• Here, you can suggest any characters, be it playable, NPC, boss, etc.


    Character Stats Element Main Weapon Creator
    Myn Speed: 5/5

    Power: 4/5

    Strength Galaxia 2.0 .vectorDestiny (Talk)
    Pitch Speed: 4/5

    Power: 4/5

    Darkness Shadow Ring .vectorDestiny (Talk)
    Aquis Speed: TBA

    Power: TBA

    Water TBA Fandro (Talk)
    Ludro Speed: 2/5

    Power: 4/5

    Magic Scepter Fandro (Talk)
    Nachalor Speed: 4/5

    Power: 4/5

    None Swap Blade GamingDylan (Talk)
    Ve Knight Speed: 5/5

    Power: 5/5

    TBA TBA Bob the Blob (Talk)
    Yotam Speed: TBA

    Power: TBA

    TBA TBA Bob the Blob (Talk)
    Metite Speed: TBA

    Power: TBA

    TBA TBA Fandro (Talk)
    Callor Speed: 5/5

    Power: 1/5

    Ice None GamingDylan (Talk)
    Hidalgo Speed: 2/5

    Power: 4/5

    Fire TBA (I forget X3) GamingDylan (Talk)
    Sherbet Speed: 5/5

    Power: 3/5

    Ice TBA Fandro (Talk)
    Boslim Speed: 3/5

    Power: 3/5

    Slime TBA Fandro (Talk)
    Psychan Speed: TBA

    Power: TBA

    TBA TBA Fandro (Talk)
    Flamor Speed: TBA

    Power: TBA

    TBA TBA Fandro (Talk)
    King Dioe Speed: 1/5

    Power: 5/5

    TBA Dioe Scepter Bob the Blob (Talk)
    DJ Speed: 2/5

    Power: 3/5

    Music Record Shurikens GamingDylan (Talk)
    Helen Speed: 4/5

    Power: 3/5

    Sand Lasso GamingDylan (Talk)
    Blurr Speed: 6/5

    Power: 2/5

    Wind None .vectorDestiny (Talk)
    Marshi Speed: TBA

    Power: TBA

    TBA TBA BielGuy (Talk)
    Prester Speed: 4/5

    Power: 3/5

    Demon* Combustible Trident Maxstrickland2003 (Talk)
    Pizzearo Speed: TBA

    Power: TBA

    TBA TBA Fandro (Talk)
    Dead-Eye Robin Speed: 5/5

    Power: 3/5

    Sand Bill Gun Maxstrickland2003 (Talk)
    Planter the Wise Speed: 3/5

    Power: 2/5

    Nature Plant Staff Maxstrickland2003 (Talk)
    Corner Speed: 5/5

    Power: 2/5

    Mind Needlepoint Monstermanchego (Talk)


    • Tom the Treasure Hunter (Finds "treasure" (aka weapons) that he'll sell to you)


    • Dark Mage
    • King Hisstocrat
    • Goomborg 9000
    • Aeshi Nero
    • Dr. Makarious
    • Ninjatic Popopos
    • Typhon
    • Negative Cherry
    • Chargoul
    • Brezagon
    • Condimigar
    • Mecha-<insert name here>
    • Ms. Madame


    • Shroob Bros.
    • Sleepy Goomba
    • Blanco
    • Mummy Koopa
    • Various Boos
      • Robotagus Boo
      • Mini-Boo
      • Raytagus Boo
      • R-Mini-Boo
    • Ampet
    • Mirrade
    • Corrupted Blaze
    • Breaker Ghost
    • Black Moss Monster
    • Flying Rayturtle
    • Servant-NZ (Was originally Servant-Rex, but not only was it too many references to the same thing, but I've got plans for the NZs that makes them no longer enemies.)
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    • Hmm...

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    • Indigo Fusionbolt
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    • Okay, here are few unused suggestions i forgot to tell you for enemys that drop the parts of WoD Parts

      Breaker Ghost - He is a big tough, green ghost with red evil eyes that has a voice of a viking, hence the name, he carrys a breaker (a hammer, with no sides though), he attacks you with it's weapon, but if you avoid his attack, his breaker gets stuck, giving you a chance to defeat him, he has a rare chance of dropping [insert WoD Part here]. He only appears in swamp places

      Black Moss Monster - It is a mossy monster from a swamp with tar, hence the name, it is a tar creature that is at the size of a human, it runs at very fast speed, likely 5/5 speed, giving players great dangers, it has a rare chance of dropping [insert WoD Part here]. It only appears in prehistoric places with tar.

      Flying Rayturtle - It is an living turtle made out of stone, carved from the bricks of Egyptain structures, they fly using dust tornadoes, hence the name, it also has strong defense, making it impossible to defeat, it also shoots lasers from it's eyes that stun you, plus letting it drop onto you like an anvil, dealing huge damage, it only appears in desert ruins, it has a chance of dropping [insert WoD Part here].

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    • Rockton- It is a Popopo in rock form.  He is slow, strong, kinda dim-witted, and he's too aggressive.

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    • Already got a returning guest character revolving around turning into stone. Sorry.

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    • Porkoshi - A Popopo with small carves hinting to a Luma, and it has a pig snout.  The pig snout can sniff treasure out of the ground.  It can slightly float about the ground.

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    • No. I don't get what's with you and Sam calling Lumos a porky.

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    • Well

      Ask Sam then. :P

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    • This is a thing?!


      Name: Corner

      Speed: 5/5
      Power: 2/5
      Element: Mind
      Main Weapon: Needlepoint
      Corner is a Waddle Dee with a dark blue body, brown feet, and bright violet eyes. He usually carries a few books on psychology and trickery with him in a briefcase when not on missions. He's a crafty guy, often lying to get his way, and joined the Dark Matter Resistance to put his abilities and theories to the test.
      Corner is an expert at mind games. His element is mostly technical - he manipulates mind using words and ideas as well as special techniques. Rather than fight enemies hand-to-hand, players will find that they play Corner better when they take full advantage of his trickery and deception. His weapon of choice, the Needlepoint, is named for it's spiky appearance. It's primarily a ranged weapon, and can shoot a barrage of tiny thorns at enemies or create spike traps.
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    • "Don't even try to think of obtaining my treasure!"

