehement fights. In the end, however, it was all worth it. Although we still fight, we love each other, and that’s all that matters…I think.

I guess that’s pretty much all I can say about my info, so now let’s resume this story.

Where was I—oh right. Well, Denice and I were taking a stroll around Dreamland as any couple would, albeit there wasn’t really any true purpose why we would stroll around (burning fat maybe?). It was quite nice, stoic and all. Unfortunately, it was slowly getting…uninteresting.

Thankfully, something interesting, yet tragic, happened before my mind withered away from the boredom, and I’m sure that Denice felt like that too.

Out of nowhere, civilians were fleeing and screaming. Then, explosions, fire, crumbling buildings, shots, and all sorts of things that you would expect in a climactic scene from an action movie.

“Huh?! W-what’s going on? What’s happening?!” Denice asked frantically.

“Not sure, but come on, let’s follow them before anything happens to us” I said it a calm tone, while grasping Denice’s hand gently.

“R-right, okay.”

I headed off to where the other people were, when suddenly an entity of sorts jumped out at us and got in the way. Denice screamed from the surprise, I just cringed. The entity was in a shape of a puffball, with red eyes and having a shadowy appearance. It formed a shadowy flail arm and was preparing to whack us, but one of the Dreamland police officials shot it with a energy rifle, disintegrating the entity.

“Hurry, evacuate now people!!” yelled the official towards us.

Denice and I immediately did, and we were near the exit of Dreamland, when suddenly I halted.

“Wha- hey Alex, what are you doing?! Come on, we have to go!” Denice screamed.

“No, wait.” I replied as I slowly turned to the partially ruined town.

“What do you mean “No”?! Do you want to die, because I am sure as heck don’t want to die!”

I looked at the damaged place. Everywhere I saw people fleeing, buildings leveled, and shadowy beings doing all of this. It gave me a one reaction…


“Well Alex?!—“

“I am not leaving”


I turned to her.

“We won’t leave.”

“…but, why?”

“See this place, everywhere I see is destruction and murder, and how come I couldn’t do anything to save it?”


“First of all, I do not have a clue who the hell these charcoal guys are, and second, if my place was being destroyed by some random burnt pieces of wood, wouldn’t you be pissed and be vengeful to reclaim you land? Because right now I sure am!”

“…right.” She replied in a more confident.

“So, are you with me?”


“Then let’s go kick some charcoal butts and take our town back!”


“Now all we need, is some sort of weapon to hold them off” I said while searching.

“Hey, that looks promising” Denice pointed.

I turned to where she was pointing at, which apparently was the Dreamland Ancient Planetary Museum. Thank goodness no shadow being was in the immediate vicinity.

“Alright, that should do, let’s hope there actually IS a weapon we can use” I said prior to the both of us running and entering inside the museum.

“I’m sure there is. Most ancient supernatural weapons are found and contained in museums” Denice replied.

“Not always. In fact, I highly doubt there will be at least one weapon—“

I immediately halted, because what I saw in front of me made me have that feeling of irony.

In front of me were two (…yes…) glowing weapons. One of them was glowing green in color, and it looked like a glaive. The other was glowing purple in color, and looked like a yari. Both weapons were in glass containers, with signs below it that say: “Ancient supernatural Yari and Glaive. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH UNLESS FOR DEFENSIVE PURPOSES”.

The former looked more appealing to me, so Denice and I made a bet.

“Alright, who is going to get which?” asked Denice.

“To be honest I like the green one since it, well… I just like the appearance. Plus it’s supernatural”.

“They both are idiot, and yes the glaive suits you more. Besides, I like the Yari, especially the color.”


“But the thing is how can we break the glass and retrieve the weapons without any shards hurting us?”—

Before she knew it, I swipe kicked the glass barriers, shattering it without any glass piercing me.

“You were saying?”

“That works too, now come on, we have a town to save!”


We walked out with our signature weapons, and we were ready for action.

“Like I said, time to put our Martial Arts skills to the test” I said.


And thus we approached the swarming shadow army and began to eradicate every one of them.

“Hey Alex, watch this!!” Denice said, before he burned a wave of shadows via making her yari spew lava and magma.

“Not bad” I said, before I electrocuted and acidified a group of shadows.

“You too” Denice replied. Then we resumed attacking.

After what felt like an eon, two more people helped us obliterate these shadows, but they weren’t just normal police men. These guys had masks and dual glowing weapons.

“WOAH, w-who are you guys?!” I asked shocked.

“Apologies for that, the name’s Kim Solstice” the purple puffball replied.

