I'm an Undertale fan. sky is old and I don't think at this rate I will ever use him again unless I think I can bring him back from the dead, since all his page info died when my old harddrive died. I'm 13 now, and I've matured a lot. I have a proper girlfriend, some new best friends, who are REALLY nice to me, and Nightmare and I are actually friends once again. The reason I was a major dong before was because I was pissed off and stuffs, life was hard. I'm going to public school this year, which fking sucks, but still. I wanted to say you don't have to accept me back here, but if you did I would very much appreciate being able to talk to all you cool guys again. Also, for my birthday I got a New Nintendo 3DS XL, So if anyone wants to play Mario Kart 7 with me just give me a holler, I'll probably be getting smash soon enough, since I'm getting a Mario amiibo this weekend. (Super Mario cause Smash isn't my style of Mario! >.<) I'm no longer with that idiot paige, she freaking dumped me for this other jackass. Strangely enough they keep going on and off with the dating. I actually trolled her REALLY hard this weekend, lol. But anyway. more about my life since it's been ages without me talking. but. yeah. I've actually started to make bad jokes, like Sans, rip. but I can't even remember stuff that's gone on in my life besides this government bs. I had this really bad day at summer camp where some spoiled girl called me a retard, so I called her one back and I was called down for it, not her. So I decided I would leave, and things just got worse from there. I ended up being UNLAWFULLY, yes, they did NOT have permission to do this, but I got sent to a hospital against my parents will, which was AGAINST the law.. I'm stuck in a rut now, with only 4 hours of computer time a day, 5 or more on weekends.. yeah. don't get a lot done. anyway, I've become a full fledged roblox modeler, and have given up papercrapping, yeah, that got dumb after a while. I also got into Dragon Ball Z, rode some cool water slides, got some free lego and stuffs, yeah, this is me describing stuff as simple as I can get it. I got a new computer and keyboard, yippee. I got the Bravenwolf Tenkai Firestorm figure from japan, THANK YOU RAKUTEN. I got The S.H figuarts Mario figure, new super Mario bros.. and yeah. It's been a pretty decent year, despite my dad coughing up blood and getting sick, and us being in a snow storm going 1/3 up our sliding door's glass of PURE snow... yeah that was INTENSE. but anyway, I'm here if you want me, much less need me. So, I guess.. just.. talk and make a decision and I'll be here waiting.. I personally don't mind if you don't want me, since I know stuff's gone down here. Anyway, I guess just call me Sans if I can come back. So. Cya! =^-^=

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