      --General Grevious

      General Grevious is a boss and one of the Legendary Six, he, like the Legendary Six, is a Popopo, he has military grey feet, grey bushy eyes, and a beret, his personailty is based off of a military general, he is the guardian of the Enchanted Topaz, he owns a robotic Vehicle, which is a long rounded rectangle, with eight orange to orangeish red buttons on the front, with mechanical claws with 4 segments attached to the body, there are 3 capsules with dragon ears and sharp mouths, with 3 seats, one in the middle, the left and the right, there are 4 neck segments for the middle head, while there are 3 neck segments for the head on the left and right, the middle one has the Enchanted Amethyst tied up (which was stolen by General Grevious) located inside the mouth, which is it's weakness, the main drivers of this vehicle are Shroobs, which were commanded by General Grevious, he also holds the Enchanted Topaz in his hands, he also wears plunger shoes, to make the middle head open it's mouth, the player will have to activate all the buttons located on the body's front and attack the Enchanted Amethyst's rope 9 times to defeat it. But you will need to hurt the rope 3 times to harm it, it gives chase to you from the background to the foreground,  breaking the platforms, the player will have to use springs to bounce them to another platform, the 3 heads attacks by shooting big fireballs from their mouth, if all buttons are activated, it will stop behind the platform the player are on and the middle head will open it's mouth, giving the player the chance to attack it, the more it is damaged, the more faster it is, the battle takes place in Mad Factory, after the defeat, General Grevious will fall down on one of the vases on the convenyor belt. Releasing the Enchanted Topaz, Here is the music: The General's Mad Creation, the music is from Rayman Legends.

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    • Should I submit Obi-Wan Kenobi, while we're at it?

      But seriously, sick description, man.

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    • Add a NPC called Challenging John, he is a Popopo with purple feet, blue skin, dark blue eyes and wears a top hat with blue lines and is a mini-game NPC, he will let you play mini-games after several conditions are done (defeat a boss of a level or complete all mini-games in a level), he will let you play the mini-games for 15 coins, if the mini-games are played, it will have a trial, a multiplayer, or a singleplayer mode, and whenever the mini-games are being played on trial, they will play The Trial Challenge, he owns a place called the Mini-Arcade.

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    • Okay then, here are going to be a few changes for the Legendary Six.

      1. They all aren't going to be Popopos, so this idea is going to be dropped. But Ms. Madame is still a Popopo and part of the group. Instead, they are different species.
      2. Their locations depends on the enviroment which supports their element.
      3. Each teammates of the Legendary Six (except for Ms. Madame) will be covered in shadows on the picture below.

      If you are able to know what species they are, then they will all be revealed.

      • Dr. Floarath is a water elemental, he once was married to Dr. Makarious but after touching toxic waste, he became a psychic water monster he was today after being divorced from his love.
      • Elizabeth is a fire elemental, he is the master of fire, able to perform a fire spin, and a fire breath and comes from a kingdom coated in fire.
      • Bloakney is a lightning elemental, he is the apprentice of thunderstorms, he is able to cast lightning and thunderstorms with his magical weapon.
      • Earthly is a earth elemental, he wields a scepter that is able to bend any kind of earth and also crush his opponents with a giant boulder.
      • Lighteous is a light elemental, he is the leader of the Legendary Six, and is also known to be an elderly, he uses a staff that casts light on his opponents and also blind his opponents with the staff that he holds.
      LS Cast of all Characters (Shadows)
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    • I know that "Earthly" is a Koopa, and "Lighteous" is a Toad. But I don't know any of the others.

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    • If you watch "Inbred Yoshi" on Youtube before, then you will be able to know who Dr. Floarath (but dark blue) really is.

      Elizabeth is actually a fire ghost.

      And Bloakney is just a Flute Tiki from DKCR, but with metalized feathers.

      So yeah that is all the info you needed for who they all are.

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    • I still feel like you make way too many Mario things for this. Perhaps try to stick to more Kirby stuff? That's probably what's gonna become of these characters anyways - be changed to a Kirby species that acts similar to what you made them as.

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    • Okay, so I've decided what each'll be:

      • Ms. Madame can stay as is.
      • Dr. Floarath is gonna be changed from a demented Yoshi to a Popopo because Wynaut.
      • Elizabeth is gonna be a Halcandran, because I can think of a decent design for her.
      • Bloakney is gonna be...something. I'm in the midst of asking a friend if he has anything for me to use. For now just consider this guy unchanged.
      • Earthly will be a Golem, because earth element.
      • Lighteous is gonna be a Jester, due to lack of a better idea.
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    • I've heard of cursed Popopos which during the full moon, they transform into creatures hungry for anyone who dares encounter them.

      Well... maybe you're right, I was also going to suggest a Were-Popopo.

      Were-Popopos are neutral enemies first appearing in AoWinNN, upon encountering them in daytime, they look like random-colored normal Popopos but with a scar located somewhere on their body and are dirty, they reply strange things about a curse they had when interacting with them, during the night of the full moon, they will transform, which is that they  grow brown fur and have crimson red eyes (grow grey fur and have bright blue eyes if Were-Popopo is female), furry tail, wolf ears and sharp teeth, and they are also fast and gain claws. It is best not recommended to go to or fight at where they are at the night, because they are common in groups, if a Were-Popopo is defeated, they will have a uncommon chance of dropping Wolf Edges (will be suggested in a moment).

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    • Who the heck are you people? I've never seen more of these before.
      Dr. Ghostline, saying this when he first encounters White and co. in his laboratory, in AoWinNN

      Dr. Ghostline is a boss first appearing in AoWinNN and voiced by a british actor and comedian Stephen Merchant, he is a mad scientist who owns a laboratory under the name of "Ghostline's Research Facility" (which is a place and his home), he is a Popopo, but not any Popopo, a blue ghost Popopo wearing a top hat with a blue ribbon tied around it's brim and his top hat is a weapon, anyways, at the boss fight, he has a forcefield around him, preventing attacks, he first attacks by trying to shoot rockets from his hat, next he will try to ram into you with his top hat, which makes him dizzy when he misses, disabling his forcefield and letting a chance of being attacked, for a few minutes the dizzyness wears off and Dr. Ghostline gets back to his first attack, after halving his HP, he will be in his "angry" form, which is that his attacks are altered now and he has angry red eyes, he now attacks by shooting stickybombs, and will try to nab your weapon (except for wearable weapons) you are holding and use it for his own, if he misses, he will try to ram into you, but more faster, after defeating him, he will fall down on his top hat, breaking it and staying dizzy for the rest of the game.

