Element Glow
Weapon Scepter
Age 8
Birthday February 18th
Gender Male
Species Popopo
Home Sky City

Voiced by Ash Reid
Debut The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula

Yotam is a side character in the Adventures of White franchise, debuting in The Negative Nebula, unlocked after completing a certain sidequest in that game.  He also stars alongside Zie in A Tale of Two Loners as one of the protagonists.

Game Appearances

In The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula

Being his debut game, he is playable in both versions of the story. He is unlocked via a sidequest, so the time he is unlocked varies by when you perform the sidequest.


Yotam has a red body and feet that glow, as well as white eyes and a usual happy grin.  Yotam rarely ever frowns thanks to his optomistic personality.


Yotam is a glow elemental; he glows indefinitely, which is useful in dark areas.  There seems to be a bit more to this as, by chance, he can glow bright enough to become blinding to look at, which can actually be used on the offensive, even though Yotam is rarely smart enough to execute such a technique.

In A Tale of Two Loners, Yotam has a bowling ball.  It is unknown what this bowling ball means.


Yotam was born in a long cave known as the Grand Grotto, and he was always a good natured child.  He always helped his Dad collect crops and berries, and helped guarantee his family's survival.  However, tensions on the way Yotam is being raised forced his parents into a divorce, and Yotam was left with his father.  Due to no insurance from the mother now that she's gone, Yotam's father died, and Yotam was left with himself.  Only at the age of two, he had nowhere to go, although he was determined and started going out to the forest where he helped collect berrires.  He eventually lived there for six years, which explains his lack of intelligence.  He could not go back to the Grand Grotto as Yotam obviously could not afford to pay the rent due to a lack of money.

He traveled a bit more and started living in the Floral Kingdom's outer forest, living under a large rock, which had an empty room under it which Yotam made the best out of.  While it wasn't a great home, it provided a decent defense and couldn't be identified as an actual house, leaving him protected from outside threats for the most part.  Yotam resided to capturing bugs and playing around with them, as well as using a small "Magic Stick" that he obtained during his childhood, although it really can't do anything but indefinitely glow the more he shakes it.

Eventually, he bumped into both Oscuro and Sangre at the same time.  The three of them started arguing (although Yotam used nice words) and eventually arguments between the two villains allowed Yotam a chance to escape.  Ever since, Yotam has had to try and defend his forest and his little bug critters from the likes of those fiends.


Yotam is a rather clumsy idiot that always does things before thinking and always seems to be ignorant of what's going on currently in the world.  He likes to have fun, so he toys around with his useless wand and whatever else he seems to own under his small, rocky home.  Despite his natural stupidity, Yotam has a heart of gold and bears no ill will on anyone.

Relationships with other characters


Sangre always tries to hurt people, having Yotam usually blind Sangre before he gets the chance to.  Yotam and Sangre aren't on the kindest terms - Sangre dislikes Yotam a lot, and Yotam simply has no honest opinion on him due to his carefree and happy personality.


The two are obviously enemies, since they fight each other a lot.  Oscuro always tries to take over the forest Yotam lives in, but Yotam doesn't let that happen.


They became friends shortly after meeting. Both of them seem to like each other a lot and always manage to find ways to repel each other's problems, surprisingly with their own.



  • A sidequest is required to unlock Yotam; this is one of the new ways to unlock characters in the game. However, it is still mandatory that you perform it. The side-quest involves saving Yotam's family from the clutches of Sangre.
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