“And I am Blake Remington” replied the blue puffball.

“Blake Remington? Wow you’re the smart kid!” Denice exclaimed ecstatically.

“Yeah, heheh. Anyway, come on, we’ll introduce each other more later, let’s fend these beings off!” yelled Blake.

“YEAH!” we all shouted in unison.

Few Hours Later

“We finally did it Blake!” Kim said cheerfully.

“Yeah, we did” I replied.

With the aid of the police of course, we successfully defeated the unknown shadow entities and saved Dreamland. It took a while, and obviously we have lots of reconstructing to do, but hey, I guess that was fun.

“So…about that…introducing.” Alex said.


After we explained how we got our stuff. We decided to work together as a team and choose our codenames and our overall team names.

“So, what do you want to call yourself Denice, Alex and Kim?” I asked.

“Well, I was wondering if we could do Greek alphabet names since I think it sounds nice” Kim said.

“Yeah I guess it does” Denice agreed, “SO, I guess I will be called…Zeta, since, well, it sounds badass”.

“I’ll be called Gamma, since I am going to radiate my enemies once I’m through with them” Alex said confidently.

“Oh, I see what you did there, heheh” I replied.

“I’ll be, um….Delta, since I think it suits me” Kim said.

“And since I will be the leader, I’ll be Alpha” I replied. (Yes I know, they agreed for me to lead the group, which I think I’m fine with)

“Then, what shall our group name be?” asked Kim.

“Um….Puffball Tetrad?” Denice suggested.

“Nah, that sounds uninteresting. How about, Valiant fighters” Alex replied.

“Well that sounds uninteresting too Alex” Kim said.

“Only a suggestion, unless you have something better-“

“The Epsilon Quartet”

Everyone looked at me.

“Hm, that actually sounds…unique and cool at the same time” Denice said.

“Same” Kim agreed.

“Meh, I guess that does sound catchy” Alex concurred.

“Then it’s settled. We shall be known as…” I replied.

“THE EPSILON QUARTET” We all said in unison.

And thus the Epsilon Quartet was born.

Chapter 5

Months After the Dreamland Invasion Incident

My colleagues and I were having a simple walk around the outskirts of Dreamland. The breeze was mild, temperature cool, and the sights astounding. Of course there is always a point where we reach the apex of our boredom.

“Ugh, when are we going back?” Gamma asked impatiently.

“Yeah my feet hurt from all that walking…” Zeta said groggily.

“Now I guess. I’m also tired as well anyway” I confirmed.

“Yay” Delta said in an enthusiastic yet tired tone.

We then began to turn back to the direction of where Dreamland is, until suddenly a dark smoke circled around us like someone who fanned a flame into an infernal ring. Our team immediately prepared our weapons and entered our defensive stances, ready for anything primed to strike us.

“Aw what now?!” Gamma said in an annoyed tone.

The smoke then grouped together in front of us, and then it began forming legs and arms like a puffball. Two blood red eyes in a frowning expression appeared and started gazing at us as if it was individually staring into our souls.

That was all that the shadow puffball entity did…


“Hello. Um, do you need something?” Delta asked.

The being didn’t comply.

“Who are you?” Delta asked.

Still no reply.

“Look pal, it’s either you give us the answer or you get out of our way, so which one will it be?!” Gamma said in his usually impatient tone.

The being still didn’t say anything.

It just kept…gazing at us.

Then in a blink of an eye, the being darted towards Delta and slashed her, sending her far back. Upon realizing that the entity was hostile, Zeta immediately retaliated by trying to stab the entity with her Yari. Unfortunately, the entity grabbed the yari in time and swung it around along with Zeta. Then it released both the yari and Zeta, sending them towards a tree and crashing into it.

“Why you little—“ Gamma said infuriatingly, prior to emitting a plasma wave towards the entity with his glaive. The entity fought back by upper-cutting Gamma, who was sent high into the sky, then back down.

The being then attempted to shoot a dark shadow orb at me, but I rolled out of the way. It formed arm blades afterwards, and before I knew it, we both clashed our blades, and thus we kept slashing at each other with an endless barrage of slices and stabs.

After a while, the being grabbed me by the throat, and began what felt like absorbing my energy. I couldn’t get out of it, and all the while I felt like I was slowly being drained of my life. Then, the entity slammed me hard into the ground…

…and thus I was knocked out.


I weakly opened my eyes, which slowly adjusted to the sunlight and environment. I was surprised that the entity spared us. I looked around, then I looked up, only to see my crew looking at me.