      Boss Bar, Icon and Phases
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    • Say, who are these, Cherry? Your friends?
      Berry, complaining about Cherry who his friends are, AoWinNN

      Okay then, I've suggested that Berry is going to be a unlockable character.

      Weapon: Radioactive Mace (upon hitting the enemy, it will poison them and slow them down if they are hit with it)

      Speed: 3/5

      Attack 4/5

      How to unlock her: Unknown, out of ideas to have for this.

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    • Ooh! I saw you mentioned her a few times in Cherry's backstory, but hadn't considered them being playable!

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    • Finally, i've arisen from the dead, now the negatives will rise again, and conquer the positives once and for all!
      Etihw's Revenge saying this after being brought back to life, AoWinNN

      Okay then, here is what it is: the true final boss, wanting to know, well this is the one your lookin' for.

      The True Final Boss is: Etihw's Revenge, where he has a dark aura surrounding him, has a scar on his left eye as well his left eye being magenta, adding a bit of dark purple-hue to him, and he is stronger than his normal form, he only appears in EX Mode and is fought when Etihw is defeated once, his attacks use his normal ones and has additional attacks to make him more stronger, he will attack by shooting 3 laser beams at you, he will try to expand his size and crush you, he will even make a shield around him and the shield reflects projectiles and attacks, he has a 2ND phase, it is where he grabs a big axe from out of nowhere, and uses it as his main weapon, he mainly trys to chop you with it, he attacks by trying to ram you with it, shoot laser beams from it, and shoot electric balls from it, he will spin his axe above his head and use it as a helicopter around the battle, going from background to foreground, background to foreground, and he even forms a giant tornado to suck anyone except himself in, he will also try to summon in negative enemys to keep you occupied, after his defeat he finally explodes into shards of himself.

      1st Phase Music: Your Negative Counterpart's Revengeance

      2nd Phase Music: The True Final Battle

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    • *coughcoughMaskedDededeinTripleDeluxecoughcough*

      I like the ideas, but I might change the second phase a bit. And plus, I have a final battle set already. I can just use these ideas as well. ^-^

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    • I heard your parents were abducted when you were a kid, right?
      Kaldra, sensing White's past while battling him, AoWinNN

      Add a character called Kaldra, she is a 14-year old female Halcandran and has an orange-white outfit, same head color as Magolor's, her eyes are colored light green and wears a orange-white scarf around her mouth, she has the ability to sense anyone's dark secrets, their past, their faults and weakness of element by reading their auras. She talks softly with a british accent and has a loving for nature.

      Element: Nature

      Weapon: The Flail's Wrath (It actually is just a 4-headed flail made out of hard stone, but can change elements depending on what weakness she detects upon battling her target)

      Speed: 3/5

      Attack: 4/5

      How to unlock: Battle her in tourney mode.

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    • Tourney Mode is saved for guest characters. I'll just have it as someone you unlock after defeating them.

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    • Add a enemie called Opopop, they are negative versions of Popopo and they are hostile towards you, indicated that they are always mad, they only appear in places located in the negative dimension.

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    • ._.

      I'm gonna pass on that one.

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    • Add a shop NPC called Sleepy, she is a green Popopo with yellow eyes, teal feet, and curved-down brown hair, she wears a sleeping cap and she will always nap when there is no one at her shop, but when someone is at her shop, she will wake up, but feeling a bit sleepy, she will sell weapons that inflict status on enemies depending on what time it is, more weapons will come as you progress further in the game.

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    • Okay, I think this board is feeling a bit overloaded with comments now, don't you?

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    • No, not really. I've got things on Fantendo that have about 200 posts on them.

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    • Mailminis are characters that appear in every town. One can give them messages, and they will send them out to selected friends on the user's Friends List. (Presuming the Zentablet, etc., have a friends list feature, of course.) The recipitent will find the Mailminis out in the field as enemies, and must defeat them in order to obtain their letter. The Mailminis look like glass bottles with cork stoppers, a pair of triangular gray feet, and two light blue eyes. When in enemy form, their eyes are red, and an icon of the DMR member that the sender of the mail was using at the time floats within the bottle. As enemies, their strategy is quite simple - walk and jump around the stage... but surprisingly quickly. They are never targeted by rival armies, so they can only be defeated by the recipitent of the mail, but catching up to one may prove a bit of a challenge in itself.

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    • You are about to suffer a terrible fate. Hahahahah!
      The Blighter upon encountering White, AoWinNN

      Add a character called The Blighter, he is a dark grey Popopo with black feet, and green eyes, and has rubber gloves, he wears a plague doctor's hat (this is what the hat looks like), a metalized beak mask (with lime eyes) and a grey respirator (a life-preserving mask) combined with it, he can still talk even if he wore those but will sound a bit muffled, he is a radioactive elemental, his main abilities is that he has teleportation powers, and he is able to cast any radioactive-like magic. His boss battle theme is "The Plague Doctor's Own Battle", he lives in the Nightowl Casino, he somehow managed to capture White's crew upon first entering, leaving only him left, after White found Red, the Blighter appeared right before White would get near Red, and battled him, after a big battle, he disappeared after being defeated from a battle, thus freeing Red.

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    • Hello there, before you try and destroy my master, you must destroy me first.
      Montress, upon initiating a battle with White and gang before trying to get to Etihw, AoWinNN

      Here is a character called Montress, she is part of the Negative Alliance and is voiced by Rachael MacFarlane, her boss battle theme is "The Beauty of Nightmares", I might not know who she should be the negative version of at all.


