Do you realize what valuable powers I behold? ...What makes you think I can't journey with you, hon? Hm? Hm?? ...Oh right I would probably make the enemy just...y'know, run away from your grasp. Never mind.

Valentine | [Ninja]

Valentine art
valentine Heartgold
Element Love / Stealth / Speed
Age 19
Birthday February 14th
Gender Female
Species Halcandran

Voiced by Kathryn Raio

 Valentine is a halcandran set to debut in the Nature Warrior anime as a minor character. She is of the Love, Stealth and Speed elements. Valentine is a minor goddess of love, being the main assistant of Paris.

Game Appearances


She appears as a young lady that seems to wear clothing that resembles the past. Her long, red hair is hidden inside her robes, only visible on the sides and top of her face. Her clothing is of a crimson-violet color and her skin is a pure white, just about as white as the color itself.

Depending on her mood, she grows wings.  If in a good natured, happy spirited mood, her wings are angelic and are soft and firm.  However, if mischievous, her wings are devilish and are of a bloody red and black color, having pointed edges that don't actually damage anyone's skin but send warm pulses down one's spine.  If bad natured and angry, her wings become satan like and are sharp and cause pain to touch.  Her body also goes into a black color in that state.


Valentine has the ability to make those who see her fall in love upon contact, although she keeps this ability off most of the time to prevent disasters. She can run really quickly, giving her an upper hand when it comes to running away.

Valentine is capable of draining three different liquids from her sharp fangs.  Her most commonly used fluid is a pink color and boosts energy to one's muscles.  She can also drain a white fluid that eases pain to those in harmful situations and her own red blood which relaxes one's muscles.


Valentine was never an official being, she was developed as a robot at first by an unknown being. Known as Test Subject #96, her goal was to discover what love really was. However, a malfunction in her robot mind caused her to fall in love with someone in the future at the age of 12.  She chased him down, but was turned down several times. Eventually to win his heart, she saw herself deroboticized into a Halcandran. Upon asking Nightshade out once more, she was refused once again. Angered, she went into hiding for a while.

However, at the age of 14, she went outside and spotted White, who she fell in love with. She then started gaining crushes on various others around her age, watching herself go through five years of love and searching for a pure soulmate. She hit on several people and dated many, but never was successful until she met the love deity herself, Paris, whom she became the assistant of.

The name Valentine was derived from her large amount of experience with dating.


She is very calm and gentle with others, and happens to be extremely flirtatious, often teasing others with her own "beauty" as one may call it. Despite her innocent appearance, she happens to be very sneaky and is willing to do things in the wrong in order to please herself. She is not evil however and will not participate in evildoings on her own command.

She also has a longing thirst for blood due to a vampire bite she received from someone else.



Relationships with Other Characters


Valentine has a large crush on Paris, perhaps her biggest one yet out of the several she already has.  Valentine eventually became her assistant and was welcome to stay at her home.