Here are the rules of the Adventures of White wiki.  Please read them before you do anything on this wiki.  Thanks!
(NOTE TO THE CRATS: Before a rule is passed, you need a majority vote. (...Or White's, since he usually calls the majority of the shots for the most part. So basically two votes, but if you get White's you're good.))

  1. Do not copy pages from another wiki unless they relate to this wiki itself and are your own content.  (Example: You may import The Adventures of White/Weapons,  but you cannot import things such as Smash games.
  2. Make sure most of everything relates to the wiki, as far as pages go.
  3. No pornography, violent pictures, or any other mature content.
  4. Please do not spam, flame, or troll on this wiki.
  5. Uses of discrimination result in long bans.  Harassment and intimidation also should not be used.
  6. Do NOT use derogatory terms, triggers, or phobias that may make others uncomfortable.  Also, please do not tell people to die.
  7. Do not sockpuppet.  Sockpuppets are alternative accounts for users, usually to ban evade or to start over with the community.  You will be blocked for a month if you are caught sockpuppeting, and your sockpuppet will be banned for infinity.
  8. Attempt to limit your swearing cap.  Try not to go beyond "ass", "crap", "damn" and "piss", although you don't necessarily have to follow this.
  9. Limit how you roleplay on the AMAs.  Try not heavily swear with characters as to not break "friendly continuity" of the characters, and be wise with relationship flirting.  Yes, you can be weird and stuff but that should really only be in private messages or on Google Docs or something alike so you don't have to make people question you.  If anything, relationships should be...normal on AMAs, only taken further than that elsewhere.  All right?  No one needs to see your characters french kissing.  Really.

Regarding characters:

  1. Don't use names of other AoW characters.  If you want to know if one hasn't already been used, ask White.
  2. Don't take or use extremely similar concepts of other AoW characters unless you have permission from the original user.
  3. Do not create blunt rip off characters. If you have any still, either alter them or delete them. If your character is super involved in your own continuity, then all I ask for you to do is to edit your character.
This is a list of users that have warnings. Users get two warnings before a ban. If all three boxes of one user are checked, the user is banned, and the ban's length doubles. If a user is banned for a month, the next ban is automatically indefinite.

If an administrator or bureaucrat receives two warnings and breaks another rule, instead of being banned they are demoted. Bureaucrats who have abused must give up their powers or else they will be reported to Wikia for system abuse by the wiki's founder, White the Popopo (Talk) or another responsible user that is in charge of the wiki while he's away. Administrators are automatically and responsibly demoted by a bureaucrat of this wiki.

Not indefinitely banned
User Rights Warnings Next Ban's Length
LuckyEmile (Talk) None One month
Indefinitely banned
User Previous Rights? Ban Reasoning
Sky The Speedpo (Talk) None Spammed and flamed multiple times, failed to read wiki rules, sockpuppets, generally attacks people with inappropriate jokes, unacceptable behavior, failure of learning from previous blocks.

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