      • She is a 23 year-old Vampire Popopo with light blue body, blue feet, cyan eyes, fangs, 3 blue diamond-shaped gems on her head, a dark purple cloak with white trimmings, and brown trimmed-down hair that runs down her body, complete with a purple headband on it, the eyes change colors depending on the expressions (e.g. red for anger), the only minor diferrence is that her cheeks are oval-shaped rather than being round-shaped.


      • She has various elements which only change whenever her expression changes, fire is for anger, water is for sad (it is rare for her to be sad), and nature is for happyness (also quite rare for her to be happy).
      • Her cape has the ability to give her bat-like wings that is able to let her fly, similar to Meta Knight's ability to fly with wings.


      • She possesses the Ancient Dark Diamond Staff (ADDS for short) that is a purple cane with a black shiny diamond-shaped object attached to the top of the cane, it is able to shoot diamond-shaped gems filled with dark energy that exactly homes in on anyone it is shot at and can perform dark magic.


      1st Phase Attacks

      • She usually flys shooting ADDS's projectile that homes in on you, after doing that attack, she flys around another random spot to shoot you at, she will shoot you 3 times until the second attack is initiated
      • She will throw down a weak enemy belonging to the Negative Alliance faction, at you, which is that it needs to be thrown back at her to usually damage her.

      2nd Phase Attacks

      • A portal will be made and sucks you in, you run on a endless platform in a nightmare-like dimension until the portal back to her battlefield is found (the portal is usually blue), but be careful, amongst the way to the portal, she will attack by swooping in right at you.
      • She will fly around and shoot ADDS's projectile like the 1st attack, but this time, their speed is increased and when they hit the ground or wall, they will break in glass shards that will fly around the room like crazy until 5 bounces for it to be destroyed.
      • She attempt to swoop in and grab you to drain your HP so she will regain some HP, if the attack is missed, she will get her fangs stuck in the ground, providing a chance for an attack.

      3rd Phase Attacks

      • She will create a big, beam-like ball that will bounce around the battlefield and last for only 5 bounces.
      • Montress will split herself into 3 mirror-shard copys, one is the real Montress, if the clones are attacked, they will shatter into glass shards that homes in on you.
      • Montress will summon enemys from the Negative Alliance faction to keep you occupied until their all defeated.
      • She will steal a weapon from you and use it as her own unless she is damaged.
      • She will create multiple portals that shoot glass shards of the ADDS's projectile.
      • Montress will switch to anger mode, which causes a ring of fire to appear around her, she will charge right at you and then again, she will calm down along with the ring cooling off, providing a chance for a attack.
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    • Okay then, how about an NPC, his name is Witch Doctor Dee, he is a sepia Waddle Dee with black and white feet and oftenly wears the head of a Dry Bones with straps as a mask, he is also a witch doctor, nuff said. He is also a heal elemental and lives in a hut located in the Dark Swamplands, here is a sprite artwork of him.

      Witch Doctor Dee

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    • Ehm...can we have him not be a heal elemental? I sorta explained why here.

      But we can still use him without him being a heal elemental. I plan on having a material that works like artificial elements.

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    • Okay then?

      Hey, did something green and quick with a shield run off?
      Possibly one of the citizens in Sky City, AoWinNN

      How about an enemy called Dashing Shieldar, they are green Shieldars and use a Dashing Shield (check Weapons Board to find out more about it), hence the name, they dash crazily with their shield infront of them, blocking attacks from the front, but vulnerable to attacks from behind, their shield can hurt you upon touching it from the front, they also can knock you back with great ease upon touching the shield (likely more of a strong push now don't you think?).


      • Maxian Army

      Item drops

      • None


      • Dashing Shield (New)


      • None
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    • I take it you've never seen a Bombtailer at work before?! Heh... You're in for a surprise!!
      Bombtail Grunt, AoW

      The Bombtailers are a gang of mischievous youths occupying the Underverse and, to a lesser extent, Sky City itself. Though they tend to get into trouble frequently, it is mostly due to the noise and messes that they make - they mean no harm to either location or it's citizens, and sometimes aid in it's defense. The gang is most noteworthy for their love of excavation, explosives, earning cash, and especially mixing the three together. To this end, they often hire their expertise for mining projects or forging explosive weapons. In fact, most of the weapons in the Bomb category are designed by these guys! They're also a handy source of cheap but high-quality ores for the crafting fanatic.

      Oh, and one more thing. It's possible that Magne was a Bombtailer in his youth... but that's just a theory, and both parties deny ever meeting the other on any prior occasion, so it's really doubtful.

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    • I am going to suggest enemies for the Negative War.

      • Negative Spearsman - They are Popopos from the Negative Nebula, suggesting their name, throw spears upon getting in their sight.
      • Negative Paladin - They are Popopos from the Negative Nebula, suggesting their name, use a sword and shield to attack with.
      • Necromancer - They are black Halcandrans from the Negative Nebula, suggesting their name, uses dark magic to make undead enemies assist them.
      • Negative Bomber - They are Popopos from the Negative Nebula, suggesting their name, drives a purple bomber plane and drops bombs which explodes and makes fire on the ground.
      • Negative Tank - A giant purple camo tank that shoots cannonballs, it has the toughest defense (which means it cannot be hurt and it cannot be pierced also) and the only weakness is destroying the 2 drivers of the tank (which appears to be two Waddle Dees), they only appear later on in the war.
      • Negative Robot - Purple-camo Popopo robots that shoot laser beams from their eyes
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    • Vell vat should I say about zis case? Eh?
      Maxstrickland2003 (or nicknamed KirbyFanInfinity80), AoWinNN

      Here is a character called MaxStrickland2003 (or obviously KirbyFanInfinity80), he is my user character, KFI80 is a grey Popopo with magenta feet and a blue eye (almost in appearance to Kirby), he wears a square-like headset, he has a scarred left eye (which his left eye is fully white), he wears a brown fedora with a light brown brim, he speaks english with a german accent.






      Golden-Chuks, has a looting aspect upon hitting an enemy, also will give them a special death effect which can turn them into golden statues.

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    • I actually have a character based on you somewhere...I'll go find it.

      EDIT: It turns out I haven't used them yet, so I can just change the name of this character you made to the old one:


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    • So, how's the character artwork with the Legendary Six going?

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    • Funny that you ask, I just uploaded one today.


