Hey hey hey welcome to the Zolaran E3. For once I, Varent, am not running the whole thing, but that doesn't mean I can't partake in it. So welcome to Zentech Studios' booth at the Showcase.

Day Uno

So Terra and I decided that we're gonna do a thing. Simply because the way the plot is going for AoW:UG, there's too much that still needs to be wrapped up and too little desire to shove it all into the first game.


The Adventures of White: Uninvited Guests PART DEUX is a direct sequel to...well, AoW:UG. I'm not gonna reveal too much about the plot now (simply because most of AoW:UG "Part Une"'s plot isn't on the wiki (don't worry, it's on Google Docs)), but I will mention this: It mostly takes place in the new hyperspace of Sielah, with both old and new characters being introduced into it, as well as a lot of the characters from the first game making some appearance. Gameplay is generally the same, as well.

Sorry that this seems a bit rushed but we're still in the planning stages of it. Hopefully I'll have something ready for tomorrow's showcase on time. For now, this is Varent, signing out.

Day Deux


Hello and welcome to the second day of ZE3 2015. I'm your host, Varent, and today we've got a...really underdeveloped franchise to introduce.

For now the project is gonna be known as PROJECT: S.W.E.E.T., but this is due to be changed at any point. So far...the title and the main characters are really the only things developed, as well as a small bit of gameplay.

The story follows three Halcandran sisters - Reese, Twix, and Emm - as they try to prevent everyone in the world from being enslaved. ...Cliché, I know. Subject to change, and definitely just a small part of it.

These three won't be the only team - the game plays really similar to Sonic Heroes, with each team having their own story. ...The thing with the enslaving stuff is just Reese's. Each character will serve a different role in the team, as all three characters will be controlled at once.

...That's...really it so far for it. I guess I'll see yous tomorrow with a more in-depth thing. This is Varent, signing out for now.

Day Drei

???: *sitting in a large throne in the center of the Halls of Temporis, eyes closed* ... *sigh*
???2: ...*tries to sneak past ??? without being noticed*
???: ...Siasne. You're already up. What troubles you?
Siasne: *bolts upright, smiling nervously at ???* N-nothing, Mom. ^-^""
???:'re up to something...
Siasne: *shakes her head* I dunno what you're talking about.
???: Don't lie to me, Siasne. *floats up out of her throne, and floats toward Siasne* You're doing something, and I'd like to know what it is.
Siasne: *slowly backing away from ???, noticeably clutching something in her hand* I-I'm seriously not!
???: *warps behind Siasne, and pulls a small watch out of Siasne's clutched hand, looking at it* ... *glares sternly at Siasne* You tried to steal this? The one thing that keeps this realm intact?
Siasne: ...*sullenly nods*
???: ...You should be ashamed. Go to your quarters.
Siasne: B-but Mom--
???: NOW.
Siasne: ...*looks to the ground in defeat* Yes Mom. *starts to float off*
???: ...*turns away from Siasne, gazing at the watch, muttering to herself*
Siasne: ...*hesitates, and stops; summons a black-and-white blade, and turns back to ???, rushing at her with it*
???: *takes notice, and stops Siasne in her tracks* ...I'm fairly certain you're aware that I can't be killed by mortals. =_=
Siasne: *struggling to get out of ???'s grip* I don't plan on killing you...! I plan on getting the watch...back...! *finally breaks out, and slashes at ??? a few times, hitting her directly with each one*
???: *gets sent back a bit, falling to the ground; falls unconscious*
Siasne: ...*floats over to ???, and takes the watch out of her hand* Goddess of time...? ...*scoffs* Please. *floats off rather quickly*

Day Ceithre

Apologies for yesterday's thing being a bit...vague. If you weren't able to tell from the mentioning of Siasne, this little bit of dialogue is from The Adventures of White: Traversing Timelines. Which is our point of discussion today.

So far the story, in a nutshell, is as follows: The dialogue above is the prologue, where Siasne attacks her mother, Tempora, and makes off with the Timeline Watch, a little watch that allows the user to travel between timelines without help from Tempora herself. ... ... ...It also keeps the Halls of Temporis intact. Anyway, in an attempt to stop Siasne from doing anything stupid, Tempora talks to Aetheryn about it, who immediately turns to White; White, obviously, agrees to help, and sets off after Siasne, encountering bizarre timelines where things are completely different from the norm.

...We don't have that many timelines standing just yet. We've got...six timelines, I think. I hope to get around twelve before I can really start going, so if people could leave suggestions in the comments, that'd be great. ^-^

Anyway uhh that's really all I've got to say on the matter for now. I probably won't get around to putting up Day Quinque until Friday, but I'll probably be on chat at some point tomorrow. For now, this is Varent, signing out. .

Day Quinque

Y'all have a guest to attend to...

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