OK *clears throat* here I go. So this is my showcase of course, thank you for looking at it. So here are my announcements:

  • Day 1:
    1. Am I allowed to advertise non-AoW stuff?
    2. Nalaroz interesting, eh?
    3. Whatever, I'm bored. My AMA guy ????? is a chilly named, well, Chilly
  • Day 2:
    1. The Nalaroz Archives ~ Winds of the Ancients or NA - WoA for short.
      • Characters
        1. Black, mirror White; changes his name to Darkwhite after meeting the "real" world
        2. Beta, mirror Alpha; Superform of "Omega Beta".
        3. Scar, mirror Crim
        4. Luikirby, mirror Walukirby; minor character, hates everything
  • Day 3:
    1. NA - WoA
      • In this alternate world, elements flow freely...
      • All one must do is learn to control them...
      • Fire, Ice, Water, Wind, Parry, many more...
      • But a corruptiom has been using them to spread...
      • An ancient force, dormant for so long...
      • Welcome to Nalaroz.
      • The Winds of the Acients are awake
  • Day 4: User blog:HALnerd/Winds
  • Day 5: User blog:HALnerd/Nalaroz Sign Ups

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