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    • Anyways, I have a question to ask: what race is Bloakney gonna be?

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    • I ended up deciding that he'd be a...

      *checks the art he did at an earlier point*

      Plasma Wisp.

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    • A'ight, mate, don't worry! I'll help ya outta this bit of trouble in but a moment!
      Austen, AoWinNN

      A streetwise fourteen-year-old Popopo and a veteran Bombtailer, Austen is the nephew of the founder of the Bombtails, and thus has inherited the weapons that gave the group their iconic name. Despite his informal manner and frequent mockery, he's a reliable fellow in a scrap, and can be trusted to aid in any problem. Austen first makes his appearance in the original Adventures of White, where he runs the gang's Supply Shop in Sky City and sells the DMR ores and Bomb-type weapons. He also has one or two sidequests for the players to take on, which reward rare Bomb weapons. However, he only becomes playable in the second title in the series, after a few odd sidequests for the Bombtailers that has the heroes delving into their mines to clear out a monster infestation, wave by wave.

      Austen's weapons of choice are the Shockwave Squeaks, a set of bombs designed to look a bit like white mice. Being an expert on bombs, Austen has quite a few creative techniques for getting them to the desired location, including rolling the bombs for distance, juggling them for height and area of effect, or even setting them down for them to scamper about of their own free will. Though a bit weaker than standard bombs, their area of effect is extremely impressive. He even has a few more... unusually designed ones that he has a rare chance of pulling out of his pocket. Including a yellow one that can climb walls, a green one that flies through the air via UFO, and a sky blue one that has a bit of extra punch to it's explosions. ... Why does that sound so familiar?

      Speed: 4/5
      Power: 2/5
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    • Finally! I am free! Now I shall cause chaos and destruction in this universe.
      Zamor saying this when he was free from being sealed away.

      There were legends about 3 gods, 3 gods were the brothers of Nova and has the powers of the universe themselves.

      The god of wisdom and order, is Saradom, he is a blue Spiritual Popopo with white feet, white eyes, and cyan cheeks, he is a light elemental, he wears a cyan cape outlined with cotton and a crown that is nearly tall and is able to sense any destruction or troubles, he always comes to help of people whenever trouble comes to them, but when Zamor, god of chaos and destruction, attempted to destroy Zolara, Guth, god of balance, sealed both of them away to keep the balance at hand until Guth fell to eternal rest.

      The god of balance, is Guth, he is a green spiritual Waddle Dee with white eyes and a wooden crown covered nearly in leaves, with horns at both sides of the crown, he is a nature elemental, he was once a normal Waddle Dee living in a village located in a forest just about far away from Sky City, his hometown was attacked by a big group of Dark Matters until he killed their leader (it isn't Shadoo, so yeah) and ascended to godhood, he is sometimes helpful to Saradom on some occasions, but when Zamor attempted to destroy Zolara, he sealed Saradom and Zamor away for the balance to be right again and fell to eternal rest, later Guth was killed by a mysterious Popopo and then Saradom and Zamor were free again, then waged the God Wars.

      The god of destruction and chaos, is Zamor, he is a red spiritual Halcandran with red-black outfit, red eyes, and a royal red cape outlined with cotton, his mouth can clearly be seen and wears a crown that is black-red and has 3 horns on both sides, he is a fire and darkness elemental, he was the original creator of evil entitys such as Dark Matters in order to cause chaos to Zolara, but his brother Saradom stopped him from doing so, now he attempted to destroy Zolara but was sealed away by Guth along with Saradom in order to keep the balance right, but then Guth fell to eternal rest after that happened.

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    • Hey brother! Who's this puny small guy?

      Add a boss called Dee and Doo, once being defeated, they spaz out of control and fall into a bottomless pit.


      • They are 2 giant normal-colored Waddle Dees from outerspace that ride a UFO together and Doo is on the top, Dee is on the bottom, the UFO vehicle has robot arms that shoots electric balls.


      • They are electric elementals, which lets them have the power of electricity.


      1st Phase Attacks

      • They attack by shooting electric balls and attending to crush, next the UFO will flip, which then crushes first then shoots electric balls, and the UFO flips back up again, the only way to hurt it is by knocking back the electric ball back at it.

      2nd Phase Attacks

      • They will now usually shoot lasers and electric balls at the same time, they will also attempt to crush after doing the first one.
      • They will spin around vertically and chase the player on land, if they stop, they will be dizzy, providing chances for an attack.
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    • Purty spritez.

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    • Heheheh... yes... I feel the need for... copying powers!

      Obviously, he is not going to have to be in AoWinNN, anyways his name is Doppelganger.


      • Doppelganger is a Popopo with a white-blue body, navy feet, and he seems to have a big scar on his back.

      Powers and Elements

      • Doppelganger is a shapeshifter element, he also has the ability to copy people's powers by making direct contact.


      • He is though, unaligned.

      Weapons (New)

      • Corrupted Claws, along with abilitys he copied from.
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    • Now... look into my eyes... to see into the future!

      Add a character called Aloe (or whatever you want to name her).


      • Aloe is a Popopo with a cyan body, dark blue feet, and magenta eyes, she though wears a black fedora with a pink brim, and wears sunglasses to hide her eyes from people until they want to look into the past or the future.

      Powers and Elements

      • Aloe is a psychic element, she also can teleport people that looks into her eyes depending on what they tell into the past or future, but though they are spiritual upon entering the past/future and won't be noticed by anyone in the past or future.


      • Sky City
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    • Doppelganger sounds very similar in appearance to Dimentus, without the hat.

      Also, sunglasses for the win. Indoors, outdoors, everywhere!

        Loading alternation machine...
    • I never knew Doppelganger looks in similar to Dimentus (without the hat in contrary).

        Loading alternation machine...
    • White can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe so.

      White look at this and correct my possible mistake dammit.

        Loading alternation machine...
    • Umm...he does look a lot like Dimentus...

        Loading alternation machine...
    • How come no one had told me what Dimentus looks like? Infact i've never seen Dimentus' picture or appearance (I am really serious).

        Loading alternation machine...
    • Because I haven't put any form of his appearance on the wiki yet. But I've described at some point or another that his appearance is basically a cross between Marx and Dimentio. So yah, they look pretty similar.

