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Element Psychic
Age 19
Birthday June 31st
Gender Male
Species  ?
Affiliation Rarlyzinicinawyltz

Xyznoxyinaxenze Hyeniaclatixity Velocizivitize of the Rarlyzinicinawyltz race, better known as Xyznoxyinaxenze or Xyzno, is the leader of the Rarlyzinicinawyltz race and a master of psychology.


Xyzno is of a dark red appearance with a white cloak. His cloak is of a pink color and the tail extending from him is green.


Xyzno can pick up things with his mind, but he can bend them out of existence or twist them to new sizes. His mind can tear apart palaces but the more his mind takes the more time he needs to use his powers again.


Xyzno is calm and polite to most people he meets, even towards people that he knows are his enemies. When he's embarrassed, he's quick to hide.

Relationships with Other Characters


Xyzno developed a crush on this goddess of ice rather quickly and remains at her side as of now.