Zolaran: Crossfire is a spin-off of The Adventures of White series developed by LeZe LLC.

Zolaran: Crossfire
Developer LeZe LLC
Publisher Zentech Studios
Release NEVA
Genre FPS
Modes CTF




Platforms Wii U



Game Modes

The Crossfire (See Plot [Single Player/Story Mode])

Multiplayer (18 players max)


No rules; just kill each other.


Capture the flag 5 times or get the most captures in 5 minutes.


Be the team to have control of the hill once time is up.


Capture the control points and hold them until time runs out.

Team Elimination

Eliminate the other team's members.

Team Deathmatch

Get the most kills before time ends.

Juggernaut (DLC)

One person has tons of HP and everyone else needs to kill him/her.

Mad Murder (DLC)

Discover who the murderer is and eliminate them; murderer must kill everyone before time runs out.

Traitors Among Us (DLC)

Discover the traitors and eliminate them before time runs out; traitors must eliminate the others.

Counter Terrorism (DLC)

One team must prevent the other from setting off the bomb.


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Image Name Class Weapon HP Speed Perk Ability 1 Ability 2 Unlocked Series Description
Dijai Blaster


20 damage.

Fires 7 shots.

Firing Speed: 2 seconds.

Clip Size: ∞

100 19


Dijai cannot be stunned.

Sonic Boom

Nearby allies' speed is increased 75% for 7 seconds and nearby enemies are blown back.

Radio Wave

Invisible enemies are revealed for 7 seconds.

Start of game Cyrun
Blue Rifleman

Nova Scythe

5 damage (ranged)

50 damage (melee)

Firing Speed: 0.7 seconds.

Clip Size: 20

Reloading Rate: 2 seconds.

125 22

Rock Solid

Takes 15% less damage.


Strikes the ground, stunning enemies in a wide radius for 7 seconds.

Rock Shield

Generates a wall that has 50 HP.

Start of game Adventures of White
Kirby Sharpshooter

Star Rod

25 damage.

Firing Speed: 2 second.

Clip Size ∞

Long Range

100 16


Double-jumping allows Kirby to fly for 25 seconds.


Nearby enemies are inhaled and spit out.

Ultra Sword

Kirby teleports to random enemies, swinging a massive sword for 3 seconds.

175 damage.

Start of game Kirby
Ignis Deadeye


95 damage.

Infinite Range

3 second firing speed.

Clip Size: 6

Reloading Rate: 4 seconds.

100 16


He is immune to fire.


Nearby enemies take 25 damage per second.

Lasts 5 seconds.


Doubles damage of nearby allies for 5 seconds.

Get 10 headshots. Cyrun
Sili Grenadier

Goo Grenade

75 damage.

25 for splash.

Short Range

Firing Rate: 3 seconds.

Targets take 25 damage per second for 6 seconds.

Clip Size: 4

Reloading Rate: 5 seconds.

150 18

Flak Jacket

Takes 40% less damage from explosions.

Goo Splatter

Nearby enemies become stunned for 10 seconds.

Firecracker Ring

3 firecrackers circle Sili. Each firecracker deals 75 damage on impact and 25 for splash.

Level up to level 10. Cyrun
Nekrina Necromancer

Skull Staff

56 damage.


Target loses 15 health per second and Nekrina gains 15 HP per second for 5 seconds.

Firing Speed: 0.7 seconds.

Clip Size: ∞

175 22


25% chance of dodging an attack completely.


3 random nearby enemies will lose 25% damage and 50% speed for 10 seconds.

Spiritual Energy

Damage and speed is increased 25% for 14 seconds.

Level up to level 25 Cyrun
Coco Berserker


75 damage.

Enemy has a 25% chance of becomming stunned for 3 seconds

Firing Speed: 0.7 seconds.


250 14


Takes 60% less damage.

Berserker Rage

Coco becomes invincible and deals triple damage for 3 seconds.

Rock Spike

Spikes emerge from the gound around Coco then disappear.

Spikes deal 50 damage.

Get 10 critical hits with Blue. Cyrun

Fan Blade

25 damage.


Firing Speed: 0.4 seconds.

115 19


Can fly.