“Need a hand?” Delta said, extending her hand at me. Upon doing so, I grabbed it and I lifted myself up.

“Delta…you guys” I said, “thank goodness you’re okay”

“Don’t worry, we will always be okay” Zeta replied confidently.

“Yeah…right” Gamma said.

“But…what on Pop Star was that…thing? And, why did it attack us?” Delta asked.

“I’m not sure, but whatever it was, it didn’t kill us” I replied.

“Yeah, I’m surprised it let us live” Zeta said.

“Well either way, I will teach that charcoal puffball what happens when he messes with me- I mean… us.” Gamma replied.

“Easy Gamma. Now, I guess we should take a break for now, we all are injured after all” I said.

“Right, we should head back now before more things attack us” Delta concurred.

The four of us then headed back to Dreamland. I was glad we didn’t die in the hands of that being…

…but something tells me that this will be the only time we will face it…

After all, it might try to kill us next time…

…or worse.

Chapter 6

“Ugh, I’m booooooooored” Gamma said yet in his impatient attitude.

“Aren’t you always tired?” Zeta asked.


“Well SUCK IT UP!”


“Alright guys enough.” I said, cutting them off.

After a brief amount of hesitation, they stopped quarreling.

Our team was walking around a hill, bored really. I decided we would just stroll around to refresh our minds from all these obligations. Also, we were waiting for some people to visit us…

“Since when will they be here?” Zeta sighed.

“Hm?” I asked.

“I mean the three ‘Pop Star Heroes’ everyone’s been talking about.”

“Speaking of which, who are these ‘Pop Star Heroes’?” Delta questioned.

“Well, apparently they have done quite more than we have… one of them has a mask, and a sword by the name of “Galaxia”, and bat-like wings…” Gamma said.

“Ooh that’s cool!” Delta exclaimed.

“Another one of them is pink in color, he loves to suck up and eat anything…including people.”

We fell silent.

Gamma continued.

“The last member is green in color, and has a red gem on his forehead. It does nothing practical, just a decoration. Oh and he has a rainbow sword…”


“Heh, today is a nice day out, huh? Pretty good weather and all!” I, Terra, remarked.

“Hmph, I just hope you continue to stay alert.” Meta Knight replied solemnly.

“Aw Meta, can you lighten up? It’s been pretty lax for a while now, so there’s no reason to fuss!”

“Hey, you’re finally relaxing yourself for once!” Kirby replied to me, happily.

“…Well, I sometimes relax.”

“At least you’re relaxing for once…I’m happy.”

“When are you not happy, exactly? I want to know.”

“Now now, you two. Just because it has been peaceful doesn’t mean we cannot be prepared…” Meta Knight warned.

“You say that as if you haven’t seen us still training with each other, we’re ready for anything!” I replied.

With the Quartet

The Quartet and I were walking around the corner, looking for anything suspicious, when suddenly…

“Hey guys, do you see those? Over there!” Delta pointed.

We looked towards there Delta was pointing at.

“Oh, I see them too” I replied.

“Yeah it looks like…three people, one of them is pink, the other is dark blue, and the last one is green.”

After a moment’s thought… I replied again.

“Wait, aren’t those the—“

Delta and I looked at each other.

“Well what are we waiting for?! C’mon, let’s meet them!” Zeta exclaimed.

“You’re right, let’s go Quartet!” I ordered.

With the Trio

Meta Knight kept scanning the area in a 360-degree sweep, until he spotted four beings coming at us at a walking pace. They also seem to be our species, and they apparently have glowing weapons and eyes, as well as masks like Meta Knight’s.

Upon spotting them, Meta Knight moved his hand towards his Galaxia, which was tucked in his sheath.

“Seems…we have some company…” Meta Knight uttered.

“Company?! Friend? Foe?” I asked.

Meta Knight gripped the hilt of Galaxia.

“I’m… not certain”

“Hmph. If that’s the case…”, I summoned my Rainbow Sword, “I’m ready for a fight…”

“We’ll fight them!” Kirby said rather cheerfully.

“…You don’t even flinch in the face of possible danger do you…?” I asked at Kirby.

With the Quartet

“Um…Alpha?” Delta asked.

“I know” I replied.

“Shouldn’t we pull out our weapons in defense?”

“I’m not sure; maybe they’ll take it the wrong way”

“Well I’m getting irritated with all this boredom!” an annoyed (and annoying) Gamma yelled, pulling out his signature Glaive staff.

“Same here!” Zeta said, pulling out her Yari spear.

“Woah guys, I don’t think that’s recommended!” I blurted out.

