Is this working? Good, good. So hiii, my name is Pyrope, I'm a Popopo who is sorta special, I guess. Atleast in my universe, I am, but compared too all you others I'm not really much. Maybe I should introduce myself, though...

So years and years and decades and centuries ago, this great guy named Kirby existed, and he protected Popstar and all the other cool places in the galaxy from Dark Matters. It was great and stuff until one day, he mysteriously disappeared. With no one to battle him, Dark Matter took over, conquering everyone. With little hope left, the DeCo Corporation vanished underground.

It may be weird to mention them unless you know how I was created; desperate to create something powerful enough to defeat the great Dark Matter menace, they attempted to clone Kirby, but nothing would work, no arrangement of DNA could create something useful. Hundreds of horrifying creatures were created, called the Kirbenthians. However, they eventually hatched the idea to enfuse the clones with minerals, and one mineral was able to create a stable hero: Pyrope (it made me, by the way).

So now my job is to defeat Dark Matter and whatever. Honestly I am a little bit bothered by DeCo since they sorta made hundreds of deformed monstrosities which, from what I can gather, are in constant pain; and I have heard rumors that they made other clones with different minerals to act as backups if I rebel or die, so that kinda sucks just a little. They apparently might have also been planning to brainwash me? I don't even know at this point.

Anyways, the way the game I'm in works (weird, I guess we're all just videogame characters) is kinda like an isometric Kirby platformer. It's 3D, but not with any camera positioning besides one: diaganal. I can still suck up enemies and copy their abilities, but now it's a bit diffferent; rather than having my moveset be based on it, it mostly affects the properties of my main weapon, adding different effects to it, although it also provides a secondary effect common to the rest of the Kirby series.


Also, one last thing; this is a a different "universe" than all of this Adventures of White stuff. I can still talk to characters from there though, but don't ask how, I don't know myself, it just happens.

Copy Abilities

Thanks to cybernetic enhancements of the future, I can do things with my Copy Abilities that Kirby never dreamed of - sadly, I don't have quite so many, and most are more elemental based. I still have a lot of returning abilities, though!

I believe that I mentioned this before, but I no longer just get one move from an ability; instead, it offers a weapon variation, a secondary move, and a passive effect. I already explained the weapon variation, and the secondary move is more akin to what you are used to from Kirby's old games. My passive effects are special things that happen when I have an abilitiy; so when I have the Flame ability, I generally move faster and cause more damage, which are the usual characteristics of that ability. However, I also lose defense.

Another new thing is the ability to upgrade my copy abilites. The more I use it, the more EXP I get for it, and then later I can upgrade it. I can choose the upgrade any of the three things associated with it; for example, I can make freezing effects of the Ice Star more powerful, or make the Plasma Shock work faster, or make the defense-lessening of the Flame ability be not so bad.


Each ability in my game is represented by a few enemies and one miniboss; when I swallow 'em, I get that ability. Well, there's one more thing it affects.... partners!

In order for me to tame a partner, I must have the same ability as the oine they give, go up to them, enter the menu, and use the "Taming Radio". This will play a soothing song, and they will be under my control, fighting for and along side me. If we both make it to the end of the level, he will go on into my Partner Barn, and I can begin to bring him into levels. As we go through levels, they will level up and gain new abilites, usually based the features of my copy abilities. Once they reach Level 20, they will become Master Partners, which means they won't be lost if they are defeated in a level.

They tend to level up more defeating bigger enemies, and ones associated with abilities that are opposite their's; so a Water partner does good against a big Flame enemy.

I can share more details later, but that's all for now!

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