        Loading alternation machine...
    • I thought there was a picture up, actually...I remember seeing something...

      EDIT: Nope, wrong. What I saw was this guy from Galactic Pioneers.

      ...Which means I screwed up. I don't think White ever told me what Dimentus looks like anyways, but Mancas here looks the same as what was being described, anyways. Point is, there's already a character that's very similar in appearance.


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    • Monochromatic two-faced jesters OP.

        Loading alternation machine...
    • Can we end this arguement? I will fix the issues with the appearance being similar to Dimentus, okay?

        Loading alternation machine...
    • I just wanted to try and make it known. Sorry about that if I maybe shoved it a little much in your face.  :(

        Loading alternation machine...
    • That's okay now. :|

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    • Yarrgh me mateys! We shall steal yer stuff!
      Captain Orlander

      Here is a whole new group, called the Black Flag, they were once a group of pirates in the old times but now are being assisted by steampunkers, and assassins. Captain Orlander, is the founder of the Black Flag. The name was an inspiration from "Assassin's Creed IV: The Black Flag".

      Emblem (NEW)

      Their emblem seems to represent a human skull with a cog outlined around it, it wears cog-shaped goggles on it and the background is usually black, giving the group the name of the Black Flag.

      Origins (NEW)

      The Black Flag was once created by a band of pirates in 1950, when it was 1975, their plundering was stopped and they were cursed, they now were dead for a long time, but was mysteriously for unknown circumstances brought back to life by black magic.

      Enemies (NEW)

      Black Flag Pirates

      • Defense: No

      They are main people of the Black Flag, they come in different colored Popopos, they roam amongst place they invade, and uses scimitars or swords as weapons and has a chance of dropping those swords.

      Black Flag Steampunkers

      • Defense: Randomly

      They are steampunkers of the Black Flag, they come in different species and colors, they only wear cog-shaped goggles for eyes as a main difference and a cloak which has the emblem of the Black Flag, they are weak, but upon spawning has a chance of having a shield around them.

      Black Flag Assassins

      • Defense: No

      They are assassins of the Black Flag, they come in different colored Popopos that wear black hoods along with sleeves, the back of the hood also has a emblem of the Black Flag on it, they are able to quickly catch up to you quickly with fast speed and deal damage quickly, so it is recommended to defeat them if there are large group of enemys coming towards you.

      Leaders/Bosses (NEW)

      Hunson Stepman

      Why does the modern technology have to beat my technology!?
      Hunson Stepman after being defeated

      Hunson Stepman is a steampunker and a second-in command of the group, he is a sepia Halcandran that seems to wear cog-shaped goggles and a cloak with the emblem of the Black Flag, he uses advanced weaponry as his weapons, his attacks are included below.

      He is voiced by Nathan Vetterlein, voice actor of the Scout from TF2.

      • He will create cannonballs through the use of his machine cannon which can shoot very fast.
      • He will use his sepia-colored Mechanical Scimitar which is now upgraded, to shoot lasers upon slashing.
      • He will create a shield around him which reflects attacks and projectiles, the shield can only be piercable by the use of ranged weapons.
      • If he is weakened, he will heal him self a bit.

      Black Assassin

      Heheh... I am coming for you...
      Black Assassin before initiating a battle

      Black Assassin is a assassin and a commander of the group, he is a pitch black Popopo with pure white eyes, he wears a grey hood with sleeves and has a emblem of the Black Flag on the back of his hood, he uses modern weaponry as his weapons, his attacks are included below.

      He is voiced by Dennis Bateman, voice actor of the Invoker from Dota 2.

      • He will climb up on the wall and throw ninja stars.
      • He attempts to run towards you fast as a Black Flag Assassin, he will also deal big damage if he manages to hurt you.
      • He poisons you with his hidden blade and run off.
      • If Black Assassin is weakened, he will create clones of him and blend in along with it, if the player doesn't manage to damage him in time, he will heal himself a bit.

      Captain Orlander

      I will conquer yer city one day!
      Captain Orlander after being defeated

      Captain Orlander is a pirate and a founder of the group, he is a grey Jester with a jester's hat colored black with white skull patterns everywhere on it and black feet and also wears a black cloak with the emblem of the Black Flag, he uses pirate weaponry as his weapons, his attacks are included below.

      He is voiced by Nolan North, voice actor of Nathan Drake from Uncharted series.

      • He will fly from above and drop blades.
      • Captain Orlander prepares a cannon to fire at you, indicated by a crosshair locked onto you.
      • He is able to shoot crystals from his wings that seem to collapse upon colliding.
      • Captain Orlander will attempt to crash into you, but if you managed to dodge it, he will damage himself instead.
      • Captain Orlander, if weakened, will remain on the ground and instead fight you with a scimitar which has a chance of poisoning you.
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    • Add a group called Desert Thieves, hence the name, they are a group of thieves that lurk around in desert areas.

      Locations (NEW)

      Their hideout was originally in Hexic Desert, but since then was later relocated to The Desert in the Sky, their hideout is located in a cave leading the way into the underground, the only entrance is the cave in the surface that connects into the underground, guarded by D.T. guards


      Their emblem consists of a opened treasure chest full of treasures with crossed scimitars on the back of it.

      Uniform or Appearance (NEW)

      Those who are in the Desert Thieves group commonly wear a white keffiyeh with a black headband on it, guards commonly wear light blue keffiyeh with a dark blue headband on it, along with goggles, elites commonly wear grey keffiyeh with a black-camo headband on it along with wearing a black bandanna.


      Their origin or creation of the group remains a mystery, but it was said they were once a group of bandits that would hunt treasures.

      Notable Members (NEW)


      Derick is a member of the Desert Thieves, a male Popopo and is known to be an elite and expert at stealing.


      Rose is a member of the Desert Thieves and is known to be an agile switch-a-roo female Popopo, she is also known to fight flexibly.


      Conner is a member of the Desert Thieves, a male black-and-white Halcandran and is known to sell weapons to those inside of the group or outside of the group, he doesn't even care about attacking anyone that aren't part of the group.