“Why not?! It’s either them or us!” Gamma snapped back.

“I hate to say this…but he has a point” Delta concurred.

“...Alright” I concluded. And with that, Delta pulled out her Katanas of Salvation, and I pulled out my Swords of Redemption.

  • * *

“They reveal their weapons…” Meta Knight said, prior to pulling out his Galaxia, “..then we shall show them all of ours.”

Kirby went into his fight-ready stance, and soon I was in my defensive stance.

“I’m ready” I said rather confidently.

  • * *

As we steadily paces closer and closer to the trio, my heart was pumping faster and faster, perturbed if they were going to strike us…

I almost couldn’t bear the anxiousness.

In one quick motion, the masked puffball aimed the tip of his sword at us, saying: “Are you here to fight us?”

I am the leader, I should obviously speak up first, I thought.

“…no,” I replied, lifting my swords up to my face in defense, “unless you are.”

“Heh, if you say so Meta” the green puffball replied, lowering what appears to be a rainbow sword.


“We’re actually here to see you” I replied again.

“Hm hm… I more than understand, after all, Terra showed his weapon first.” Meta said, looking at the green puffball.


“Don’t say it like that” Terra retaliated.

“You still have no patience.”

“Well if I remember correctly, and if my eyes weren’t tricking me sir…” Gamma walked closer to the trio, “YOU pulled out your weapon first META!”

Meta paused, and then spoke up again. “Yes, I did so in response to your own weapons—“


Zeta elbowed Gamma’s side.

“Hey!” Gamma barked.

“Shut up!” Zeta backfired.

And so Gamma did.

“Let’s not jump into conclusions” Meta said, “As I asked, what brings you four here?”

“Well, we actually heard of you guys via other people, so we thought of meeting you guys. But, we didn’t know where you were…until now” I replied.

“Y-you did?” the pink puffball said, blushing, “I d-didn’t know we were well-known anywhere else!”

“I must admit, that sounds rather false” said Meta towards my reply, “but for now I shall believe it to be true.”

“Oh please, sir, it is true” I exclaimed.

“Yes it is!” Delta agreed.

“Hey! You heard him, he said he’ll believe it.” Terra uttered, then he looked at Meta for a brief moment, and then back at us, “and if he believes you all, then I do too.”

“Well, I believe you no matter what!” the pink puff said rather cheerfully.

Terra sighed, “I could make you believe that bacon comes from the sky, Kirby” Terra said to the pink puff.


“Wait…you mean it doesn’t?” Kirby asked puzzled.

Terra face-palmed.

“Anyhow… I think you caught my name already, but the name’s Terra” he hesitantly stepped forward and held out his hand, “It’s a pleasure to meet you four.”

I walked up and shook his hand, “Well Terra, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

In a blink of an eye, Kirby climbed up on Terra, draping himself over him, “The name’s Kirby!!”

“Agh, great…! Could you…please get off me?” Terra sighed.

“Hehe, it’s nice to meet you too Kirby” I replied.

“Alright come here you--” Terra grabbed Kirby and tossed him gently to the side, “I told you to get off of me” he grinned.

Meta sighed, “I can’t understand how you two relate so much when you do such things to each other.”

“Aw don’t worry about it. We’re still close as brothers, right Kirby?”

“Yeah!” Kirby said, getting up, “But I’ll get you back for that one!”

“Hm, I never knew that Terra and Kirby were considered ‘brothers’” I spoke.

“Hmph, they have no blood ties, but yes, they do act plenty as such” Meta replied.

“Yeah I knew they weren’t biologically siblings, just their behavior with each other.”

Meta sighed, “I have reason for my overprotective nature for them. After all, they have been under my wing since cr—“Meta stopped himself, and hesitated before continuing, “…birth.”

“…Were you about to say…’creation’”

Meta stayed silent, but he spoke up after a while.

“As I was saying, I’ve had them under my wing since their births.”

“So you’re basically their…progenitor”

“Well, not biologically speaking, but you could say that, yes”

Terra overheard the conversation and began to raise his voice “What do you mean, ‘you could say that’? You’re the only person I’ve ever known as a father! At least, better than--”

“Now now, no need to explain everything, Terra…”

“Better than…who?” Delta asked.

“Duh, maybe his original father!” Gamma exclaimed.

“I kind of concur” Zeta agreed.

Terra caught on and spoke very hesitantly and deliberately, “Uh, yeah…my original…father. …Duh.” He sweated.

“Well, what happened to your…original father?” I asked gently.

