...the truth about the "little" project I've been working on.

As you may have figured out by now, I've been trying to revamp the series for like a month now, but if I just edit the stuff on here, I won't be able to get much done. So I came up with a more realistic - albeit less sensible - approach.

Thus, the Vaercian Archives was born.

I've been working on this in secret since I started trying to revamp the series, but have gotten practically nothing done save for some formatting things. I was going to announce its creation on New Year's Eve, when I was closer to being finished,  but I...may or may not have accidentally blown my cover on Snicks' most recent blog.

Therefore, I've decided...I'm just gonna leave the link here. Join if you want.

Or don't. That's fine too.

* When you looked, the key was already on your keychain.

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