      Desert Bandits

      Defense?: No

      Main People of the Desert Thieves, they come in different species (except Jesters), they commonly steal what you have in your inventory or steal weapons and quickly run away, they are very weak so they are easy to defeat, the items stolen can easily be recovered which is found in their hideout.

      Desert Bandit Elites

      Defense?: Upon stealing a shield

      Elites of the Desert Thieves, they come in different species (except Jesters), instead of acting like normal Desert Bandits, they just steal your weapon and combat you with it, if the D.B.E. isn't defeated in time, they will run away with your weapon, they also have a random chance of also stealing your shield along with your other weapon, like the stolen items, they can easily be recovered, which is by either defeating them, or finding the stolen weapon in their hideout.

      Desert Bandit Guards

      Defense?: Yes (entrance only)

      Guards of the Desert Thieves, they come in different species (except Popopo and Jesters), the only time they are fought is at the entrance of their hideout or somewhere inside the hideout, they block the entrance, preventing access, the only way to get through them in is through infiltraition during nighttime or disguise as one of them, they also have a shield on them, if you are caught by them inside the hideout, they will kick you out of the hideout and you will have to reset the infiltration again.


      Rolo the Switcher

      Rolo is a female purple Popopo with violet feet and magenta eyes and brown hair, she is the apprentice of Ranso the Grande Thief, she is able to switch your weapons to weaker ones and forcing them as your active weapon, her only weakness is infact something that can stop her switching your weapons.

      Ranso the Grande Thief

      Ranso is a 32-year old male violet Jester that has purple feet, his feet are hidden by the blue swanky boots he is wearing, his jester hat's left side is colored green, while his hat's right side is orange, patterned with stars, he has a crown with a ruby in the center worn over his jester's hat, he is voiced by Maurice LaMarche, voice actor of the Donbot from Futurama, he also has an italian accent, he is the master of all thieves, leader of the Desert Thieves, and is a speed elemental, he is able to steal very quickly, meaning that he will quickly steal your weapon and use it as his own until defeated.

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    • I like the bandits idea. I think you have to adjust the leaders/bosses a bit, though.

      ...However, Rolo's ability kind of reminds me of Psycho Mantis in MGS2, for some reason.

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    • That accursed second controller port trick can go rot in the depths of Tartarus!!

      *has never played MGS2*

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    • Me neither, but it was worth mentioning since I knew of him.

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    • Crystal Soul: A boss that liquifies and solidifies during battle.  It liquifies to move around, and solidifies so it can stay still and attack.  You may only attack it while it's solid, and it requires many hits.  It attacks with its arms, and can also fire crystal balls.  It can also fire a fatal crystal beam as a last ditch effort to destroy you.

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    • Ooh. Okay.

        Loading alternation machine...
    • Why does that remind me of one form of the Mega Man devil, or something very similar?  T_I

      Very nice boss idea, though.

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    • Get me those two wormholes, they will be mine one day...
      ???, sending out his shadow clones to catch White and Niobi (name used to prevent spoilers)

      A mysterious Popopo, sending out mysterious shadow-replicas of anyone in Zolara, he is the leader of the Black Shadow.


      ???, oftenly not seen, is a shadowy Popopo, but when revealed in the light, he is grey, with magenta feet, pink eye on the right, whilst pure white eye on the left, 3 claw-scars on his left eye, and he carrys along a book of black magic, he is also 2,500+ years old, but retains his young-man Popopo appearance.

      Biography (NEW)

      ??? was once a young Popopo, his original name was Tim, and lived with his parents and sister, but one night, he woke up finding a strange Halcandran-like figure, he scratched him, and later set his home on fire, killing his family, ??? managed to survive the attack and his house being burnt down, but a scratch from the strange figure's claws gave him strange powers and then later corrupted his mind, then he went out to create an army called the Black Shadow and sent them out to invade the world, but his plans failed when a mysterious hero stopped the army, sealed them away in a cave along with him to no longer cause trouble, until two thousand years, a mysterious Popopo destroyed the seal of the cave he was sealed in.

      Powers and Elements

      ??? is a shadow and dark elemental, he also has several strange powers (such as telekinesis, teleportation, and hovering), and is immortal (not unless he is weakened with light), suggesting he is a god, he is even more powerful than Shadoo.


      He is aligned with the Black Shadow and the founder of that faction.


      His weapon is the Shadow-Cloner Staff, which can create dark, mirrored clones of anyone.

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    • RAH (NPC) - RAH which is short for Robotic Adventure Helper is a machine that is in various locations, most of them being before a dangerous area, if you put money in this machine it will give you the choice of 3 mini-Helper Bots, which follow you and attack enemies fo you, but if they receieve a certain amount of damage they'll explode, the 3 types of Helper Bots are: The Gun-Bot, a Helper Bot that has a special turrets integrated, the Fighter-Bot, a Helper Bot with boxing fistst for hands, which he an use to hit enemies, the Magic-Bot, a robot equipped with magical charms, which he uses to give the enemies negative effects and minor damage, as well as giving the player positive effects in rare occassions.

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    • I'm not positive if this falls under characters specifically, but a nice idea.

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    • You fools.... you are such fools.... you cannot ever stop a powerful cold-blooded overlord from taking over a universe, what am I? A backstabbing monster you say!? I was born to be a cold-blooded backstabbing MONSTER!!
      Overlord Tantibus

      Overlord Tantibus is a dark, mysterious entity that wasn't even from Zolara, he is known to be cruel, cold-blooded, and a backstabber.


      Overlord Tantibus is a black Popopo, with crimson red eyes, a grey cloak with a bent-up collar, and a unholy symbol embedded on his forehead.


      Overlord Tantibus' origins is a very big mystery, and remains unclear on how he came to reality.

      Personality (NEW)

      Overlord Tantibus is shown to be a beastly nightmare from the inside, with his cruelty, cold blood, and being a backstabber, he cares nothing about life, all he cares about is death, he despises anything holy (e.g. Jack managed to take advantage over Tantibus during battle, due to Jack being an angel), trust me, if you were to battle him, you are assurely going to lose, unless you're prepared with holy weapons or you're holy.