“Oh him, uh…about that—“

“His whereabouts are unknown” Meta concluded forcefully.

“Y-yeah, t-that”

“Plot twist” Zeta sarcastically said.

“More like the plot thickens” Delta added.

“Alright, enough. So Meta…his whereabouts are unknown?”

“Or his identity, for that matter” Meta replied.

Identity? This is slowly escalating somewhere, I thought.

Meta continued hesitantly, “…No information is present on Terra’s ancestry… I have no valid explanation”

“Well that’s a bummer” Zeta sighed.

“I guess I should respect your…personal things” I replied.

“Y-yeah, you should. I don’t exactly…like to talk about it, anyway” Terra agreed, sweating some more, barely giving a sigh of relief as he looked away.

Kirby suddenly comes over, oblivious of what we were talking about, “Oh you guys were talking about us, eh? Yeah it’s kind of unique how we came to be. We were created!”

Meta and Terra were silent.

“…created?” I asked.

I knew it.

Terra then tensed up and folded his arms, “Well, perhaps.”

Kirby continued, “Yeah, by Nightmare—“


Who is Nightmare, I asked in my head.

“So they were…created.” I said dumbfounded (and possibly louder than I should’ve said it).

“…They were, yes. It’s no use to even attempt hiding the fact any longer” Meta said in a low tone.

Terra then immediately sidled closer to Meta Knight, shivering, “P-please, d-don’t hunt me down… I don’t want to be hated for being a demon beast!”



…Demon Beast?

How much more surprising information do these guys have to tell us?! Could this get any worse?

Unfortunately, it almost did.

Suddenly, Gamma yelled out, “Exorcise him!”

As if it was a reflex, Meta immediately unsheathed his swords and was prepared to strike at Gamma. “I will not allow you to do anything to him despite the fact!” he yelled.

It was as if Gamma was holding in his laughter, in which he then burst out laughing. “HAHAHA! I was just joking!”

My thoughts were confirmed, it was just a joke… an inappropriate one to say the least. But Meta wasn’t convinced. He still kept his sword up.

He solemnly asked “Answer wisely…with what you wish to do, knowing this—“

“Hey wise-guy, we don’t plan on doing anything to that fellow…unless of course I didn’t get the memo” Gamma replied.

“You don’t wish to do anything…?” Meta lowered his sword, “How intriguing, mercenaries such as yourself are often sent here under these demon beast suspicions, I would assume you would destroy him for what he is, after—“

Before he could say anything more, Gamma burst into a fit of laughter again, this time literally rolling on the grass.

“Gahahaha! M-m-m-mercenaries!?!?!” Gamma said through his laughing teeth.

Everyone had no idea how to decipher…whatever is happening, even me.

“U-uh, am I safe then…?” Terra asked.

“Truth be told, I can’t even ascertain this situation” Meta commented.

“Hehehe, that’s quite a name you gave us right there!” Gamma said, calming down.

“What else was I to expect, then? We weren’t exactly expecting visitors.”

“I guarantee you, we are now mercenaries…and I should’ve warned you about Gamma; he can be quite thorn on everyone’s side. We’re heroes, just like you…Meta.” I replied

“It’d be wise not to talk so much then, Gamma” Meta calmly said, then he turned to me, “Well, even heroes don’t take such a fact lightly. That two of us three heroes are…demon beasts. Terra is one of them, and…Kirby is the other one, but was somehow defect with a pure heart.”

“So…you’re just like us then Meta?” Delta asked.

“I wouldn’t say ‘just like you’. After all, my experience is without equal here in Pop Star…

…I am the only surviving Star Warrior from the first war against Nightmare.”

He continued.

“The whole Star Warrior army was completely and utterly decimated before one shining hope pierced through Nightmare’s defenses and gave us the upper hand. We were finally able to win…but I was unable to celebrate with anyone. I’ve seen enough bloodshed in my long life. After finally finding these two as potential Star Warriors, I just cannot afford to lose either of them.”

“So…are they now Star Warriors?” Zeta asked.

“Yes, I believe they truly are. I only ask…that this knowledge of their origin cannot be spread.”

“Don’t worry Meta, you can count on us” I replied, holding firm to my promise.

Terra stayed silent, and Meta noticed this.

“I apologize of him; he doesn’t exactly have splendid memories regarding this, after all.” Meta said.

“I see” I replied.

After that, we said we will meet again eventually. It was quite a mouthful, I mean, all those secrets and information we have heard from them, it felt as if we were trusted so much with their personal life and all.

Though I remind myself… do not share their origin.

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