I don't care how many times I've apologies now or in the past, I want you to look at this with whatever eyes you have.  I did say I was on a hiatus, but then I somewhat neglected it, and I'm going to actually take the hiatus whenever White stops replying to my stupidity on the forums.

Time to start talking.

...I'm sorry for damaging the wiki, its reputation, and bringing a fiery impact on its users. I will mention how I'm responsible for all three. When I joined, I brought forward much shipping, and made a bunch of pages that obscured the view of the important ones, and neglected fixing the problems.

By talking behind this wiki's back a few times, the views of the wiki have dropped absurdly low, although I generally speak of my own horrendous projects, it's not necessary for me to lie and say I didn't pick on your pages, guys, because I have at times. Generally speaking, RTA's, Neon's, Max's, and White's. On occasion Amy's and others', too.

To explain the above paragraph, ever since Exotoro joined this wiki and launched a bunch of comments that pointed out the place's flaws, I felt a wild fire glow inside me. I took out all my rage by quitting the wiki and potentially Fantendo and slunk into my own wiki, somewhat modeled this place. And now to continue releasing the pain, I talked much negatives of this wiki, which was a flaw on my part and...yeah.

For the fiery impact on other users, it's been definite that I have gotten on White's nerves, and I can sense why; I've done a lot to stab him for actually little good reasons, and the damages I brought to total together on this wiki were actually pretty immense. If I upset him greatly, it's no real surprise, I've been as great as a person as I always have.

When I joined, everything looked alright. It was a really good wiki to me at the time, which is why I did join...and I permanently damaged it afterward. I got jealous of other people's work. I got angered that no one really liked my stuff, no matter how horrendous it really was. I left and people followed suit, the place is about as empty as my characters' personalities.


I also want to apologize to specifically White for some of my more recent actions. About a day and a half ago, I launched a lot of pointless comments to poke fun at him (and others too but in general him) and uhh it kind of angered him I think. He took this stuff way too seriously but it was my fault for provoking everything.

To make up for it, I'm still working on that AoW project - I don't think anyone cares by this point but I'll still do it - and I cut off most connections with White and Terra so that they don't have to hear my BS anymore.  They don't have my Skype nor anything else to contact me now, barring Dyaks and talk pages.  It's over, can we continue forward?

EDIT: I want to be blocked too, for about two months.  It's for the better that I actually go for a real hiatus.

EDIT 2: I also just want to say this.  White, we're not broken, we're just bent, and we can learn to love again.  ...Platonically.  And probably switch out love with at the very least "like"

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