      Powers and Elements

      Overlord Tantibus is a Beast elemental, he is able to create minions, have black magic, and others like an overlord, but his powers do not work on anything holy, which probably gives anyone holy an advantage.


      Overlord Tantibus doesn't oftenly join armys.


      Overlord Tantibus' weapon is Devil's Edges, which is pretty much a pair of edges made from hard flames of the center of a planet, which could burn anyone it touched except himself.

      Musics (NEW)

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    • Chill & Fever, two twin popopos that use ice powers in combination with each other.  Chill is the calmer twin and is based upon defense and healing moves, while Fever is the more angry twin and is based upon power and special attacks.  The two are known for curing diseases and colds.

      Chill uses the Chill Mallet while Fever uses the Fever Mace.  The Chill Mallet freezes enemies while the Fever Mace destroys frozen enemies.  Both are speedy characters.

      Their shared theme

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    • Diamond is a female Popopo with a hard hat and love for precious gems. She has a knack for finding these and, being a crystal elemental, can manipulate them at will. The catch is that she can't create crystals. This purple popopo is generous, but can get a bit greedy around diamonds and the likes of those. Maybe bringing her on a quest for these crystal artifacts wasn't the best idea...

      She is violet with pink-red feet and emerald coloured eyes. Her hard hat looks similar to that one common enemy in Megman. She wears her rose-red hair back in a ponytail.

      She wields the Precious Pickaxe, made of pure quartz. She can swing it around or stick it into walls to help scale them. She can also use this to help her find jewels. It's pretty and useful, but it's heavy and hard to drag around...

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    • Can't. Get. This. Out. Of. My. HEAD!!
      Juggernaut's insanity usually kicking in

      Add a boss called The Juggernaut, IK, right? Anyways, The Juggernaut is a legendary Popopo once normal, but has been driven to insanity and gone crazy.


      The Juggernaut is, well, a male grey Popopo, he has black feet, blue bloodshot eyes (he is driven to insanity ya know?), and a Juggernaut insignia embedded on his head, and he is always seen putting his hands on both sides of the head while in his idle and wandering appearance.


      The Juggernaut was once a normal Popopo, but as time progresses, he gets more insane and more crazy, which finally driven him to his madness of killing those whom are unlucky to get in his way.


      The Juggernaut is evil, insane, and belligerent, whenever anyone looks at him, he will attack those whom had sighted him, he always kills anyone who is unusually unlucky to get in his path, but never hurts or kills those powerful than him, which causes him to run away like crazy.

      Powers and Elements

      The Juggernaut is a dual-element Death and Fire elemental.


      The Juggernaut is unaligned.


      His mostly weapon is pyrokinesis power.

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    • Insane characters...

      I'm not sure if any of the posted characters are truly insane. This could be worked upon and turn out very well!

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    • ^

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    • Another mummy enemy, this time it's going to replace the Mummy Koopa. Anyways, it's called a Mummy Popopo.


      The Mummy Popopo look like they've been covered in rotting yellow bandages, green rotting hands shown, and appear to have one yellow glowing eye shown, they are always shown limping while walking.


      Any presumed weapons that have poison status effect. (15% chance)

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    • Mummy Popopo for LoSC.

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    • Y'know... I want some... what do you call that again?
      A Zombie Popopo mentioning this while attacking.

      Anyways, some of my suggestions are now for AoW3, so, happy? Anyways, this is called Zombie Popopo, that has risen from the dead to eat some... wait, scratch what I said.


      Zombie Popopos usually have beaten-up, dirty appearances, and yellow eyes, if any of them had hair, they would look messy. Some of them have bones revealed (e.g. a bone would be revealed on one of their leg). They usually limp around instead of walking (similar to MP).

      Abilitys and Attacks (NEW)

      Zombie Popopos limp towards you, but have a penalty is which that they are slow as heck can even be! Giving you an advantage to avoid them, any hits from them will poison you that lasts for a minute, if they are defeated, they will rise back up, but can be killed 3 times until they are dead but can recover to full health, other ways to kill those usually includes: blowing it up, or pushing it into a insta-kill hazard.


      They are sided with the Nightmare Army.


      They don't drop anything.

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    • I am made of obsidian, you cannot destroy obsidian!
      Obsidian Golem

      Somewhere lurking in the deep undergrounds of the planet White and friends lived in, roams with Obsidian Golems, that are made of obsidian. Double trouble!


      Obsidian Golems are Golems that are made out of obsidian! It also has lava cracks shown around the body.

      Abilitys and Attacks

      Obsidian Golems have one ability, is which that they can hit their hands on the ground to create shockwaves, but are very, very, very slow and heavy. They have very hard armor that can only be pierced 8 times in a row.


      They are unaligned.


      They don't drop anything.

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    • There needs to be a game centered around the villains perspective, it gives the viewers a chance to look into what the villain's think about.

        Loading alternation machine...
    • Actually that's not a bad idea.

        Loading alternation machine...
    • I believe I have one planned already...something along the lines of "Project Conquest" take the role of Shadoo in that one.

        Loading alternation machine...
    • Yippee! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

        Loading alternation machine...
    • Okay then... This lady's driving me insane already...!

        Loading alternation machine...
    • Heck, if White wasn't already planning that, I would've seen to it that we would have something... ^-^"

      I would like to say I have...a slight influence.

        Loading alternation machine...
    • And by slight he means fairly large-scale influence.

      Because we have near-identical mindsets.

        Loading alternation machine...
    • That explains the identical avatar design.

        Loading alternation machine...
    • lol

        Loading alternation machine...
    • That was before I discovered the bloody AoW avatar thread.

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    • This ugly dude: He is unlocked after beating Mecha (Sanic).

      Well, he doesn't have a weapon. That's just great. XD

      Power: 3/5

      Speed: 1/5 (2slow4sanic)

      Defense: 4/5

      It's okay if you don't wanna add him. C:

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    • ...Wrong thread bro. Uhh gimme a sec.

        Loading alternation machine...
    • 3 days later

      You didn't even show me yet.

        Loading alternation machine...
    • I'm pretty sure I linked it to you on chat. ._."

        Loading alternation machine...
    • And I already signed up. XD

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    • Make a character based off Snoop Dogg

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    • ._.

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    • A FANDOM user
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