Element Shadows
Age 17 (Born August 29)
Gender Male
Species Teddy Bear
Home Unknown

Voiced by Ted Poley

Vonque is Bowie's rival and debuts only in Bowie & Crymsia: Tidal Flames. He serves as the main antagonist, alongside Endal, Ludro and Vaw.


Vonque appears as a purple teddy bear, taking on Bowie's appearance and modifying it to look much more intimidating. His eyes are black with a red glow and he has weapons for hands.


Vonque has not only Bowie's basic movement techniques, but expands on them greatly. He can attack with relative ease, use rock attacks, and use shadow attacks that reflect those of Bowie and his relatives. His mace can freeze foes and his bomb hand can set things aflame.


Vonque is calm, silent, and hardly speaks. When he does though, he usually shows a bit of sarcasm and is always regarded as malevolent in his tone of speech.




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