Tornado Launch

Throws a tornado that sucks in nearby enemies and thorws them out.

Tornado lasts 15 seconds.

Air Jump

Aera is catapulted into the air.

Fly for 1 minute, straight. Cyrun
SparkPlux Ninja


50 damage


Firing Speed: 0.6 seconds.

35% chance of blinding enemy for 2 seconds.

175 30


50% chance of dodging attacks completely.


Enemies in a small radius are blinded for 4 seconds.

Lightning Bolt

5 nearby enemies are paralyzed for 4 seconds.

Get a 15-kill killstreak with Coco . Cyrun
White Incendiary

Boom Stick

200 damage.

105 splash damage.

Firing Speed: 3 seconds.

Clip Size: 7

Reloading Rate: 5 seconds.

125 16 Fireproof


Ranged attacks are reflected back to the sender.

Lasts 9 seconds.

Drill Rush

Tackles a nearby enemy, then repeatedly stabs it for 7 seconds.

Stabs deal 15 damage.

You may choose to disengage.

Get 100 vanquishes with Blue. Adventures of White
Terra Boomeranger

RainBow Boomerang

2x50 damage.

Homes in on enemies to hit them twice.

Firing Rate: 2 seconds.

Clip Size: 20

Reloading Rate: 2 seconds.

Medium Range

100 19


Takes 5% less damage and is immune to harmful effects.

Rising Glacier

Creates a platform of ice for Terra.

Fire Scatterbomb

An explosive that burns an area for 7 seconds.

15 damage per second.

Get 100 vanquishes with Kirby. Adventures of White
8Bit Technician

Pixel Gun

5-15 damage.

Shoots 4 projectiles.

Fires random types of pixels.

Firing Speed: 1 second

Clip Size: ∞

100 22


Attacks have a 15% chance of missing 8Bit.




Adventures of White
Niobi Druid


55 damage.


Leaves are scattered randoly on impact to deal damage to groups.

Firing Speed: 0.7 seconds.

100 16


Heal Beam

The nearest ally will regain 5 HP per second as long as you are using this ability.


Nearby enemies start revolving around her along with some leaves to act as a shield for 7 seconds.

Get 75 assists as White. Adventures of White

Imperial Flail

15 damage.

Electricity jumps from enemy to enemy.

Firing Speed: 1.8 seconds.

Clip Size: ∞

100 27 Get 50 lon-range vanquishes with Blue.  Adventures of White
Psyker Soulknife


45 damage.


Firing Speed: 0.7 seconds.

95 17

Psychic Energy

Can detect invisible enemies.

Telekinetic Burst

Nearby enemies are blown away and are 40% weaker.

Psionic Surge

Nearby allies deal 15% more damage and nearby enemies lose 15 HP.

Get 100 ranged kills. Cyrun
Ryker Shotgunner


15 damage per projectile.

Shoots 7 projectiles.

Firing Speed: 0.7 seconds.

Clip Size: 16

Reloading Rate: 2 seconds.

95 19 TBA Get 200 melee kills. Cyrun
Tako Technician

Zolta Sling

20-40 damage

The longer you go without firing this weapon, the more damage it deals.

Firing Speed:

0.6 seconds

Clip Size: 8

100 29

Icy Landing

If Tako falls off a ledge he will not take any damage and slows down enemies in a radius


Tako gets 4 C4s to put anywhere and detonate.


Tako creates a taco drone

Level 20 Cyrun
Po Minigunner Artichoke Artillery
Tiki Spearman Primitive Spear
Ajinda Centurion Gladus
Meta Knight Swordmaster


15 damage.


Firing Speed: 0.1 seconds

200 19


Meat Knight can fly for 14 seconds.

Mach Tornado

Nearby enemies rapidly take damage.

Galaxia Darkness

Nearby enemies are blinded for 15 seconds.

Get 70 melee vanquishes and be a level 20  Kirby


Each character has a unique weapon and set of abilities. Many elements are taken from shooting games, such as Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.


Control Stick: Move

A Button: Jump/Select

B Button: Attack

X Button: Ability 1

Y Button: Ability 2

Start: Pause Game/Access Pause menu

Select: See controls.

Unused/Beta Elements


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